BlackBerry not hipster enough for Starbucks - Mobile Card app being discontinued August 28th

By Michelle Haag on 17 Aug 2012 12:08 am EDT
Starbucks app
In an all-to-familiar turn of events, Starbucks has announced via email that they will be disabling the Starbucks Card Mobile app for BlackBerry after August 28. New downloads of the Starbucks app were actually discontinued back in October of 2011, but until now you could still use the app if you had it on your phone. The email Starbucks sent out to inform customers of the change instructs them to go to a Starbucks location to have their balance transferred to a plastic card before the 28th.

While there is still hope that Starbucks is planning a great app for BlackBerry 10 devices, that hope is fairly dim. Their original app never got updated past the BlackBerry Torch 9800. I'm guessing if they respond to my inquiry about why they are discontinuing support, the answer would be similar to other companies in the past that abandoned our platform: "There isn't enough of a user base to justify the time and expense of maintaining an app for the BlackBerry platform." Of course, if your application only supports devices that are several years old, and not the newest devices or OS', the user base you are referring to isn't accurate. I'm sure more than a few of the almost 80 million people that choose BlackBerry would love to use the Starbucks app. Hopefully we'll be seeing a new app from Starbucks once BlackBerry 10 hits.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in! 

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BlackBerry not hipster enough for Starbucks - Mobile Card app being discontinued August 28th


I knew this would be the first reaction, but I'm tired of dumping on other companies for not supporting RIM. RIM needs these kinds of Apps: Starbucks, HBO, Showtime, not to mention the big ones like Skype.

Why? Because they amount to free Blackberry advertising, and not having them just gives the competition a leg up.

Instead of complaining to Starbucks, why not put the tough questions to Alec Saunders? There is way more (advertising) value in having the Starbucks app than the latest samarai game from Unity.

If Starbucks has a BB10 app then no big deal, if thay are not going to have one I'd say what are you doing about that Alec?

Exactly overpriced coffee, overpriced breakfast yeah they can take that garbage along with them. Plus they ham egg and cheese breakfast biscuit is $5 bucks!!! I can get 5 breakfast biscuits for the price of one. By the way they treat individuals different in certain Starbucks.

I agree; this is (for myself anyway) no loss what so-ever. Now, if someone could come up with a Timmy's version, that would be much better.

[dream sequence begins] Think of it, a Tim Horton's app where ONLY Blackberry users could benefit. WoW! [dream sequence ends]

A timmies app???

They can't even figure out how to provide a decent coffee lid, and have you tried ordering a cappuccino? "cappuccino please." "french vanilla flavored hot beverage coming up" "No, I want a cappucino" "coffee flavored hot beverage?" "NO. Cappucino" "french vanilla?" "no, cappucino. With caffeine. Nothing else. Cappucino." "oh if you want it with coffee you have to ask for the hot beverage with coffee in it." "??? - what? I just want a cappucino" "I'm sorry sir that a different machine and I'm not trained for it. French vanilla hot beverage?"

Heck, they just got interac. These dudes are surfing the 90s still.

Mangy mongrel. Timmy's lineups are always long and their app works quite well. If it were humour then it'd be a different story, but stop making sh*t up. You come across as pompous.

I used to be a $200-$250/month Starbucks customer. I boycotted them January 1st because of this idiotic move.

Are we just becoming lazy here in North America? What's wrong with just pulling out ones Starbucks card just like I do my Tim Hortons, MasterCard etc etc :-)

It's more convenient to grab my 9930 and run out to grab a cup of coffee than my wallet since my 9930 is always in my hand.

I just reloaded my card using my Starbucks app on my 9800 today. I don't even keep my Starbucks card in my wallet anymore because I always have my BlackBerry with me. I do a lot of work in Starbucks. I know I'm not the only one. You'd think that they would support a device that is used by many professionals. :(

A large Starbucks coffee cost around 20 cents more than Tim Horton's largest coffee.......WOW IS THAT OVERPRICED!

Seriously.......for snobs! Give your head a shake. We all know who the snob really is.

Paying for your coffee with a phone?! Lmao... That's almost as embarrassing as the time I locked eyes with a grown ass man just as he talked to "Siri" asking her for the nearest coffee shop! #awkward.

"Siri, my crotch is itching, where is the next medical center?"

I just imagine somthing like that - I believe I would literally facepalming me to death.


Guys, it's because legacy BBOS was a nightmare to develop for. This is fixed for BB10, it's a developer's dream. They'll be back.

That said, you can check out taab and vote for us to see what kind of app Starbucks could make if they partnered with us!

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Sorry, but the reason is as stated, BlackBerry has a VERY SMALL user base where their target market is located. RIM may have 80M users, but you would have to deduct all the users that are in Countries where Starbucks is not. Then go ahead and deduct all the users that also have another device that they use for personal purposes, such as buying coffee.

Starbucks KNOWS how many BlackBerry owners were using their App, it just was not feasible to support an App based on those numbers.

you don't really need to stop at deducting all BB owners where Starbucks isn't also deduct all blackberry owners who are not dick enough to use the starbucks app to pay. I have a blackberry but I use the starbucks card because the phone app was just stupid. Still RIM needs this app, it's just bad news for them that it's dropped maybe I should have used mine more. :(

BBOS 6/7 has web works support also.

This is more of an excuse to just cut cost for supporting an application.

That really sucks for frequent users that have posted. Also terrible to see a big name leave.

But with so much fragmentation of devices, and a totally new OS coming I can at least see a bit of rationality behind this. BlackBerry unfortunately made the decisions that lead to a lack of support like this.

Irony as I see a Starbucks coffee extract commercial as I am reading this post.. Everything has been rather upbeat with Blackberry. I simply don't understand why companies are pulling out of the market when RIM seems to be making record history!

At the risk of being abused..... why in god's name is anyone still drinking coffee at Starbucks???? I would rather have my manhood jammed in a car door than drink a coffee from Starbucks.

WOW! Some of you guys really delusional! "Starbucks sucks anyway. No loss."


Businesses are dropping support on Blackberry and its not like people lined up around the corner to replace it!

This doesn't look good.

OMG. RIM is so dead. Time to jump ship or I won't be able to show my phone when I pay for overpriced coffee.

lol. +1. I've already sold all six of my mansions and left everything else to my sixteen cats... If only I owned property and like cats

WADR, Starbux is huge and popular, but not being available on in mobile device is seriously no big deal. Until you (and erbody else) sees BB10, BB10 apmosphere should not be discounted for which apps it'll have. I feel all the relevant, large companies will be represented. If not, people lived without apps before. I'm sure we would be just fine without specific apps. Word.

Everyone, pay no attention to Marko. He is one of those "doom and gloom" members of CrackBerry nation. He professes his never ending love for his iPhone but he is out here constantly spreading his doom and gloom message about BlackBerry to trick us into thinking he actually cares about RIM/BlackBerry. smh

Well maybe he really doesn't care but he does have a point. Losing starbuks is NOT a good thing, even if you think its overrated.

It is a Starbucks app...Seriously. I don't go into an electronics store and the first thing out of my mouth is "Man, I hope I can pay for a coffee with this puppy".

Holy hell. Even Starbucks gone na. Fire sale! This here can't be good. Edna. Git them kids ready. Git ma n pa in the station wagon. I knew it'd come to this. I done told ye. Let's git outta here 'fore it really git ugly.

I have IOS, Android and a BlackBerry but no Starbucks lol go figure (living in Italy) that said another one bites the dust, RIM should be doing something to get these big players to stay or I hope at least when BB10 is released there are all the major names ready to go or else it'll be the same old story..

I've been going to starbucks twice a day for at least a year now (yeah I admit it. It's on the way to work). And I go there all the time on weekends in Manhattan and NJ. That's a lot of time at starbucks in a very populated area and in all that time I saw maybe 3 or 4 people use their iDrone to buy coffee. This is not a BB thing. I think they will be discontinuing it for all devices soon.

2 cents deposited.

They will pivot to "Pay by Square" which has robust Android and iOS support (see last week's announcement).

This is the continued frustration of owning a BB7 phone - BB10 the answer to this problem - can't get here fast enough.

All this talk about companies dropping BB apps etc...cant help but wonder, when is the chick in the BlackBerry Adult Apps Roundup pic going to drop the CB sign???????

whatever. I never downloaded the Starbucks app, and I go to Starbucks a couple times a week. To m, it's easier to hand the cashier my debit card, so I can continue typing or reading stuff on my BlackBerry.

Still would be nice to see them make a BB10 app though.

those of you who still have the app, and have a card you always use, just take a screenshot and you'll still be able to scan the barcode for quick will just have to use plastic card to recharge

I thought of this while in line at SB this morning - sure enough, it worked just I'll just create a shortcut to the image, and it'll be just as good as the app. (I didn't need/use the other features of the app since my card auto-reloads when it gets below $10 anyway.

Who cares about Starbucks dropping anything? They sell over priced swill and BB owners everywhere should drop Starbucks.

I never used the app but I hate seeing blackberry lose big name people. I am drinking starbucks now and won't stop though, lol. HOpefully a BB10 app will be released

This really sucks for me because I use this app Daily on my 9850 and it works fine. Seems like they could just keep the portal open and discontinue support.

Lame move on their part.

I dont go to Starbucks so its not a loss for me. But did i understand correctly you can still buy your Starbucks using the website instead of the app?

I buy starbucks at least 1 a month but I do not use my phone to purchase it. But because of this disrespectful move I will have to give them a rest (I am gonna miss them scones lol)... Well now its once every 2-months. Right back at you SBucks!

Hmm this is a bummer. I would much rather use my phone than carry another card around! Hopefully SB has seen the light and is clearing the decks for an awesome BlackBerry 10 App!! :)

So, I work for starbucks. Awesome company fantastic coffee. I carry a 9850 with the app and my son runs around with the plastic version of the card and I merely reload it via my phone. I am hoping that this is temporary. Starbucks has joined with Square. That also doesn't help me as it's not supporting BlackBerry either. Hmmmm. Tsk Tsk.

"okay that will be 8.99$ for a medium coffee"

Great now just give me a second to close out angry birds, hit the home button, open my Starbucks application so I can use that to pay....erm......Hmmmmmmm.....ummmmm.......UGH!!! I knew I should have jail broke!!!!!

Even if you think Starbucks sells overpriced coffee, every morning, there are lines, and the company knows how to make money and keep up with technology, they give their customers what they want.

This site is overrun w/ nuts. Instead of realizing that another major corporation is turning their back on RIMM, you attack the company? Yes, the software is dated, and RIMM needs BB10 to be a huge success so developers are convinced that the user base isn’t eroding.

So yes, 80mm users worldwide but ex G-7 countries, how many people do you think are spending $3 for coffee (can afford to)? Starbucks derives the bulk of their revenue from N.A. so based on the latest usage details for smart phones, why support RIMM when it has ~1% market share and plunging in other developed countries?

One of the reasons why Starbucks is dropping RIMM’s app and probably others is the deal they recently announced with foursquare using NFC technology.

Agreed. This says more about blackberry than it does about Starbucks, or Scotiabank or LinkedIn or ... I could go on for a long time.

That's the stupidity of a business excluding certain clients base on what devices they use. So what, if BB is losing customers? As long as they are users out there how does it hurt Starbucks if they have less BB users to purchase their coffee? How does it affect Starbucks bottom line if the company is inclusive of all devices users? Their business is to sell coffee to anyone and everyone who pays regardless of what form of payment the customers use. Why wedge into a war among the tech devices unless they have a piece of business in Apple, Google, MSN or RIMM. There's no social, political or financial gain for Starbucks to discriminate.

I don't use the app, but my wife does, and this is one more thing that will move her to the iPhone (like 3 BB die hards I know have done this week.)

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Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Starbucks definitely sucks so no loss their at all, well atleast for me and my family cause we all dislike it. Secondcup is actually pretty alright.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

I didn't even know they had the App for Starbucks... Used to be a HUUUUUGE Blackberry fan, but I'm sorry everyone, I'm bailing!

The sbux haters gonna hate. Do your homework, the cost of the coffee there isn't any greater than Tim's and the quality of the coffee is dramatically better.

You can't download the app anymore. Anyone want to post the jad up somewhere?

"I'm sure more than a few of the almost 80 million people that choose BlackBerry would love to use the Starbucks app."

Michelle, while the news is not good for the FEW BB users that use the SB app, Starbucks is a business and they are in the business of making money. Obviously they have concluded that BB users have had time to DL and use the app and there is a very small group of those users that actually use the app to purchase their product. How long do you expect Starbucks to keep throwing money at an app that a small percentage of BB users use? Also, how many of the 80 million BB users have access to a SB's or a BB that has an OS that can support said app? Starbucks tested the water and they found that the fish aren't biting. I'm sure a company of SB's stature did plenty of research and found that spending money to support the app was not worth the potential loss of customers. This does not count out development for BB10 phones, but you wont catch me holding my breath waiting for developers to come around to BB10 either.

Same Old Story.

Part of my point was they didn't even give their app a full year before they yanked new downloads, and they never updated it past OS 5. How is that giving them an accurate feel for how many fish are biting?

The app already exists. There's no reason for pulling your product off the market if there's nothing wrong with it and people are still using it. Other than speculation, where's your proof that

". Obviously they have concluded that BB users have had time to DL and use the app and there is a very small group of those users that actually use the app to purchase their product"

You're lost in the weeds.

you don't have to love or hate Starbucks to undestand how big the problem is.
see, Starbucks is a BRAND, very widely known. not talking about quality now, just the brand and its popularity. who knows Tim Hortons in the states, except for some area close to the boarder? But Starbucks known MUCH wider.
when news are coming that Starbucks is ditching Blackberry platform, it will form an idea in peoples' minds - Blackberry is going downhill - stay away.
this is what should be the concern, not how good or bad they coffee is.

sold my PB, still have my BB and love my iPad and Lenovo tablet

I don't understand the logic with big companies like SB.

Lets say a full time developer costs them $50,000 a year. That is 15,000 premium coffees (with costs). If they had 42 new customers, buying a coffee a day for 1 year, they make their money back.

42 new customers, that all it takes!

RPM, you make a good point. But it also goes to show that SB doesn't have to even spend that money as long as they can increase the sales of their coffees. If I'm Starbucks, I play my cards and hold on to that money and try to increase sales.

Its all about the best way to take the resources you have and make them work for the most customers. Last week Starbucks announced they would partner with "Pay with Square" it's a very cool app that works really well. I am sure a large amount of their IT time is working right now on integrating that with their existing software.

Unfortunately "Pay with Square" is another on a long list of apps that don't support BB - one we hope will change when BB10 drops. Alex promised that big named apps would be available on BB10 and "Pay with Square" seems to be getting traction, especially with the Starbucks announcement - and I would expect it will get some attention from RIM when the time is right.

Starbucks coffee still tastes burned to me but its ok. I think not supporting blackberry gives me even less incentive to ever go there.

While I guess it's sad to see the App being discontinued, I personally never go to Starbucks for the simple reason that they make the worst freakin' coffee on the planet. I could never understand how it ever became so popular, I mean it's like they got their coffee beans out of the north end of a south bound elephant. But, if you do like Starbuck, for what ever reason, and you are a BlackBerry fan, you could always boycott Starbucks and take your business else where. I can pretty much guarantee you'll find a better cup of coffee.

"..north end of a south bound elephant.." line of the day lol...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

I use the app EVERYDAY
This is frustrating. I'm disappointed with this.
I'd pay for the app if I could keep using it.
It feels like companies not bringing/keeping apps on BB are what's killing the platform.

I don't understand what the BIG deal is. Does a phone app, regardless of it being iphone, droid, or BB, specific to one coffee shop really drive new business to said coffee shop or increase frequency of visits? My guess is "No". Existing customers downloaded the app because it's "neat" or maybe for convenience. Likewise, does the existence of a coffee shop app drive new sales or fortify customer loyalty within a smartphone brand? Again, my speculation is "No". I put this in one of those neat-thing-to-have/offer category. So if Starbucks made the decision not to invest any more time and money into it, this should have very little affect on the bottom-line of either company, other than possibly making Blackberry look "less cool" and that is a big deal for some consumers.

From the Starbucks mobile app website:

"Thanks for your interest in Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry. We’re currently evaluating support for the BlackBerry platform and will no longer be offering our current application to new users.

If you’ve previously downloaded Starbucks Card Mobile for your BlackBerry, you can still use the app in our 6,800 company-opperated Starbucks Stores, 1,000 Target locations, and roughly 1,000 Safeway locations.

Have questions about your existing app? Take a look at our FAQs."

Apparently they don't have $$ to hire a spell checker either. LOL

I don't drink coffee so I personally don't care. I suspect it is costly to maintain such a system. With the rising cost of medical insurance, I suspect they and others will be looking at ways to reduce overhead and still make a profit.

Very frustrating. I use(d) this app a lot. I like how convenient it is. Sure, I can just hand over my plastic Starbucks card in the future, but that's not the point. They are trying an evolution in paying for an item.

I consider this a loss for the Blackberry world because there is no workaround or replacement. The main function of the app (paying by displaying your card's barcode) can not be duplicated on their website.

Where is the harm in letting this app function as is? It can't be because they are losing/wasting money on it. They stopped maintaining and developing for it more than a year ago. Not it just access their servers, the same iPhones and Androids too.

Good Riddance. I'm never in there. I don't speak the coffee ordering Lingo. I don't own a white laptop with a fruit on it or some phone that starts with an i. Lastly I don't have enough money for that coffee.

I'm going to support a Canadian Product like Tim Hortons. They'll take my $1.64 for a medium coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. I believe that's a double double. I guess that's Tims Ordering Lingo. Maybe the Starbucks App can add a feature about going to different coffee shop and have an option that shows the user how to order the coffee at each coffee shop.

Of course I'll support RIM forever. COME ON BB10!!!!!

Maybe a protest outside of the Starbucks at King and University in Waterloo would give SB an idea that we (BB users) are still here and we think gettting rid or BB support sucks!

Let me explain to you just how much this effects my life.... NONE!!!!... Starbucks has an APP?.. Really?!... WHY?... This effects me just as much as your posting that The New York Times was Discontinuing their Blackberry app too. No one who reads the New York Times (ME) wants to read it on a screen. Just like no one who goes to Starbucks cares for a fucking app either... how good could it poooossibly have been?

picked this up on fodderForThought (Edited):

Starbucks order:

Venti, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, caramel machiatto, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with light whip and extra syrup

Can anyone else make this longer?


Drip coffee.
What size would you like?
We have tall, grande, vente.
So you want a grande?
Sure, if thats medium.
Room? with you? Wha?
No, room for your cream?
I dont take cream.
No. black is fine
Ice cubes?
No. why?
To cool it off.
I like hot coffee.
Will there be anything else?
Coffee please, medium.
OK, that'll be $2.65.
Um, for a medium coffee?
Without a room?
How much with a room?
Room doesnt cost extra.
So, $2.65 for a black coffee, and no bene's?
no thanks.

Here's my experience with SB.
M: Yes can I get a medium Hot Chocolate?
Girl: You mean Grande?
Me: No a medium Hot Chocolate
Girl: Yes Grande
Me: Look, all I want is a medium hot chocolate and if that's what a Grande is then give it to me.

Then I pay and move to the right, get my hot chocolate. I turn around an everyone is staring at me.

Seriously think I messed up their day. I'm sure the SB App helped them get through the day.

lol. You desecrated their holy territory and blasphemed right in front of them. I'm surprised you weren't chased by the angry horde as they wield torches and pitchforks while they try to stone you to death.

This is messed up! I cannot remember where my glod card is at this point since I always use the app on my Torch 9810 I upload every time I do an OS update.

Maybe everyone should go in all at a specific time one day after they shut down the BlackBerry app and order a lot of expensive coffee drinks and then try and pay for them using their BB appt that won't work anyrmore. Hold up the line trying to open the app and mumbling "why doesn't this work?" under your breath. When they ask for you to pay another way, just tell them you don't want to pay any other way and cancel the order and tell them you will get coffee at Peets.

I have already cancelled my AAA emergency road service and Consumer Reports subscription - both which I had for over 20 years - because they only support iPhones and Androids with their applications. I had "customer retention" people call me from both companies (I also used to donate funds to Consumers Union). I told them I would only come back if they made a BlackBerry app. I know I'm only one person and they obviously don't care, but I'm getting sick of this cr@p.

I fly Alaska Airlines alot and I sent an email asking why they only support iPhone and Android apps. Here's the reply. At least they were honest and I'll still do business with them. I tried the mobile app on my 9850 and it works perfectly:

Thank you for contacting Mobile with Alaska Airlines. At this time, there are no plans to develop a Native App for the BlackBerry phone, but we will continue to monitor this as we know that technology demands can change rapidly. With that said, we have recently launched a New Mobile Web Site that was actually designed for BlackBerry phones. This site also has more features than our Apps have.

This new site is located at

Features Include:

Check In For Your Flight
Mobile Boarding Passes
View and Change Seat Assignments
Pay for Bags
Track Your Trip Details
Create Flight Alerts via Text or Email
Check Flight Status and Schedules
Track Mileage Plan Information
Access My Trips from My Account

Great if they stick to the theory of not strong enough user base then maybe they can get rid of their bland crappy hot chocolate. It sucks ! This place has nothing on tim Hortons anyways.

It's totally irrelevant that individuals dont like Starbucks because of their prices; their coffee; or whatever other excuse they use to support their decision to not purchase from Starbucks.

The true story is Starbucks' comment that "There isn't enough of a user base to justify the time and expense of maintaining an app for the BlackBerry platform" and the impact that this comment may/will have on consumers who are contemplating getting a Blackberry phone.

Why does this matter? Because you just had a major company, yet again, indicate publically that Blackberry simply is too small to be worth it to develop for. And this is the story that is getting played out in the media. This is the story that is being picked up on, i.e., another company says goodbye to RIM (Vancouver Sun, CKNW, News1130).

So say what you will about Starbucks, but your missing the true story.

The fault is not with Starbucks. I'm a long time BlackBerry user. I currently use a 9900 and a PlayBook. I also use the Starbucks mobile app daily. I can quickly reload while I'm on the way into Starbucks if needed and pay with my phone or card. Not to many Tim Hortons in NYC. But I think the story here is the decrease in BlackBerry users being cited as the reason for dropping support. Sadly this is a reality in USA. I know tons of Former BlackBerry users. The convenience of having every app available on your platform makes the overall user experience better for many. Perhaps BB10 will bring them back so we don't to think about whether a company support apps on the BlackBerry will be a given

Well that just sucks, I got four more purchases to get a free coffee.

I use my phone to pay, because that's one less card to carry in my wallet--Any thing to not have to carry a fat wallet, I love to use.

Starbucks is making their Blackberry customers regress in technology and streamlining processes, just because why? I'm sure it's not really because of lack of usage or cost of programming. I wonder if it's really because they want people to move into an iPhone or Android device instead.

I use the Key Ring app to carry all of my individual rewards, membership cards and some gift cards, and I have the actual hard copies on an actual key ring at home, which makes them all look like the janitor's keys. So if I have to take a physical key ring rewards back into my wallet, I'm not gonna use it at all, and if I'm not getting a real benefit from using it to waste space in my wallet, then I'm gonna not use the service/purchase products either.

I live in the 21st century and try to embrace the technology to make life more simple, which is why I purchased my 9930 because of the NFC technology, so why would I regress into using an actual card to pay for coffee and overpriced pastry because a multi-million/billion corporation is either too lazy or want me to buy an Android or iPhone?

This pisses me off to no end. I don't like my Blackberry because of the issues I have had, but I don't want to be indirectly pushing me toward what companies think I should have either. I like the iPhone and the Android OS, but I prefer Blackberry because of email, messaging and battery life, despite the issues I have had, so Blackberry suits me--not some whining-ass company telling me, in a very indirect way, to use X device if want to be like the rest of the sheeps.

If RIM were like Palm, where 1% exist, then I would understand, but there are millions of users.

If they paid for my phone upgrade, I would use an iPhone/Android, but until then, I using my Blackberry and not Starbucks.

This is BS. I called them yesterday and was told that they would fill out the proper form and it was noted. HELLO what a BS way to handle a customer concern. I use the app 4 to 5 times a week. Made it easy to refill my card while in there long *ss lines. Liked being able to track my rewards on the go. It was cool while it lasted. I think others should call to complain if they really liked it, it might help. Maybe I will just buy my Chai somewhere else lol. I'm not totally blaming Starbucks for this, RIM needs to really get on the ball. I can remember when the blackberry was "the SMART PHONE". I also remember when the Iphone became number 1.Now the Android devices have overrun the blackberry. WTF. RIM STEP UP YOUR DAMMM GAME. I love my 9800 (didnt like the 9810 as much). Would love to have the great apps that IPhone and Android have. Blackberry just are not work phones any longer. MAKE THEM FUN ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just looking at market share reports for the "smart Phone" for the 2012 1st qtr:

Android 56.1%
Iphone 22.9%
Symbian 8.6%
Windows 1.9%
Other the remaining %

WTF Blackberry was on top at one time. STEP UP YOUR GAME

The article mentioned that Starbucks sent emails out to costumers--I have yet to received any emails from Starbucks.

Today, I had used the last dollar on my gold card and have only $0.03 left, and it's my last coffee needed to get my free one.

Starbucks made my life easier when they introduced me to pay-by-app function. I didn't have to carry, yet another rewards card in my wallet. Now, with them disabling the function on my cell phone, they are making my life harder again and returned me back to the 20th century.

Unless Starbucks want to buy my cellphone that is an iPhone or Android device that they support, I have no need to go out just to purchase a device, so it can use at Starbucks. It's sad that Starbucks are not supporting Blackberry OS or have some mobile website that is user-friendly where you can pay-by-device; especially since according to Blackberry third most popular smartphone.

April 2013 my contract ends with Verizon Wireless and it would be time for me to get an upgrade. If I upgrade or switch carriers and get an iPhone or Android phone, I will not be using the Starbucks app, since I won't be buying Starbucks coffee and products, unless Starbucks will pay about $5/month for my cellphone usage, my social networking connections and for me to purchase a phone that they support.

Companies that are trying to steer by pushing consumers to buy their products, are just pushing folks like me away. And folks like me are going to go somewhere else. My free coffee will be my last one from Starbucks. I'm going to start supporting local coffee instead.

Well said. Every single Blackberry user should drop Starbucks, guaranteed that would also drop their revenues. Truthfully I can care less about a Starbucks app, but that is not the point. The point is they are making mindless decisions and trying to steer people away from Blackberry. WHY? They are the 3rd largest in the industry and will only climb higher with the introduction of Blackberry 10.

Actually if you still have the app in your phone and can bring up your card's barcode, or show a screen shot of your barcode, the app (barcode) still works at Starbucks to make purchases. You just can't access the network with the app to see what's left on you card, check rewards, etc., and the amount shown remaining on your card will be wrong and not update. I have setup an auto reload on their website so the card should never run out of money (unless I make a huge purchase). Doing this is good enough for me for right now until BB10 hopefully provides a fix.

So what will Starbucks do when the Credit Card industry completes its ( in progress ) move to accept NFC payments. Skipping NFC in the iPhone 5 will cost Apple dearly and Starbucks has purchased and consumed the Apple tea.

Skipping NFC in the iPhone 5 will cost Apple dearly | ZDNet

note: iphone users please dont use the mapping app to find a Starbucks. We suggest you use Google maps if you can get it to run properly and leave early because were having payment issues and the lines are long. We have created a special checkout line for iphone users.

Just having some fun here.


This is ridiculous for Starbucks to drop support for Blackberry devices. Regardless whether there are 1 Million BB users or 100 Million users, you just don't drop support because there's still just under 100 Million Blackberry users worldwide. Many people I know have Blackberry and go to Starbucks. They are now using plastic, but really not the point. People are getting sick regarding this Blackberry bashing.
And with the upcoming BB10, that is rumoured to blow away both Apple and Google in terms of hardware quality and robust software (Continuing to gain aggressive support), Starbucks will have no choice but to crawl back to the Blackberry base.

Being a recognisable high class coffee chain, you should support as many different platforms as possible without singling out anybody. By dropping Blackberry support for instance, there's a good chance you will lose customers. The same goes for Netflix, despite the fact they support other platforms that are more than 10 times smaller than the current Blackberry user base. Pathetic….