BlackBerry: The Next Great Entrepreneurs

Got a sense of humor? You might enjoy this new video from BlackBerry Jam 2013

By Michelle Haag on 15 May 2013 02:16 am EDT

As in previous BlackBerry Jam keynotes, Alec Saunders, Christopher Smith and Marty Mallick are back, but this time they aren't singing. Previously known for their hits "The Waiting", "Keep On Loving You", and "At Last", this year the guys did something a little different and put together a parody of a reality TV competition. If you aren't in Orlando right now, or if you missed the BlackBerry Jam keynote, this is your chance to see just what the Developer Relations team at BlackBerry has cooked up for your enjoyment.

While I personally always liked the BlackBerry band and admired them for putting themselves out there and doing something a lot of people didn't "get", I think this parody will appeal to a wider range of viewers. Take a look at the extended cut of the video above, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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BlackBerry: The Next Great Entrepreneurs


BlackBerry marketing teams are so out of touch. Their TV and online commercials are too abstract and not tie to peoples daily life. See the comercial from Samsung, Apple and Microsoft, then you will know how crapy BlackBerry ads are.

BB marketing teams should be all fired. That CMO should quit with shame. Do not just come to BB for the bonus and shares.

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What are you talking about? This has NOTHING to do with the marketing department.

It's a sketch for the developpers at BlackBerry Jam Orlando. It was made on the same premise as the music videos. It's done for a laugh. It's done for fun. It's not really supposed to be for general consumption.

Yeah, but if it sucks (like the BlackBerry band stuff) it gets repeated to all the media outlets as an example of how BlackBerry is bout of touch. The context of the video is lost., to this day, always puts a screen shot of the blackberry band videos in any blog article that is critical of BlackBerry.

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You're really using BGR, a company that has always been known to have an anti-BlackBerry stance, as a foundation for your argument that BlackBerry is out of touch?


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Not always... didn't BGR make his mark back in the day as the BlackBerry leak guy?? guess he didn't like getting cut off..

Yeah.. from the ZED on CB10

1st this isn't from the marketing department.
2nd :
Microsoft??? Their adds are ridiculous. I was actually interested in their tablet until I saw their commercial.

All Samsung does is attack their competitors.

Apples adds have been going downhill since they made changes to their marketing team.

I know at least 3 people who enjoy the BlackBerry adds and are now interested in BlackBerry.

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Are you seriously comparing them to Microsoft's Ads? The company that swears if you have a Surface tablet you will break out into instant rhythmic dance? How is that POSSIBLY more like reality?
Or the wedding that pits, conveniently mind you, Samsung users on one side of the aisle and Apple on the other? Is MSFT recommending they get married? Whats the "realistic" undertone there?

I think this phone I'm holding could be batman's main gadget. It would've been awesome to see in the dark knight trilogy.

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Hmmmmm???? My mom said if you don't have anything positive to say.... don't say anything at all. well I didn't listen to her much but I think you would get more laughs from the Funny Guy Courtesy Laugh app. Really a 6+ minute video?

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That was pretty funny.
Anyone who thinks this has anything to do with BlackBerry marketing just doesn't understand it.

"Vivek: the only way to demo", is good
"where's your side-kick, the tall guy?" is hillarious, I nearly spit out my coffee.

I guess it's one of those clips you either have to be a developper or have a certain kind of humour.


The Tall Guy reference almost made me bust a gut!

And really, if ppl don't get this as the insider goofiness that it so clearly is, then they have issues BlackBerry cannot solve.

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I'd download that laugh app, or maybe a dev could make a soundboard app: laughs, boos, crybaby, general sound effects for conversation or gags. I'd do .99.

Alec Saunders is actually an alright actor haha. I hope he doesn't read this, because I want him to keep working his magic and getting us more apps, BUT I could totally see him playing a dad or something on a sitcom.

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Watching this BS after the stock tanked 5% Yesterday was discouraging ,from an investor's perspective.You mean these guys and other BB employees hv that much time to waste producing that thing.Come on ,not a happy camper, I realize the numbers are going to be good the next few quarters and these types of programs has got me thinking,someone is slacking off.Keep the employees ,happy with financial perks or maybe a paid vacation .I really am opposed to seeing such R&RProjects on the company's dime.Sorry!

I loved it, good laugh. It good to see these guys having fun.
"Where is you sidekick?" Well done.

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Everyone that is trashing this 6+ min video seriously needs to cool their flippin' jets, sit back and relax. We all know the intended purpose of the video and that it is just plain'ol fun. So stop the bitching, crying and whatever other insults already. :)

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"Has anyone ever found you funny???" Courtesy Laugh or Vivek were the best parts!

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Smart bulb takes the cake lol. They could use her voice on say it. Vives was next best. Oh man the dude with the stick on tattoos.

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So many inside jokes, I would understand not everyone getting them but regardless. This was a funny video, I actually LOL in office.