BlackBerry News updated to v1.2.0.6, offers performance enhancements

BlackBerry News
By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2012 10:35 pm EDT

If you just so happen to use BlackBerry News as a means of keeping up to date with things happening on the web, you'll want to go ahead and fire up BlackBerry App World to grab the latest release. Although the change log is short, BlackBerry News has now been bumped up to v1.2.0.6 and brings along with it "performance enhancements". What that means, exactly, we're not sure but it's there and available for download if you're looking to pick it up.

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BlackBerry News updated to v1.2.0.6, offers performance enhancements


+1. The look of the UI is decent, but the performance sucks. For a powerhouse like the Playbook is, performance does not seem to be a priority in many Playbook apps.

blackberry news is not available on playbook in indonesia. neither did social feeds.neither did sideswipe. so we got no decent blackberry news apps at all.

They need to make BB News on the phones and Playbook sync up the read articles. It knows when I add a new feed on either device. It should know what I've read too.

Decent update, but I'm curious about something.

Will Social Feeds ever get an update? I feel like I've never updated it since it was introduced. I use the RSS Feeds on that, since it contains social network feeds as well, which is very convenient. Having a separate reader just for news doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, if you're using Social Feeds already. So the question, is Social Feeds being neglected for BB News? Will an update ever come?

Social feeds has been upgraded before as part of the OS update, so you probably never even noticed.

It's not a matter of neglect, it's more a matter of conflicting services...

Not seeing it for 9700 either. Just did Alt + RST and got two other upgrades, but no News. Would love to update this today as I'm Playbook-less as its been sent to RIM for RMA.

BlackBerry Social Feeds is a OS 7 app that group all you're social app like facebook, twitter, rss, etc. You can get notification for what you decide and see everything in one convenient place. You still need some app to reply or to see the complete post but for the news, the integration is complete. No need to use BlackBerry News.

Yes, OS 6 had both too. All I want is the news, so, no need for the Social Feeds app in my case. Plus, the Social Feeds app tended to be an excessive drain on my battery that went away when I deleted it.

Can someone please upload the OS6 .cod files?
Since I'm not in US, I cannot download it from App World and rroyy didn't update the OS6 version.

Thanks in advance!

So has *anyone* got this update to show up on a 9800? I'm still running the old version and that's all I see in appworld (even after alt-rst) and after remove and reinstall. I have also tried "check for updates" in the app and nothing. I did note that a removal/reinstall made it run 100x faster though...

If you have OS 6 or 7, use the RSS reader in Social Feeds: It looks and runs better than News. Social feeds has a much more modern look with nice fade ins and touch interface. Social Feeds does everything News does and more, and does it better.

I guess News is an RSS reader for older BBs with slower CPUs.

I only used social feeds for rss before news came out. Once news came out, I ditched social feeds as I had no other use for it. I much prefer the News UI and it was able to import all my old Viigo stuff.