BlackBerry nets deal with Barclay's Center

By Adam Zeis on 4 Apr 2013 10:05 am EDT

BlackBerry has inked a new deal with the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn - the home of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets. According to the New York Post, the deal is worth between $1 million and $5 million and will bring BlackBerry and the BlackBerry Z10 prominent ad placement throughout the 38,885 square foot arena. The deal includes various ads around the building, a suite-level lounge and a BlackBerry Experience area according to Mike Zavodsky, Nets vice president of new corporate marketing.

This would be a huge push for BlackBerry who already snagged a deal with F1 racing team Mercedes AMG Petronas a few months back. While they won't actually be sponsoring the team (though BlackBerry NBA jerseys would be awesome) there will be plenty of BlackBerry flowing throughout the building "from street to seat".

Alicia Keys, BlackBerry's Global Creative Director, is set to preform at the arena tomorrow as part of her Set the World on Fire tour.

An official announcement on the deal is expected later today.

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BlackBerry nets deal with Barclay's Center


Wasting shareholders' money. These sports deals are just to feed the egos of executives and the perks that come with them. Blackberry, its board and its executives have done nothing but screwed the shareholders.

You do realize that these executives are the ones who pay the most in service revenues for BES service, right? These are the ones who will get the box treatment, as well as other clients. BlackBerry needs to market big time. This is just one of the many initiatives we've been hearing about lately.

I couldn't disagree more. Getting the brand into people's faces is something Blackberry has always done poorly.

EVERY company trying to make something "cool" does this. It's not rocket science. Market your product to young people watching basketball/going to basketball is smart. I hope this is just the beginning. Move forward.

Like the man joy your Apple.....ask yourself what Apple spends on advertising per year! So BlackBerry needs to spend some money advertising also. So you either have your head in the sand or your an Apple Fan. PS if you are an investor with Apple at their high, you are now down a good 40 percent and slipping. Apple is slipping, and their next phone will be the same thing!

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I don't know about you but heins has increased my portfolio by over 100%. You might be on the wrong thread here its apple that has lost billions of dollars in shareholders equity

say that to the people that bought (and held, average down and so forth) RIM at 120, 100, 80, 60, 30, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16 I'll stop there because its just below 16.

There is such a thing as shorting, of which you could have made money on BlackBerry's decline. 80% gain. You got to learn the game before you can play it son! Moreover, I am a blackberry enthusiast but try to keep everything in perspective. This is the only brand I will purchase with regards to cell phones but Wallstreet doesn't care. Bears also make money.

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I don't feel screwed. I bought shares of BlackBerry for $ 8.77 and feel they are doing great. 1 to5 million is cheap if BlackBerry gets the kind of exposure mentioned in the article..... certainly better bang for the buck than a thirty second spot during the Super Bowl

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What are you smoking? BB's problem has been marketing awareness and revived brand presence. This is a great idea!!! This is a captured audience of 14,000 - 17,000 consumers at sporting events, concerts, etc that will see the revived brand, check out the experience kiosks, etc. Getting top of mind is the goal here....many people in the US don't even know BB has a new platform/device.

What are your ideas to increase mainstream awareness???

For someone with the moniker "savingblackberry", you are rather negative on BB's attempt to put itself out there. "Sports deals are just to feed the egos of executives and the perks that come with them." What about the millions of people who will see this advertising? How can this be a bad thing?

Riiight. This must be coming from one of those shareholders that claimed executive fraud and that case didn't get anywhere with any kind of substantial evidence.

Sure the top brass gets perks like box seats and such. The real take home from this is that BlackBerry is fighting to win, it takes spending money to make some big $$!! This brings more visual awareness to those that are waiting to choose lining up for hotdogs, fries, wedges, burgers or beer before getting to seats to watch the game. The biggest attention grabber is during half time where pissing, and food doesn't come close to fill g up the 30mins.

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Shareholders who believed in Blackberry for years and years got screwed and totally ripped off while those who damaged this company got rich. What a travesty of justice.

You are really wasting your time here. Sorry you are a bad investor. But hey, I need your type to make money. Real investors don't chase it all the way down....duh! Now the real investors will be watching BlackBerry don't chase Apple all the way down. Also, I laughed when people were buying Apple north of 700 and the media was all yelling its going to 1000! Again Duh!

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Yeah right, you are so brainwashed. Crony capitalism exists because of people like you who cant use your critical thinking powers. You think management that lost an empire to be smart?

It is funny how you started a thread about how BlackBerry's stock has went down over the last year, and then I and manu others proved you wrong and yet you failed to respond?...
Just like ever other average troll.

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Just a point of correction...the "mgmt that lost an empire" are no longer there. This is ALL NEW top C level management with ALL NEW approaches.


Hey any advertising is good compared to what I've seen here in Arizona which is...... Nothing! Go BlackBerry!

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Complain about no advertising, then complain about the current market push because it's not what you want it to be...I'd love for hear you're ideas on what they should be doing. sheeesh have a coffee.

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Yup all those things are ALSO part of the plan. But things need to be done concurrently...there is no silver also need to build brand awareness back up where people even care about the apps and partnerships.

So Delta Airlines (America's largest airline) giving away free wifi to BBRY users isn't worth mentioning.
Nor is the Mercedes F1 partnership (the fourth most popular team on Facebook and the 3rd most popular twitter following of the F1 circuit.

I suppose starting with those isn't enough for you.
To each their own, but for the world (and CB Nation) that's a pretty damn good start.

I wonder how long they will have this deal for. The regular season is almost over, although the Nets will be in the playoffs as well. Also not sure how many other events are held there that get a lot of traffic.

The Barclays Center has been a concert venue for the Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, Barbara Streisand, Alicia Keys and will definitely host other performing acts in the future. Its not just a basketball arena. Good deal.

Hopefully the deal is for a while. The New York Islanders (NHL team) I believe are moving into the arena in a couple of years. Granted no one goes to an Islanders game these days, but when they move into the Barclays Center, attendance should increase and this would be great news for blackberry.

This is what im talking about !!! We definitely need as much attention as we can get at this point, I'm still waiting for the day we'll have a HUGE blackberry banner in the middle of times square and i'll just go to take a picture with it :D

Good news having prominent advertising in high traffic areas is great. Hate the Nets though.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Interesting. They should do this at the Skydome / Rogers Center.

Now that the Jays have a winning team...oh wait

Ya, I am an unabashed BB supporter. Don't like that? Then put me on ignore.

When you buy 20,000 shares of Blackberry, then talk to me. Rather when you invest $1.3 million in Blackberry stock, then lets talk. Thats what I did.

Wow, for a guy who supposedly invested $1.3M in the company you sure don't know anything about how companies operate and how to make money. Apple and Samsung (and to a lesser extent Nokia/Windows and HTC) are spending a ton of $ advertising trying to create and maintain an image that their products are cool and hip and you should buy them. BlackBerry has been silent for a while - mostly because they had nothing cool or hip to promote. The Brooklyn Nets right now are very hot from a marketing standpoint right now and they are drawing tons of celebrities to their games. That is exactly the type of place I want BlackBerry spending their marketing $.

And yes, I hold a significant investment in BlackBerry as well but unlike you I am already sitting on a profit as I purchased most of my shares last September.

Your not alone. I have similar situation and feelings as to how things went down. Hold on and hold in there, because as far as I can tell, once we lose hope then all is lost.

So basically you're mad because you paid $65/share and think they should sell off and parts of the company so you can make your investment back. I say that because you say advertising is a waste of money and not adding value to shareholders. You have been asked several times on here what should they do and you have no answer. I guess you can't use the same business plan to run BlackBerry as you used to run your lemonade stand.

Do you even know how to run a business and can you stop spreading your smears? It stinks on here to read that and I think "notsavingblackberry" is a better username for you too. No answers, that proves a point.

Great job BlackBerry!!!!!!! Shout out to A.Keys performing their tomorrow night as well. Power up!!!!

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This is not for your entertainment, BBRY exists because shareholders funded it. Every penny spent should create shareholder value. Everything else is meaningless.

You have a very delusional sens of business. The ones being "entertain" have the money your shareholder wants...

You dont understand a thing about shareholder and capitalism... do you son? When you take a company public, you have many owners. So what if I took money from you for my business, wasted that money and tell you.. sorry?

You know some of you Blackberry maniacs are a lot like those shameless Blackberry bashers... no reason, no logic... just love or hate. Bad, very bad thing to do.

In fact people like you are the worst, because you encourage bad behaviour, mediocrity and ultimately failure.

Need to get a Deal with Nascar Racing, have a BlackBerry Nascar with promotion of Z10 and other phones by blackberry, imagine if BlackBerry won races with awesome driver.

Get a Nascar, BlackBerry

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I think they need to get on board with NASCAR as well. It wouldn't surprise me to see this once Sprint releases the Q10 (since they passed on the Z10).

Danica Patrick drives the #10 car. I wonder if they could work out a deal to make it the Q10 car for at least one race.

Nobody is going to buy phones looking at stupid banners. People need a much bigger reason to give up their iphones/androids. These banners, Alicia Keyes are all useless expenses.

And you know this based on what? With your logic, companies advertising is a waste of time which is clearly not true.

BlackBerry needs to buy a Nascar Racing car.

BB10 all they way, get one blackberry please, and let's hope BlackBerry wins races.

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It's new management who are trying new marketing plans NEVER done before at BB:
- Superbowl teaser ad (a quick poke to say hey we're back stay tuned)
- FI sponsorship (big market demographic)
- Other Mobile OS demo takeovers (neat idea to preview or experience the unique features)
- Free wifi on flights (business travels are a big market for them, 10,000 eyes daily)
- Centralized messaging (was fragmented before)
- Travelling BB Experience buses

And you will see more!

Ya know what? YOU suck. Enough said. Your lack of knowledge on that sucks too. Apply for a job if you are the one to claim "I know it all".

It actually means two different things if you even did do any research on them. Brian=brain. I signed up and misspelled that name on purpose.

Sounds like great news to me. Some whine when we don't advertise, and some whine when we do advertise. I don't like sports deals and naming rights to stadiums and arenas, but that's the age we live in. Apple and Samsung are sure doing a lot of this stuff.

@SavingBlackBerry- I think you are complaining to the wrong people and the wrong place. I respect the fact that you invested a lot of money into RIM (BBRY) and I am very sorry that you feel like you have been wrong and that you have lost alot of money. But, nothing (not even an investment) is a sure thing, that's just how business runs... Sometimes you win sometimes you lose (I know it's easy for me to say, but that's the truth). I hope your day gets better, I do hope that BlackBerry comes through for their investors, and so on.

Whoa, savingblackberry you are on some kind of rant today...

That being said, I disagree that the advertising would not be effective, but I do agree that they are failing with effective advertising. Their commercials fail to do two things effectively

a. Show what this product can really do
b. Make people talk about the commercial itself. It is cool, but not entertaining.

Apple's early commercials were cool
Samsung's are jokes
BlackBerry only shows timeshift and flick typing.

At least make a commercial where a z10 owner hammers out an email faster than the rest to win tickets, get a job, get the girl (or guy)... something

Or even show how I just invited thousands of people to a party in Facebook in two seconds....

I sell people alone using screen share...

These ideas are lame, but they do need to get more creative. That being said, they are better than 'Be Bold' as that was lame and insulted the people you want to win over

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NBA isn't a huge ratings draw, but better than nothing I guess. How about some billboards, sports radio spots, etc.?

The Barclay Center is actually being considered a viable competitor to MSG. Since The Garden (MSG) is fully developed and is usually booked for the next 3 or so years in advance the next option is The Barclay center for bookings that are sooner. It's not just NBA, they have music concerts there and etc. Great spot for advertising if you ask me, I went to see Jay Z during his week of inauguration concerts there. Also, across the street there is several big name stores so the traffic for those stores will also get to see BB ads.

Great. NYC is a big market in the US for BlackBerry. Makes sense.

I know they spend a lot of $$ sponsoring the Blue Jays in Toronto also.

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This investment rings success in the minds and hearts of Blackberry users. It shows more progress and committment on the part of BB to strategically market and align it's products. This deal may have been in the works for quite some time, we don't know. What I do know is when you draft a launch of a new product, you rely on your marketing department and advertising professionals to draft such a comprehensive plan. As the year 2013 continues to unfold, what will come to light is what has been proposed, counter-proposed, approved and implemented for quite some time. The best and the brightest have been enlisted to market this company and it's new offerings. It's not "willy-nilly" style that this deal came through. It's planned marketing! Watch as we begin to see more product launches, more advertising (print, web and TV) more endorsements as well as negative "blog-boys" reverse their opinions! Sorta like watching a sports game, our team is doing well. Go BB!

I will agree that BlackBerry 's marketing in the past sucked. BlackBerry you can learn from there mistakes and move on. They have to start somewhere and I guess somewhere is here. As for @savingblackberry it's not like BlackBerry is the only company that has done this. Sad to say. Thats probably why I'm working three jobs to try to get back where I was. Go BlackBerry keep moving.

I think this is just great news!! Love BlackBerry and love my Z10. Now if they can just do the samething here in L.A. at The Staples Center...

That's awesome!! Hopefully the sponsorship will show before the nba playoffs kickoff!!!

This is awesome!!

(Saving blackberry) man you are really dumb...Damn you should of been head of blackberry(not) you on crack...that's what they need to do to sell the brand again!they need exposure! Wake up man! BlackBerry hater!

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Woohoo, this is great. It would have been better if they sponsored the United Centre or the American Airlines Arena but this is good too.

You know, they should also investigate the NFL network. They have a segment called...wait for it... PLAYBOOK!!! Its currently sponsored by Lenovo.


This is what we call PRODUCT PLACEMENT - Marketing 101. Am I a marketing major, no. I am an IT Mobility Program Manager. Even with internal customer you have to market, market, and market. So if there aren't any digitization, signage, or branding, how does one know you exist. Haven't you been out and saw a Coca-Cola sign and #bam you are thirsty? You go and buy a Coke. This is not truly a fair comparison that I am making, however the message is still the same. You have an arena who has one of the hottest names in the music industry as a face of a basketball and entertainment franchise in the entertainment capital of the world! Set back and let logic kick in. I myself have a SIGNIFICANT financial investment in $BBRY. Be a clear thinker and look outside the box. $BBRY is using what they have and are building relationships through branding and product placement.

BlackBerry Marketing has the product placement, newspaper ads, and sports venues presence right. But everything else falls short.

They need more of this everywhere!!! Street, buses, trains, subway, trucks, scooter, bikes, jets, and in sports!!!

Watching the Nets vs. Bulls game on TNT and boom a 30 second commercial of the z.10 coincidence lool very nice commercial btw

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Well I can't really sympathize with someone who invested 1.3M$ and is currently 'down'... if he sold his shares.

If you haven't sold your shares then you haven't 'lost' anything. If you're a sophisticated investor trading in multiples of 100s of thousands of dollars then you've been averaging down right? And being a sophisticated investor you certainly didn't over leverage yourself and trade in quantities / values where you would be financially hurt if you lost it all right?

If you did than you are just one of a long line of investors who got greedy and then got stung (albeit only if you actually sold your holdings while 'down'). And that has nothing to do with Jim or blackberry or marketing sponsorship. You could have easily been stung by your greed choosing to invest in the automobile, home construction, financial services or natural gas industries at various points in the last decade.

So... unless you overextended yourself and then forgot to average down while the stock price was trending downward and then 'locked in' your losses by selling your holdings while the stock was around 6.25$ or so then you really can't b*tch about anything can you?. Otherwise you'd look pretty foolish.

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Keeping this conversation on the topic of advertising and not BB stock....

This is a good deal, now if the "New" blackberry would sign more deals like this and create some new TV spots we'd "Keep Moving" much better.

The Alicia Keys campaign is a bust, no offense to Alicia. We need more creative advertising, the old school dedicated BlackBerry owners are just that. It's a young modern world and advertise that way.

BlackBerry has almost zero social advertising compared to Apple and Samsung, like it or not a brilliant advertising campaign can sell chickens to vegetarians.

I work with a number of ad agencies in the US and Canada, and we're all wondering when the marketing is going to start.

Good deal at Barclays Thor, now keep moving.

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i was at the blue jays game earlier tonight. big blackberry banner on the outfield fence. and while watching the home opener on tv a couple of days ago i noticed that the tv studio was referred to as "the blackberry studio." it was consistent bb exposure throughout the broadcast.

sports are a common denominator and a good way to get the word out about a new product.

what i find disappointing is the lack of activity on the "blue jays insider" bbm contact. last year they would always post before a game and a few stats or notifications during the game. this year? only one update. opening night.