BlackBerry Niagra - BlackBerry 9000 Without 3G?!

BlackBerry Niagra
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2008 08:58 am EDT

The week is barely 8 hours old, and the BG is already continuing from last week on his BlackBerry news-breaking streak - if loose lips sink ships then you gotta think somebody at RIM must be starting to get worried.

Is a BlackBerry 9000 on its way that doesn't have 3G?! Apparently that could be the case! In Podcast Episode 008, Craig and I spend a few minutes talking about the potential coming of a 3G-less 9000, though from the info we had to work with we were thinking it was maybe codenamed "Javelin" (which now that it seems were wrong I can't help but wonder what the heck Javelin may be?!). Why release a 3G-less 9000? Most likely to bring down the cost of the device (cheaper chipset) with this model  squarely aimed at being the direct replacement for the current 8800 series. I'm sure more details will emerge through the week. This lead up to WES sure is fun!

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BlackBerry Niagra - BlackBerry 9000 Without 3G?!


I would certainly be happy to buy a new BlackBerry later in the year (particularly a 3G/UMTS model)... If it has no camera.

If there's a camera, I'll stick with my BlackBerry 8800...

Let's hope this "BlackBerry 8800 upgrade" is just that - an upgraded model WITHOUT the camera, just like the BlackBerry 8800!

It makes sense that RIM would release a 9xxx series device without 3G, because the company is apparently trying to strengthen its relationship with T-Mobile--remember that rumored clamshell Kick Start BlackBerry with T-Mobile branding?--and it may be a long time before T-Mobile's 3G network becomes available throughout the United States and beyond.

On a related note the carrier said today that its 3G network is now available in New York City and that it will continue to expand 3G availability "through the year." But who knows how long it will take before that availability is truely widespread?


I don't know if their trying to strengthen their relationship with T-Mobile, or if they are just accommodating T-Mobile, T-Mobile still has NOT got their 3G services up and running their 3G network as you stated just went live in New York..and thats it..maybe RIM and T-Mobile are working together to "soften" or "hide" that fact by introducing a new (possibly 2) BlackBerry devices on T-Mobile..

Kickstart and Niagra set to go to T-Mobile...

9000(3G enabled) going direct to AT&T...

This is how I'm seeing it, but you have a very valid point as well Al..and I can agree with it as well.

BGR is busting up rims secrets..or is suggested in the podcast, I think the "Rumors In Motion" camp is dead set on their viral marketing ways...anyways...

About the device, this will be perfect alternative for those who either don't need/don't want/can't get 3G data services (yes, 3G is not as rampant as the wireless industry would have you believe)..personally, I can get 3G data, but I see no point in ponying up the extra cash for a 3G enabled device, when I see no benefit to actually having 3G services, I have NEVER had a complaint about my EDGE services, only true benefit I could ever get from it, would be if I was using my device as a tethered modem, which I'll never do anyways...aside from those points, EDGE is gonna be around for a long time, just like TDMA/Analog was, their is too many devices out there that are reliant upon those services and the more 3G device that do get released, clears up more bandwidth on EDGE, and developers have NOT stopped working with EDGE yet, their STILL to this day optimizing and improving EDGE, proof of this is when AT&T Launched the iPhone, their EDGE services were updated to be faster and more reliable, many will dispute this fact and say that it got worse, but thats simply not the case, it's just that EDGE in the US is over saturated with users...

It's like having 2 computers in your house downloading an .mp3 file, their only soo much bandwidth to go around..add another PC..gets slower...add another..even get the point.

I have been following this phone for a while - it will have 3g and it will be on VZW and probably Sprint in May. Should be SICK!!! No WiFi, but 3G for sure!

Confirmed by blackberry rep today, device is coming to Bell in Canada, in the near future (For sure this year), as for the device it is touchscreen but with a keyboard as well kind of a curve-storm fusion.