BlackBerry reportedly in talks with Cisco, Google, and SAP to sell off portfolio

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Oct 2013 09:08 pm EDT

It's only been less than two weeks since BlackBerry signed a letter of intent with Fairfax Financial to be sold for $4.7 billion. As part of the agreement, BlackBerry would be free during the due diligence period to discuss terms with other potential buyers if and when they arise. 

An article appearing today in Reuters claims that BlackBerry is doing just that as sources say they are in talks with Cisco Systems, Google Inc and SAP to sell off parts of itself including their secure server network and patent portfolio.

While this news comes as a bit of a surprise, it could all be part of the strategic alternatives BlackBerry were exploring as they weigh their options. Furthermore, BlackBerry has also expressed interest in potential deals with Intel Corp, LG and Samsung, and are currently awaiting a response by early next week. 

You can read the full text below and we'll be sure to keep you posted as these turn of events develop.

(Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd, on the block as its smartphone business struggles, is in talks with Cisco Systems, Google Inc and SAP about selling them all or parts of itself, several sources close to the matter said.

Such a deal would be an alternative to the preliminary agreement reached weeks ago with a group, led by BlackBerry's biggest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings, to take the company private for about $4.7 billion, a bid which has faced some skepticism because of financing questions.

The company, based in Waterloo, Ontario, has asked for preliminary expressions of interest from potential strategic buyers, which also include Intel Corp and Asian companies LG and Samsung, by early next week.

It is unclear which parties will bid, if any. But the potential technology buyers have been especially interested in BlackBerry's secure server network and patent portfolio, although doubts about the assets' value remain an issue, the sources said.

Google, Intel, Cisco, LG and SAP declined to comment. Samsung was not immediately available for comment.

Possible bidders are proceeding with caution given the uncertainty around BlackBerry, which last month reported a quarterly loss of nearly $1 billion after taking a writedown on unsold Z10 phones.

The value of BlackBerry's patent portfolio and licensing agreements is likely to halve in the next 18 months, a company filing from this week shows, potentially limiting its attractiveness.

According to analysts, BlackBerry's assets include a shrinking yet well-regarded services business that powers its security-focused messaging system, worth $3 billion to $4.5 billion; a collection of patents that could be worth $2 billion to $3 billion; and $3.1 billion in cash and investments.

Adding to the company's woes, it's likely to burn through almost $2 billion of its cash pile in the next year and a half, Bernstein analyst Pierre Ferragu wrote on Thursday after studying the filing.

Private equity firms that have showed interest in BlackBerry - which also include Cerberus Capital Management - have asked the company and its advisers to provide additional financial details about its various business segments, two of the sources said. That process could take another few weeks, as BlackBerry focuses on taking bids from industry peers, the sources said.

In August, the company said it was weighing its options, which could include an outright sale, after Reuters first reported BlackBerry's board was warming up to the possibility of going private.

At that time, it formed a five-member special committee chaired by board director Timothy Dattels. Other members include Chairman Barbara Stymiest, Chief Executive Thorsten Heins, Richard Lynch and Bert Nordberg.

A spokesman for BlackBerry said in an emailed statement to Reuters: "The special committee, with the assistance of BlackBerry's independent financial and legal advisors, is conducting a robust and thorough review of strategic alternatives." He declined to provide further comment.

JPMorgan Chase & Co and RBC Capital Markets are advising BlackBerry. The board is being advised by Perella Weinberg Partners, the sources said. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Torys LLP are providing legal advice.

(Additional reporting by Alastair Sharp in Toronto and Alexei Oreskovic, Poornima Gupta and Noel Randewich in San Francisco; Editing by Christian Plumb and Prudence Crowther)


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BlackBerry reportedly in talks with Cisco, Google, and SAP to sell off portfolio



I'm more surprised Alicia Erlich is reporting on the business side of things. Never seen that from her before on CrackBerry.

Why does it matter when this company, is dead. Don't you get it by now? They're giving Thorsten $55 million or $52 million to break it off.

Don't you understand come harvest time, every berry is packed up and shipped to different locations?


That's an impressive hobby you got there, sir ! People been saying that for years and impressively still have gas in the tank! Imagine what amazing things they could have accomplished in those years instead of wasting making doom and gloom predictions that never came true!

Clue: no one offers to buy a "dead" company, but dead brain cells can produce all kinds of interesting results....

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

You sir are quick. While others were fumbling with keyboards, like lightning you zeroed in on your objective, executed, leaping into the topmost spot with a well formulated post. Excellent. 5 berries for you.

"A camel is a horse designed by a committee" - Alec Iissigonis- One thing I have learned from the great leaders of the best companies in times past, is that they all despised committees. As -David Ogilvy- said, "search all your parks in all your cities, and you will find no statutes of committees. When I heard that not only a committee, but that a "special " committee had been put into place, I knew then that blackberry was finished. You think Jobs became great by answering to committees? How are they going to restructure and build back market share when a committee is seeking an opposing alternative strategy? It takes courage, a clear mind and great patience to rebuild, a committee with patience reserves more limited than that of wall street is of no use, they will just get in the way. Thorstien Heinz is being led into a dead end slaughter where failure is inevitable. If they sell to any of these companies, I'm leaving blackberry for good. I would have bought those other brands in the first place if I wanted them. I hate oligopolies, and I was hoping to avoid joining them, but I may soon have no choice. Did I mention that I hate committees?

Posted via CB10

Way way off Sir.....all BlackBerry needs is a partner to build these phones cost efficiently, partner to enterprise, patents, then the Prosumer will be a bonus !!

Posted via CB10

Lol, I'm afraid Google would not be interesting in blackberry as a platform. Just the lucrative patents is all.


I wouldn't be so sure. A secure network with the backing of Google makes sense. Keeping BB10 for enterprise/gov might even make sense as Android is not a secure OS at all. It would give Google a leg up in enterprise where they lag badly.

So your suggesting that they would hold two competing products at the same time? Stranger things have happened, but I dunno man,....


Just like how bb10 is built on QNX maybe they can built a more secure version of android on top of it for enterprises. Probably not just a thought lol.

The enterprise business will be gone if Google gets BlackBerry as no one would want to hand over their corporate secrets to NSA.

This really doesn't make sense. How fan something that is free & open for all to see be high on security?

Posted via CB10

Give it a rest.

Stop theorizing ludicrous scenarios where this largely irrelevant brand finds light at the end. It's not happening.

The BlackBerry brand is toxic and bears the burden of being perceived as an antiquated device. It does not matter what the BB10 OS is capable of achieving so long as it's viewed as a pretender instead being the contender it long stopped being as Apple and Google took over the marketplace.

Nothing about Google is secure. If BlackBerry sells their secure server network, it will cease to be secure.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry has very valuable assets including its highly intelligent work force except its extremely stupid management. Heins should be shipped back to Germany ASAP with the fastest possible route. Even if Blackberry gets sold, this idi*t ruined an amazing company and the sad part is, this all despite Blackberry having an awesome OS in BB10. It's a number game right now and Blackberry needed numbers to get developers on board. Blackberry should have done reverse calculation. For example, how many devices needed to be sold before developers show any interest? Blackberry keeps pricing its product ridiculously high. They needed to ask themselves, what's the minimum we can charge to break even and sell our devices. Instead of writing off Z10 now, Blackberry could have sold the devices at breakeven and also, instead of wasting money on lame advertisement like super bowl, Blackberry could have used that money to subsidize their handsets. Blackberry should have given huge incentives to sales people in the stores to sell the devices. Blackberry management didn't do so many things it should have done. It's one thing to fail when you have a lousy product but to fail when you have a very competitive product, the management has to be very incompetent and screw up in every possible way.

NO, NO and again NO! We (Germans) are martyred abundant by the present of our chancellor Merkel and her rats- we dont want Heins back! You have connived him in YOUR Country and therefore ist YOUR job to dispose him... Deport him to Russia (to destabilize Putin) or Syria (to inhale he good country air). But we dont need another loaded bookkeeper in the row of parasitically know-it-all in my small country...

AGREE 1000000000000000000000%
Heins thought he could beat competitors with a thumb without strong partner(s).
Google and blackberry are the most innovative companies in world.

Its actually very easy to beat Google.. just make Heins CEO of Google.. 2 years GOOG will for sale....

I agree with you. Sales is what destroyed the company. And I know that first hand...

BBOS and QNX devices are both awesome - but BlackBerry failed in selling them.

Posted via CB10

Could it just be the hardware related patents? It doesn't specify, but they could potentially just sell the hardware side, as it would better align them to a software and services company.

Sent from the future on my QNX® powered BlackBerry® Z10

If Google, Apple, or Microsoft take it, there will definitely be no more BB. But if SAP, Intel, Cisco, or any other non-OS manufacturer takes it, BB has a chance to survive. Google, Apple and Microsoft have application replacements for what BB already has: BBM (Hangouts, imessage, Skype). They will take the patents and probably the secure network, but they will not incorporate much of BB into their phones (HUB and BB Balance seem like the only things they will incorporate). The only team they will really want to have would be BlackBerry Sweden because they think outside the box.

We have only seen the simple potential of BBM. So BlackBerry with BBM & BBM Channels + Qwerty + 10.2 OS + $2.6B cash + $500m tax credit + NOC + Patents + BES + SWS + Z30 Z10 Q10 Q5 vs a $12B Twitter valuation !

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Although I doubt Google would buy them, but if they do I'm done. I will hold my nose and go to MS or Apple.

Haha I love it. I will also have to hold my nose, but not before I wear out this Z10. Its going to look like a sand dollar by the time I consider an alternative.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 should give me adequate time to decide my next move, I'm not likely to chose MS or Google, forced I might buy into a new OS...

A phone with the screen quality and app selection of a Galaxy, but running BlackBerry 10.2 OS... sounds unreal!

Posted via CB10

Delusional comment, The first thing Google will do is kill BB10, they will use patents and other enterprise stuff for Android and throw away other parts.

This post made me laugh so hard! Google buys and scraps what they don't want. That's how I see it. But, be clear: whoever ends up buying, BlackBerry is dead. There will be no further BB phones, and BB10 OS will be used by no one. Remember this post when it all comes to pass.

Or they could toss in 50 cores and have the android app player work seamlessly. Keep BB10 for enterprise with deep android integration.

Although that does sound like more work then just making android more secure

Posted via CB10

Samsung could, breaking it's reliance on Android. If i was Apple, I would buy it as chump change and market BB10 as corporate use only. Else Apple will continue its decline to android.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You see how it says "sounds unreal "... I know it's not going to happen, but it DOES sound amazing. I personally can't see Google buying unless it's just to take patents, which then they must see something big in them.

Posted via CB10

It could literally go either way... they can likely leverage BES10 and invest a huge amount of money to get them into the enterprise space they'd love to be part of. They could release a Nexus KB (keyboard) and leverage a lot of what BlackBerry has built on.

With that said... they could just decimate the company and sell it for parts just as easily. It's not overly beneficial for them to just sell them off for parts. They already make a fortune. They can dismember the company but they would likely be better suited to leverage the name (as a new Google partner) and make even more then ever before.

You CrackBerry folks really do crack me up. So many people in denial for so long. Yet, no matter how many predictions become a reality, you guys still hold on to BlackBerry's imaginary comeback. It's over people. It's actually been over for at least two years. But, now, it's actually closing in on it's final weeks of existence. No one will keep making BlackBerry handsets. Why would they? No one is buying them now. Buy and use BB10 OS? Why? No consumers or devs care about it. It's not bad. But, it's nothing special either.

Let it go. Put down the failed device, go pick you out one that has great dev support and stellar apps. FYI: That would be iPhone. Android is still a fragmented and underwhelming disaster. Even Google's own apps look and work better on iOS.

But, whatever you do, let the BlackBerry die peacefully.

You seem very wise then why all this trolling in a domain which is of no interest to you? BB10 is awesome but you won't understand that and I will not try to convince you on that either. It doesn't matter whether Blackberry survives or not, we know that BB10 is superior, the only think Blackberry demise will prove is that you could ruin a company with a bad management and relentless bashing by the media.

I totally agree with you. Media around the same have been bashing BlackBerry for years, I wonder what they get out of it?

Posted via CB10

uhmmm...Nothing! The media gets exactly nothing out of it which is why I believe that excuse is malarkey. Blackberry has been F'ing up for years...or haven't you noticed. BBOS10 is great! But what good is an OS if the company trying to push it forward SUCKS! My prediction will come true. Blackberry will get bought out for their enterprise services. I doubt handsets will be part of that and the consumers will get screwed one last time. Save those z10's, q10's and z30's (you'd have to be on crack to actually spend your hard earned cash on a z30 at this point). They could be worth some money 20yrs from now as the last Blackberry handsets to be made before the company disappeared.

But in has no useful apps? 98% of apps in Apple Appstore is crap & useless. The OS looks amazing but has not much function & it is so fragmented let's not talk about the fragmented system in Android yet ok.

There is no alternative. BlackBerry 10 is not the best & it has not reached maturity yet, I think in terms of integration, the BlackBerry OS 7 is still slightly better. In time I'm sure BlackBerry 10 will get there.

Posted via CB10

I meant app selection in android but screen quality of Galaxy.... wow, you really have to watch your wording and not expect people to just realize what you're talking about on here eh... even if it's just basic, or you get eaten alive. Thanks folks. Glad I can hop on to the forums to express an opinion just to get criticized left and right.

Posted via CB10

I'm just trying to hope for the best and not see blackberry go down the drain. There's room there for using bb10 software or hardware, and then with them being sold it acts more as a merge of two great pieces of technology, rather then just android plus scraps.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs to get android apk files to run on the real time android player off the Google Play store directly! No more side loading! This will make the app number issue irrelevant!

Posted via CB10

Yes...that would be the best outcome

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

If Google, or Samsung or any of those companies purchase this, you will see nothing of BB10 on these phones, or BB10 anywhere...they will be purchasing the patents as the article says and their Secure Server Network...this wouldn't be a partnership or anything and BB10 would be killed off...Cisco would be a better situation over Google or Samsung...

The ONLY possible benefit would be if Google or Samsung did what Microsoft did for Apple in 1997, and that is basically provide finances to the company in order for them to have the money to continue Google could back BlackBerry through finances, that would be a great thing!

The difference is that there are no anti-trust cases going on in the mobile space as there were going on with PC's in the late 1990's.

I'm sure Microsoft never saw the idevices coming and making Apple cool again (and Apple subsequently eating their lunch). They just wanted Apple alive to get the authorities off their back.

BlackBerry won't get a lifeline for that reason.

Posted via CB10

They said they are coming with Chrome OS on 2014, don't think they would even look at BB10 or QNX, they will throw it to the trash without contemplation.

Last chance to grab valuable assets in smartphone space, all big ones are gone. Samsubg,microaodt, Google will not ( sold for decades.

Posted via CB10

Cisco seems like a natural partner in the tech field. Here's hoping whatever stake another firm holds it isn't enough to radical alter the company in a negative way.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

Simon discussed this possibility a while back and the pros and cons.

Folks, this is going to be like Nokia. It's good for the investors but I am not sure if Blackberry will exists at all in next six months or so from now. If sold in parts, the stock might hit $17-$20 range.



--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Time for me to stock up on some BB10 hardware, including hopefully a Z30 in the States. Can't stand Android-Google or Apple.

Posted via CB10

I feel ya bro- I feel like if BB dies a lot of users will end up on MS because they hate Apple and don't trust Google

I'd actually go for Apple, I like apple products I just despise IOS, iphones interface doesn't quite cut it for me and the fact that ur limited to iTunes and the memory ur phone comes with, and androids I just can't stand the sight of them, I fine those galaxy phone ridiculous even with all those sensors in them, but the android UI just annoys me to death besides of not being secure,

I wouldn't go to Apple after they burned me once. I had an 80GB iPod with a bad motherboard and they wouldn't do anything for me. They wanted me to send it to them, they looked it over and told me it was the bad motherboard and that was the end if it. No replacement, credit or anything, just a paperweight. I would never, ever buy one of their products again.

Posted via CB10

This is only logical since BBRY is not out to save whatever credibility it has left. Forget the loyalists...ching ching!

With Google looking to scoop Blackberry, I think Microsoft might jump in too. Microsoft has the most to gain from Blackberry and most to lose if gets in the hands of Google. I am very surprised that Microsoft hasn't shown any interest considering they both have enterprise as their main competitive advantage.

Ms will get involve for sure if Google is sniffing around, especially if Google is looking to get the enterprise part.

Posted via CB10

I actually hope Google buys it. In my mind Android is already leaps and bounds above iOS. While I think Google won't keep BB10 per se, they will use a lot of the patents associated with it and incorporate a lot of its features in future android iterations, which I won't complain with.

Posted via CB10

I don't care if BlackBerry makes its own hardware, so long as BB10 and BES 10 lives on. My only concern about Google, Samsung and LG is that they will buy the patents and kill BB10. At least Fairfax is about saving BlackBerry but focusing on its core users i.e. enterprise. These other suitors are only about patents and eliminating a potential competitor. Remember what happened to Palm OS? We don't want that to happen to BB10.

Posted via CB10

Ahhhh fuck such a disappointment this company was so excited for it such a good operating system the tweaking is fun but maybe it's time to sell hopefully I can get a lumia 1020

Posted via the Bat Cave

Yup I'm trading in my Z10 tomorrow for a Nokia 928. Was going to trade it in last weekend thinking some positive news would come through telling myself I should be a little more loyal consumer because I was really rooting for BlackBerry but BlackBerry just keeps giving us new surprises every other day. I purchase apps & music trying to support the eco system but this situation reminds me "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. " I'm moving on I'm a long time supporter of BlackBerry but they don't seem to care about their longtime supporters.

Posted via CB10

Bring the z30 quick to Canada......I need a BlackBerry device to carry me as far as I can go.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I hate to be the bear of bad news, BlackBerry's not a major player in the Corporate and government sectors anymore,eh.

Posted via CB10

Anything security is still BlackBerry. pentagon, nato etc.. allow other devices in certain departments but when it comes to high level security areas it's blackberry still.

Posted via CB10

US military will never face out Blackberry. As long security is required, Blackberry will exist. Those other devices are for people who don't use devices for highly confidential matter.

Phasing out in the non-classified departments only. BlackBerry is still the only one approved for anyone involved with classified data.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

And what other Canadian cell phone will you use? Maybe someone in newfoundland will create the newfie phone. Just joking with you I also want to see it stay Canadian but what can you do in this global economy. Hoping for the best meanwhile I'm a happy customer with my z10)

Posted via CB10

What differents does it make the northern states of canada are only useful for supplying furs.

Posted via CB10

Outside of the patents Google has no interest in BBRY. It is also a ploy to get Prem to pay more. BBRy will be dead as we know it.

My thoughts exactly. Samsung has the most to benefit from the acquisition. They could take so many of the features from BB and make it exclusive for Samsung phones. Hub is the best email and messaging system by any OS. They can incorporate that into android. Also, BB Balance is something Samsung would like. Samsung has the money and resources to make cheap and secure phones for corporations and governments with the reliability of BB services (BES, BBM, etc).

I swear BlackBerry management just trying to get $$$. I'm done with BlackBerry the moment they go private

Posted via CB10

Yes, true partnerships and remain public company and fight on, no outright sale to any private firm.

Posted via CB10

Intel would have the most to gain if they could successfully re-brand the company and incorporate Intel processors

Posted via CB10

I really hope it goes to Fairfax. I want this to stay Canadian. I know the majority of the world doesn't care, but I sure do.

Night Radio Show Tune-In and Discussion: C0012487D Q&A with an Ex-Mormon/LDS: C00121BDD

Fairfax is a distress sale. Not going to happen at that price if there are other buyers. If you care so much for Blackberry being Canadian then may be start with convincing everyone around you to dump their droids and iGarbage and buy Blackberry devices.

Everyone, should know what "strategic alternatives" means on Wallstreet : aka your screwed,eh.

Posted via CB10

Sadly only LG will keep the BB10 OS as they don't sell as many Android phones as Samsung and Motorola. They can break that decline with some kick ass hardware for cheap and better marketing than what BBRY is doing currently

Posted via CB10

No member of the Android Alliance could offer BB10 unless they left the Android Alliance and stopped selling official Android. That's part of the Android Alliance agreement (BB10 contains parts of a non-Google-certified Android, which makes it prohibited for any member of the Android Alliance to put on their phones).

So, anyone hoping that an existing Android manufacturer is going to offer BB10 would have to believe that that company was willing to give up their Android business for the BB10 business. Think that through for a minute...

I'd have loved to see a BB10 running on a Sony device... but they don't seem to be on the list.
If BB10 is ever licensed to other manufacturers i really hope they'll keep on making physical keyboards.

Posted via CB10

Come it's not the end of the northern states of canada, you still have the trailer park boy's ,eh!

Posted via CB10

Hey maybe the boys can buy blackberry from the proceeds of their latest dope sale.... maybe partner with Sebastian Bach)

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry will be the niche in Google or Samsung but I would prefer a CSCO / SAP

Posted via CB10

people who say the buyers of BlackBerry will shut BB10 or BBOS down don't understand that BlackBerry has contractual obligations any company that buys BlackBerry will have to honour the services or pay for damages, estimated costs are in the billions.

Those don't include making any new phones, or even doing dev work of BBOS or BB10, beyond possibility security-related bug-fixes for a period of time. Yes, they also have to support the hardware for a given amount of time too; probably 3 years from the date of the device's release, but that wouldn't stop a company from killing the product.

There are plenty of examples. Look at what HP did, with both Palm and their WebOS tablet. Look at Nokia with Meego.

I would go to Android if BlackBerry wasn't an option. With that being said, I wouldn't be too upset if Google bought the company parts.

Posted via Pilot's Q10

This is why I will not be rushing out to by the z30 anytime soon. ANYONE that feels the need go do so. I will take the wait and see approach. Things are getting more interesting by the hour with BBRY. Just my two cents. Btw I love my 4 z10's! Att USA. Have a good day everyone.

Posted via CB10

Geez! First WebOS now BB10! This sucks! This just reminds me of Nortel all over again. I was so naive to think BlackBerry was actually going to come out of this unscathed. This is a dark day for Canadian tech.

Z10 with OS

Nortel screwed up initially because they were out of date similar to BlackBerry, but they pit the nail in their own coffin when their managers started manipulating the accounting numbers and giving themselves massive bonuses. The latter isn't apparent in BlackBerry. Therefore, it is not comparable to Nortel.

Posted via CB10

Yes, and two Germans at the "Helmut", although Thor did become CDN. He was in at the decline of a sinking ship which he and other top managers are running to the ground! I would take my stock losses and go with Prem Watsa and Fairfax to give the great OS 10 a chance against all of the past mismanaged deals and plans and bad press! I think Thor surrounded himself with poor marketing and execution!

Posted via CB10

I hate BlackBerry as if they part it out then this would be stupid as there will be nothing left.

If Google or Samsung took BlackBerry all we would see is newer android phones and no BlackBerry devices anymore, but we would see the enterprise sector move to to either company that takes and still use BlackBerry Enterprise secure servers.

Bye Bye BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Google, Apple, Samsung, could each buy BlackBerry with the change between the lint in their back pockets, so this may get interesting.

Two things most of us care about:

1). BIG boost in stock price (no private bullsh!t).
2). We get to keep BlackBerry in tact so that they can eventually show the world that their OS is superior.

Do you think that any of the three mentioned companies have any interest in floating BB10?

I have serious doubts.


Name all of the (complete) consumer products that Intel produces. Not chips - complete, usable products. Talk to me about Intel's consumer customer support division (which doesn't exist).

Any interest Intel has would be for patents and back-end stuff. They have ZERO interest in being a consumer products company.

Any important dev said that before BB10 was even released. No one saw a place for BlackBerry in the market. Well, no one outside of the CrackBerry faithful.

what do they mean by selling off their portfolio if successful and what does this mean for the Blackberry customers? Could someone enlighten me on what this all means, thanks. All of those that blackberry are in talks with are good companies and well known, but it seem they are forgetting about the customers and what all these plans means for us.

"but it seem they are forgetting about the customers and what all these plans means for us."

fact is, they, none of them, ever remember the customers' needs,,, it's about your money & THIER needs...

As a stock holder this may end up being better as the price may increase, I look forward to what Chris has to say about this. I had come to terms with the loss I would take with BlackBerry being private and moving forward, now that may change.

There is some interesting names included here and maybe one can keep things moving but it does come across as more of a sale of parts not the whole. This would be worst case for me as a BlackBerry user who enjoys BB10. Although there is no idea knowing what will happen so that's where I will stop with the speculation.

Posted via CB10

I can never understand where the board is trying to take this company. One minute we hear they are going private to get out of the public eye and will continue to make consumer and enterprise hardware and the next minute I hear they are willing to sell themselves to companies that just want to cut them up into pieces anyway. If they were gonna get rid of the NOC I could not really understand what real value is left in the company.

If the board has admitted the the company is for sale, then their job is to find the highest bidder at this point.


Privacy has become such dream anymore that nobody even finds value in a secure network. One reason BlackBerry has lost value. Used to be people valued privacy but now they give it all away with fb and apps. What people don't give away the US government forces companys to hand it over. Leaves blackberry's security value message null and void. Its a sad day to be honest.

Posted via CB10 with Z10

The U.S.A conception of the privacy ... a thought which serves the traders. People have to be at the disposal of the storekeepers. An American victory.
European, in an already prepared, bought environment or silly enthusiastic, I attend a victory which is going to decrease my rights.

Yep, just like a lot of us thought it would come down to: BB would chop themselves up and sell the parts for scrap. An insulting end.

I hate seeing and hearing news like this. I hope something good happens and it stays as blackberry is a whole. I don't know what I would do with our my BlackBerry device.

Posted via CB10

Wow so many opinions, here is my 2cents...I love my Z10 and I know BlackBerry is a Canadian company but if they can't market the products they provide properly then so be it get another company the can before it dies. I will continue to use my BlackBerry for as long as I can. I have had 1 Samsung Note,3 Iphones,but I have to honestly have to say the blackberry Z10 is much more interesting in every way #ichooseblackberry join my channel for all your animated BBM display pics C0002D710

Posted via CB10

If Google goes anywhere near BlackBerry, a very large hammer will go through my Z10. Contract or no contract. I don't trust them anywhere near my handset OS.

Why not just use its secure shredder and sell it off to buy yourself the next shiny Nexus phone?

Posted via CB10

Why BlackBerry why?? I fucking hate android and Samsung and I don't want the awesome features of BlackBerry 10 to run on those crappy android devices! But if BlackBerry sells some of their parts to Google or Samsung am gonna stick to my Z10 and later will buy the z30 and will be using it till it becomes unusable...i just love BB10 :(

Posted via CB10

Samsung mobiles look like cheap toys! BlackBerry looks the best among all and it means business! Z10 is the sexiest looking device on the planet next to The black HTC one, though I hate it since it runs crapdroid!

Posted via CB10

Have to agree, BB's devices are just solid, too bad they're possibly not staying in it long enough, as BB, to show what the people of BB can really do. Hopefully, the new leadership will give them the incentive, the funds, the marketing, the freedom they need to truly keep moving.