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BlackBerry News gets an update to v1.2.0.5 - adds WiFi support

By Michelle Haag on 16 Dec 2011 09:56 pm EST
BlackBerry News
If you're a fan of news feeds and reading them on your BlackBerry, you have probably used BlackBerry News at some point. Good news, Research In Motion has released an update to this application for BlackBerry, bringing it to v1.2.0.5, with performance enhancements as well as Wi-Fi support.

If you're not familiar with BlackBerry News, it makes it really easy to discover great new content. The more you use it, the better it gets at suggesting the kinds of things you like to read, do and use. And when you find something you want to share, that’s a snap too, whether it’s by email, SMS or BBM. The app is free, and available in BlackBerry App World at the link below.

More information/download BlackBerry News
Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


Why it isnt available in my country yet?! (Venezuela)


hola amigo no esta disponible al igual que la de playbook... bajala aki


when will you have available for 6.0?


love this app and keeps getting better with wifi support!


Why was there no wifi support to begin with....


I was a huge Viigo fan. This is still a far cry from what was. Viigo did weather, flight checks and so much more. Now you need a different app for each one. Let's see if I can detect the performance improvements...


No Google Reader support for the OS 6 yet? I like this app, but without Google reader in my Torch 9800 feels incomplete.


This post got my hopes up... but for us lowly OS 6.0 folks, the update is and still does NOT have Google Reader support. WTF!


I think Google has given BlackBerry the finger on Reader. But the good news about upgrading to is that it gets rid of the horrible performance lag when backing out of the app.


Funny I get version when I download this, no wifi support. Check for update and it says i have the latest version ? I have never been a fan of app world its like a crap shoot, sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.

Michelle Haag

Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to filter through. It will be there eventually. You can try refreshing App World also, sometimes that will make it show. :)


Can anyone provide links for OTA? Not available from App World for my device.


Is this app is better than SocialFeeds App from RIM?

I mean in terms of RAM and battery usage?


Not available for my 9800..
Only support OS 7 huh I guess?


I'm also curious to know what the difference is between this and social feeds......



No difference really, this is just standalone app.


Its not supported in UAE, is there a way to get it through any other way??????????


might just be me, but i prefer social feeds for my rss :o


I would keep using social feeds too but there's one key feature missing from it, Clear Cache, resulting in memory leaks.


I still can't see this update on my App World. Is this only available to OS7? I love the layout of this app and it also takes small memory than the social feeds.


Considering I can't get Fox News or CNN for OS7, this will do.


I just went on website and I downloaded the OS7 OTA link he has uploaded and it works fine, I don't have any problem so far. Now that it works with wifi this is awesome!!!


Hi, how did you downloaded the files from the OTA link, coz wen i tried to do it it says invalid OTA file.


did the same for the .9 version for OS6...


I understand the frustration of those for whom this isn't available but I'm glad you can now get this in the UK. About time; still need to roll out to more countries though.


Anyone know how to activate the wi-fi support in the new versaion? I can't seem to see it in the options.


I downloaded and installed the upgrade before reading the comments. I have a Bold 9700 running OS 6.0 and I don't have a data plan.

The upgrade was to and it doesn't have wifi support. So I wasn't even able to start the application because of the error "Upgrade your service to a plan that includes browsing to discover RSS content. Contact your wireless service provider or administrator for more information"

Useless app.