BlackBerry Niagara Returns And The All New Apex?

By Bla1ze on 4 Oct 2008 07:43 pm EDT

Wow, the news just keeps coming today, this tidbit of information comes to everyone from the folks over at BlackBerryNews .

Anyone remember a ways back when we posted about the BlackBerry "Niagara"? And how it was seemingly a CDMA version of the Bold?, well the internal documents from RIM claim it as a successor to the 8830 World Edition, with all the styling queues of the Thunder/Storm, coming fully loaded with EVDO Rev a.(I personally think it looks more like a Bold then a Thunder).

Next on the list we have the new "Apex", Hmm..never heard of this one before, what is it?

According to the documents it's going to be a CDMA version of the Kickstart, headed to CDMA carriers in 2009, being a CDMA device will also be packing EVDO Rev.0. The article also makes mention of the 8330 Jupiter, being toted as a CDMA version of the Javelin, while like it's family member also packing EVDO Rev.0 and a larger battery.

So, all in all..everyone out there with a CDMA provider will be able to rock all the new BlackBerry devices just like GSM or at the very least..a similar variation there of. What do all you CDMA users say? Excited?. Let us know in the comments.

Specifications on the devices and how RIM views them after the jump.


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BlackBerry Niagara Returns And The All New Apex?


So it sounds like the "Meteor" is the Bold. And I guess the Jupiter will be a slight evolution (i.e. replacement) of the 8330 Curve. But it sounds like it won't offer much else besides more RAM, a better camera, and a higher-res screen. Probably not worth the upgrade and definitely not worth waiting for. If you're on VZW and your contract expires on 09, though, you may want to consider the Niagara. As for me, I'll probably just get the Curve or the Storm in a month once I switch to VZW. But leaked docs are always exciting!

I wonder if AT&T is going to get the Bold out before it is out-dated. Kevin, it seems like we need a new podcast to straighten all this new info out.

So we have this thing's called, I kid..I kid..meteor was the code name for the Bold when it was still being baked at RIM.

It's interesting that these documents are from May of this year. Not very up to date information; but oh well, at least it's something.

Agreed, what is that all about? I'll be buying the Storm (Thunder) regardless, but I'm still sad to see that its processor is slower than that of the Bold (Meteor), and the battery capacity is smaller too. I would've expected the bigger touchscreen to need more battery support. *sigh*

It'd be awesome if they'd give us at least approximate dates of release and who they're going for. I so hope that the Niagra goes to VZW. I've been having second thoughts on getting the Storm because I like the full keyboard and all.

But when I heard the Niagra is supposed to come to VZW **I SAY IT CAUSE IT IS A RUMOR!!** around May of 2009, I was second guessing the choice of getting the Storm.

I'll probably just get it so that I can give it to the WIFE, since she's gotta always have better than me anyways! Then when the Niagra comes out, or whatever is the successor to the 8830WE, I'll grab that.