BlackBerry Niagara Spotted On Its Own Street

BlackBerry Niagara Spotted on the Street!
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Apr 2009 05:12 pm EDT

The BlackBerry 9630 hasn't even hit the market yet, but streets are already being named after the device that grew up with the codename Niagara. I mean really, why else would there be a street named Niagara if not in honor of RIM's much-anticipated, next-generation, full physical qwerty CDMA BlackBerry? It is a marvel of the world after all. :-)

Niagara Street

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BlackBerry Niagara Spotted On Its Own Street


HAHA. It's actually been more like a slow ten days now for BlackBerry news. Tends to happen in April (after CTIA and leading up to WES). RIM's big show is coming up early next month, so the news comes to a bit of a standstill as people save their announcements for then.

I still say they wanted to call it the Viagra... because they know it will give people with electro-phile dysfunction a woodie...

Someone James Bond into RIM and get us an update on when VZW Storm will get an actual OS worth toting the phone around for...

I'm wondering which will be available first, Storm OS or the Niagra? Hope they're just adding more fixes for the Storm before they release the upgrade.

For some reason that back cover looks a lot better in these pictures compared to all of the other ones Ive seen.

I was thinking the same exact thing. The other leaked pictures show a cheaper looking back. This one is gorgeous, great looking phone

looks like they changed the battery cover. it used to look like carbon fiber surrounded by a piano black finish. now the whole thing is piano black. i like this new one better.

I will stick with my Bold but I will say the back does look super nice as opposed to the other ones I have seen in pics.

What will I do after the Niagara is finally released. Nothing to hang on for, no more hope, emptiness, darkness.
I'll tell what I'm going to do really, I have 6 months before my contract with Verizon is up, I'm going to read about patches and problems, piss whine. THEN I'll buy it!

Every time i see this device I want it more and more, I can't wait till it comes out. Im hoping the rumors are true and it will hit bell in May.

So that's who was holding up a Blackberry as I was driving by in my travels today. Note to self, pay more attention to driving....I could have had an accident....LOL.

The device looks really good. The back looks much better than in previous photos. Hmm...I wonder if Mr. Kevin took these pictures as he strolled down the street :)

For those of you who want to know, I think it's safe to say this photo was taken in the vicinity of 49°52'25 N, 97°11'08 W. Let the stalking begin! Jk, Kevin.

BTW, I live in MN, USA and have never been to Canada. How pathetic is that?

What are the chances of someone having a pre-release Niagra finding a Niagra St.? Where do yo guys find this stuff?

all these pictures are driving me nuts i want this phone so badly
i know im not the only one but still

Just when you think you couldn't possibly love your 2 month old phone (Javelin) any more, out comes the damn Niagara!! Thanks RIM for confirming whatever you've already got, RIM's got something better.

He's on the corner of Academy and Niagara here in Winnipeg. Here's a follow up to it, the next street over is Waterloo. Coincidence? :)

...........come on Mike..............that was posted yesterday at 20:15...........chuckle, keep up !!

WOW! This is exciting news. I currently own the 8830, which I LOVE but I lost the "z"/"7" button last August. I love the Bold too, but I've been waiting for the newest bb to arrive and the day looks to be around the corner! So exciting! Whew whooooo!

Do we know which provider will be carrying it in Canada?