BlackBerry News for PlayBook updated to v1.2.0.5 - Now includes Google Reader importing

BlackBerry News for PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 8 Dec 2011 03:15 pm EST

BlackBerry News for PlayBook has a new update rolling out now. v1.2.0.5 should be showing up for most folks in BlackBerry App World and this update has some of the long awaited changes I'm sure a few people will appreciate. The change log is as noted:

  • Import Google Read subscriptions
  • Delete or mark articles as read or unread
  • View additional info about any feed you are subscribed to

Now instead of manually inputting feeds, you can just simply add your Google Reader account and you're off to the races. If you fancy using BlackBerry News on your BlackBerry PlayBook -- make sure you grab this update.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry News for PlayBook updated to v1.2.0.5 - Now includes Google Reader importing


Like the direction it is moving in.

Would be nice if we could create our own categories and group like feeds together. Hopefully in another update.

I like that they are adding features, but they really need to get a Head of Design and UI to dictate the design of all their apps and UI. I don't see how they can show great design like the Contact Trails demo from TAT but release this as a news reader in a world of news apps like Flud and Flipboard. How hard is it to present the data in a interesting way that doesn't replicate the old media that you're trying to replace. Basically, I feel like ALL RIM made apps and UI lack "heart". I hope TAT brings that focus on design but they clearly can only stretch so far. RIMM needs to acquire some designers ASAP.

Does the connection with Google merely pull the feeds from Google, or does it sync with the Google reader. If I read the article on my Playbook, will it mark it read on my other Google reader devices?

It is only an import of the subscription list. It doesn't even subscribe you to the feeds. You have to do that yourself manually after importing.

Another annoyance is that you have to re-authenticate yourself to google each time you try to import. It doesn't retain the authentication token (even within the same instance of the app).

I've been looking for the option to Import Google Read subscriptions. Can anyone tell me how to import them?

I haven't been able to find where to add google reader account or the option to delete stories or mark as read as the description states?

Click on the add Rss feed icon (next to the home icon), then swipe down from the top, the icon to add google feeds is on the right.

anyone know why the CrackBerry RSS feed will not update in BB News? My last update thru BB News was Sept 15 (even tried import from Google reader). Works fine in GeeReader.

Too bad, when I try to download it, I get Profile not supported error :( Anybody has the .bar for this one? ty

Feeds seem to update faster with this release. Helpful when the updates are through the tether. I estimate they load about twice as fast compared to the old version.