BlackBerry News Feeds v1.0.1 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2011 12:40 pm EST
BlackBerry News Feeds v1.0.1 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

If you frequent using the BlackBerry News Feeds application you'll want to log on into the BlackBerry Beta Zone to get the latest update. v1.0.1 has been posted and addresses some concerns from users. A list of changes can be found below:

  • Ability to delete all prior articles when viewing a feed or viewing “All Unread Items”.
  • Ability to mark the list of items as read when viewing a feed or viewing “All Unread Items”.
  • If you swipe left or right in a feed, the screen now moves to the previous or next item in the feed.
  • Ability to zoom in on images and text in feed items.
  • New message, wireless network, and battery (while charging) indicators appear in the app's header.

The update is available now in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, if you don't already have an account you can sign up today for you one.

Download BlackBerry News Feeds v1.0.1

Reader comments

BlackBerry News Feeds v1.0.1 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


One of the differences, I beleive, is that Social Feeds is only available for OS6.0 devices, whereas News Feeds can be installed on earlier OS versions. I sure hope they put some effort in updating the Social Feeds as well, pretty limited.

After updating the icon is gone from my screen and the only way to find it is by using the "search" feature. Any advice?

I tried this app and kept it for a few weeks. I didn't like how it udated feeds and also having to delete feeds more than once. I prefer XPRSS.

If they acquired Viigo, I don't understand why they didn't just upgrade on THAT app. Viigo was already good in my book.

At first, I thought the app needed work...especially coming from using Viigo.
When I added new feeds, the websites logos came up and thought I would see them in the feeds file and it wasn't; that would have been nice added visual.
Also, wish they would separate feeds in categories like Viigo...probably takes up to much memory.
But I have grown to like this app and hope RIM just keeps improving it.

Still waiting for a "marked as read" GoogleReader integration.
Otherwise this app is next to useless for me. I don't want to read all the items on my BB and then have to scroll through them again (or hit N a million times for next) when I get to my computer.

Only available in the US and Canada. So yet again, RIM sticks two fingers up to customers outside those two countries, just like they have done with their podcast app. At the very least they should explain this but I won't hold my breath. The censoring of software like this is the main reason I will not be buying a Playbook.

Thanks for the reply but it didn't work for me. The fact RIM have started to limit software to certain regions for no apparent reason is baffling. They will be losing my custom when my contract is up if they do not reverse this trend and I know others who feel the same. I mean, how can an RSS reader and podcast app (and others) really be specific to certain regions only? It's pathetic and shows just how much they value their non-North American customers.

xxxmrbluntsxxx I've had a couple problems with apps on beta zone and when I posted my troubles I was always helped right away and I'm not one of there pets, I only post when I have problems with the apps

I got it. I also had the original version. The original version worked fine. The new beta crashed whenever it tried to update feeds. I have since deleted this new version and gone back to the original version. I do not recommend anyone spend any time trying to get this new version if you are remotely happy with the original version.

The installation for the beta version failed. After that I lost the icon for the current version. I had to remove and re-installed the current version. Oh well I tried.

Had the original beta and never could get to the updated version. Original beta still works fine. Also discovered the feed reader in Snaptu. Could be the best one I've found yet.