BlackBerry Navigator now supports more devices

BlackBerry Navigator now supports more devices
By DJ Reyes on 20 Jan 2013 01:36 pm EST

Earlier this month a Sat Nav app was made available for U.K. BlackBerry users via the BlackBerry Beta Zone in the form of the BlackBerry Navigator app. It supported a handful of BlackBerry 7 devices and now more devices have been added to the roster. 

So, if you own a Curve 9350/9370Bold 9930Torch 9850 and the Porsche Design P'9981 then you can now download the BlackBerry Navigator app to your phone.

When you log into BlackBerry Beta Zone be sure to check you have selected for the correct device. It should also be noted that there seems to be three different version numbers going around but none of them have differences between them.

If you don't yet have a BlackBerry Beta Zone account, it is fast and easy to sign up, all you need is your BlackBerry ID.

Download BlackBerry Navigator from BlackBerry Beta Zone 

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BlackBerry Navigator now supports more devices


Just edit your profile in the Beta zone to show U.K., log out of Beta and back in, and WHAMMO! You're eligible to download it!

(And it's working fine outside of Cleveland, OH for me on my 9930 as we speak....)

Please bring this to bb10. Lack of sat nav (in the us) was one of the main 3 reasons I left my 9900 for an android with free google navigation..

change your address to somewhere in the uk if youre anywhere else. it has all the data it needs for every region. also it works very well too.