BlackBerry Navigator rolling out to more countries in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By James Richardson on 20 Mar 2013 09:05 am EDT

Here in the UK I've had BlackBerry Navigator for what seems like forever, but it would seem that the free voice guided navigation app is headed to more shores including the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia just to name a few.

With BlackBerry 10 rolling out worldwide and users of the new OS having navigation built into 'Maps' it only seems fair that BlackBerry 6&7 customers get the same. If you are a member of the Beta Zone why not see if it is available for you download? And feel free to let us know where in the world you are if you can grab it.

Nice job BlackBerry - once again.

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BlackBerry Navigator rolling out to more countries in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Thanks for the Info James. :-)
Nice to read Germany....Hope it didn't take to long for a final release.

You actually have a map on the screen, instead of driving directions. It's like having Tomtom on your phone. Actually, it is Tomtom on your phone.

I thought BlackBerry Traffic was North America only. Is that the case?

If so then this may not be such a big deal to the USA but the rest of the world will love it.

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Well, it looks like Waze works on bb10, so when I get my phone on Friday, I will be using Waze again.

Says it's available in the US but I get the "You are not authorized to view this program area" message...

Something is not working right... FYI be careful when selecting the right version for your BB, but still when I click the version for my 9900, stays on a blank page and nothing happens.

Do not hit the "downloads" in the text. Hit the Downloads at the top of the Beta Screen. The reason it won't let you download is you have not accepted the Agreement. Then select the appropriate download button for your device. Once you do, it will take you to a blank screen. Go to your URL and remove the ending "undefined" but leave the forward slash that preceeds it. Hit go or return and it will take you to the download page for your device.

In the US it is available. Woo Hoo! my GPS will be so jealous now that I have this app for the Blackberry

I forgot to mention I had the same problem! Crackberry James, please mention in the post that the download link has an extra "undefined" on the end, when you delete it the download works.

yeah wouldn't download for me either on 9900, I see it says version need to upgrade my OS I guess I'm on

I reported this news in the CrackBerry forums a month ago on Feb 22. If I could add a link, I would but I keep getting "Posting error."

Still quite disappointed though because I'm in Qatar and it says maps unavailable for this country, but the old BlackBerry still shows the map at least, so there's literally no map app in the phone unless i download an external app, I'm using wise pilot and it works really well voice navigation etc so good I baught it

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Keep in mind it's only really available in one region (U.K.) any other country is just in beta, so it will take them some time to get it out everywhere.

I think Louis is talking about his Z10. m . here . c o m works really well in the Z10's browser and it offers voice navigation too.

Got it last night when I saw the post about it over on BerryReview. (USA) Awesome to finally have navigation with a map!

First thing I noticed that the voice hurts my ears less than the lady's voice on Traffic. It's not as sharp sounding especially when pronouncing 's'.

Second thing was that it doesn't give you route choices, it only lets you select in the app options whether you want the "shortest" or "fastest" routes. You may request a detour but you can't select a different route from the get-go (Traffic gives you two options and shows the time and distance of both so you can pick one). It's also unclear to me whether the routing takes traffic into account. There is the option to show the traffic on the map but I sort of doubt it does dynamic routing based on the current traffic. If I'm wrong, BB should make this clear so people don't think underestimate the app.

RE: "Says it's available in the US but I get the "You are not authorized to view this program area" message..."

Anybody found a workaround for this, or has it not reached the states yet?

Do not click the "downloads" highlighted in the text of the document. Go to the top of the Beta page and click the "Downloads" there. Select agree and hit the button. I think you then go to a page that gives you the download option for your specific device. Hit the button. You may experience just a white page. If you do, then go to the url line, highlight it and trackpad to the end of the line. there is a "undefined" at the end of the string. Just delete undefined only, leave the forward slash, then you will be able to complete the download.

YOu may experience the white screen in a different order, but whenever you do, do the "undefined" delete and hit enter and you will be able to complete the download.

well, I have a Z10 and Navigator doesn't work here in Switzerland - so not even that is available globally.

I find the larger directional arrows and instructions that you get with Traffic to be significantly easier to read than a map. I don't stare at my phone while I'm driving but it's handy to be able to glance down at it and get all the info I need immediately if I need clarification of the verbal instructions.

I prefer BlackBerry Traffic. BlackBerry Navigator does have a nice map, but you lose the ability to pick between two different types of routes. Also, it's not as precise as BlackBerry Traffic (the estimated arrival time was WAY off). All they need to do is add the maps of BlackBerry Navigator on to BlackBerry Traffic, and then I'd stop using Waze. :x

Yes I have downloaded it on my 9300 with OS6 in INDIA. Had some trouble while downloading. Disabled javascript, then the app installed smoothly. BUT getting an error "No data available for requested location" & "No GPS" while detecting my location. No mapping data is being loaded. Another crappy mapping app from Blackberry!

I didnt have any problems downloading the app, but its no point downloading it- there r no maps for India. The message received after complete installation- Location not supported. The nearest restaurants available to my location- some 1450 kms. away from China/HK. :D
Edit- What location have you put in your profile? I have put USA as my location! May be that helps.

Not available in India yet. It is amazing how BB takes the Indian market for granted- till today, they have not rolled out any maps for India, when they know it is a very important market for them (It is world's 3rd largest Smartphone market). I still use google maps for BB. No wonder my BBM contact list now only has about 60% of what I had around 6 months ago. And, with Z10 pricing, it's not going to increase one bit. On the other hand, my whatsapp list has just multiplied with members from Android and Iphone. The way you treat us, YOU DESRVE THIS BB!!

Howdy - installed the Navigator yesterday on my Bold 9900 from/for Germany. Some little glitches, though: even after switching the regional setttings et. al. to german/europe the distances and speed are still imperial...
The route seems to be ok - but alas can't really use it in my car: the hands-free connection is RSAP