BlackBerry News for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to, returns to the future

BlackBerry News Updated
By Joseph Holder on 5 Aug 2011 11:20 am EDT

Yesterday - and I'm talking less than 24 hours ago - I noticed a curious thing about BlackBerry News for the BlackBerry PlayBook: it was living in the past. Restarting the app and then the PlayBook did no good. The application simply refused to show any articles posted later than July 31, 2011. As to why, I couldn't tell you. Perhaps the app just couldn't come to grips with the fact that Sunday would have been Harry Potter's 31st birthday.

Today, Research In Motion quickly fixed that bug by releasing version of BlackBerry News for the PlayBook, specifically to fix the "known issue with timestamp." A quick download and BlackBerry News is working just fine.

If you're not familiar with the application, BlackBerry News is an RSS news reader that presents your feeds in a layout similar to a newspaper or magazine. It offers a much more visually appealing look to your news than the standard lists of lists. The tablet app also syncs to its smartphone counterpart. Something I missed on my first review, RSS feeds added using the BlackBerry News Feeds smartphone app will be added to the BlackBerry News app on the PlayBook and vice versa.

It's nice to see Research In Motion move so quickly to fix the date problem on BlackBerry News. It's good to know that RIM supports and stands behind even this humble (and Awesome!) application. BlackBerry News for the PlayBook and BlackBerry News Feeds for the BlackBerry Smartphone are available to users in Canada and the United States.  

More information / download BlackBerry News App for PlayBook
More information / download BlackBerry News Feeds for the BlackBerry Smartphone



I got this update yesterday.


I believe I got the update on the 2nd. 3 days ago.


As someone else mentioned, now up to


Love this app. Thanks for the update.


Still not possible to download it here in Austria (Europe?). :(


Hmm... On the Options screen, it shows Version


Looks like RIM just fixed it with Version


and by "quickly" you mean 3 days after it broke :)


Still not available here in México :(


Does the Playbook app synchronize with Google Reader, I know the BB version does, and can anyone provide an OTA download link for this? I'm in the UK and would like to try this before buying GeeReader. Thanks :)


Is blackberry news available on blackberry torch 9800


Yes, you can dowload BlackBerry News for your Torch in BlackBerry App World (at least in the US it's there...)


i'm in italy

unable to run bb news
unable to run bb podcast
(unable to run bb travel on my 9780)

i'll not write a open letter to RIM to express my big disappointment, however as a customer i'll probably vote with feet and move android.. that's a shame: i was loving bb


I'm in Italy too, we have our carriers to blame for this - you can download BlackBerrry Travel if you go to they have an unofficial version, works fine, I use it :))


Unable to run? You mean unable to install it!

Jeez why oh why rim dont release these programs in Europe?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


bb podcast.. unable to run. i own a us playbook with it preinstalled


great now i have to go through setting up the proxies again, god damn those monkeys at RIM, when will they stop screwing customers in the UK? its like they dont want our money!


how to set proxy? should i put proxy in my playbook or in my router?


in the playbook, you have to create a manual connection to your wireless network and enter the proxy in the settings, the one i normally use is gone so i'll try to find a new one and post it.


I just got v.


proxy: port 80, worked for me, its slow and took a few the way i know nothing about this proxy or who runs it or even if they are credible so use at your own risk.

got from:


app world flaked out a few times but stick with it and it will work eventually