BlackBerry Native Tasks Application A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 24 Mar 2010 10:53 am EDT

With all of the third-party apps we install on our device's, we tend to forget there are some great native apps that come installed right out of the box. The Tasks app is one that I really never used in the past, but I've started to find more value in it recently. It can be used for various things, including to-do lists, reminders or even a shopping list. Its pretty easy to get the hang of as it doesn't have too many options to get in the way. Check out the video above for a quick look at the Tasks application and just how it gets the job done.

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BlackBerry Native Tasks Application A to Z


All tasks needs is a subcategory option and it would be gold! It's almost useless because it doesn't have that.

If I want to make a shopping list, it gets mixed up with all the other crap I have on there and it's a PITA.

I use it, but not very much because of that one missing component.

Oh, and the categories/filter feature doesn't count as useful subcategory implementation

I just downloaded an app that could sync my google calender, with the tasks able to sync, I'm pretty much set. Thanks for the help!

What is app that on the main screen of the BB at the end of the video? It looks like a check mark and there was a notification * for a new or missed item?

You can mark a task as Completed or In Progress by simply highlighting it from the task list and hitting the SPACE button. It will toggle between Completed, In Progress, and Not Started.

This saves time from actually hitting the Menu button and selecting it or having to open the task to change its status :)

Nice video, but you didn't touch on the fact that you can view those tasks right in your calendar at the time you would like to work on them. I like it because it gives me a visual reminder when I look at my calendar that I have something coming up, as well as not having to open the tasks app to see what tasks are due on a given day.

Will this show in the Agenda view?! I would love it if it did. Thanks!

[EDIT: NVM, I figured it out. This is the best feature of the native to-do list, I agree!]

I migrated to Berry from a Palm and was in shock at how weak the Task app is. Ex - There is no way to multi-level sort, so you can select by date but then you have all your high, low and normal priority Tasks all jumbled together. Or you can sort by Priority, but get all the dates jumbled together. Etc.

Absolutely the weakest task manager I've ever seen, and does not belong on a high end device. It's an insult.

There are over a dozen 3rd party task apps that are far, far better than the native one.

- R.

I have to agree, sadly. I tried to use it. I was even planning to use it as my primary organizer for tasks at work. But I think one of the worst things about it is that the home screen layout for it doesn't display any useful information. What's the point of keeping track of "progress" or even a due date if I have to edit the entry to view it?

I've looked at a few other ones, including MaraTick and even a paid Checklist app, but none have really impressed me yet. As a former Palm PDA user, I assumed that this would be a strongpoint of BB as well, but it isn't.

I also tried to use the native task app as my primary, with dismal results.

On a good note, in terms of 3rd party apps, I tried Pocket Informant (has a free 21 day trial). Huge improvement. As a bonus, Pocket Informant (PI) also provides a very nice alternative to the not-much-better-than-tasks native calendar app.

Worth checking out...I ended up buying it. It syncs with the native calendar and tasks (and contacts if you choose) app, which sync to Outlook (I'm on a BES). There are options to sync direct-to-Outlook, but that won't work for me on the BES side.

I've been using this app forever and I has been asking the same question. To the RIM's developer who is responsible for this app, please add the due date on the main task screen. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.