BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS now available

Native SDK
By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2011 01:21 pm EDT

Developers have waited long enough for it, and now RIM has finally delivered. The BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS is now available for download. This of course allows for native C/C++ applications to be built for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The download does include some sample code so, let's get cracking and see what developers can create.

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BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS now available


Is anyone else experiencing issues downloading NDK 1.0 for Mac? All I'm downloading is a 63MB installer that doesn't run.

Same here. Doesn't unzip with either the built-in archive utility or Zipeg. Zipeg says "unsupported format". I posted this on the NDK developer forum. Hopefully it gets addressed soon.

Can't help but notice that RIM has facelifted its developer site.

The tool looks interesting; would love to have a 2.0 PB emulator, but I suspect that will be around in fairly short order.

I haven't coded C in a decade, but I'll give it a shot :-)

So, let me get this straight: After OS 5, 6, 7 & now BBX. QNX, Bold 9000, Tour, Storm 1&2, Torch, Bold 9700 & "3" new touch-devices RIM just decided to release a "native" SDK?????? That's as a*% backwards as you can get! FAIL!!!!