BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 beta now available for Linux

BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 beta now available for Linux
By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2012 12:47 pm EDT

After having already released the BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 beta for Windows and Mac users, RIM has now once again taken another step to prove their committment to developers. The BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 beta is now available for those of you out there who prefer to call Linux

If you're looking to jump right into things, you should take a few moments to read over the release notes as there are some general known issues when running Ubuntu 64-Bit where you will need to install some 32-bi libraries, if you haven't already done so in the past.

Download the BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 beta for Linux

Reader comments

BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 beta now available for Linux


Have they always released a version of this for Linux? Just asking because if they are doing this for the 1rst time, could they also be working on desktop manager for Linux? Hope so

This is the first time they have released an offical SDK for Linux. We'll that's not entirely true. You could develop Adobe AIR based blackberry playbook apps on linux. It was also possible to make Java blackberry apps on linux, but that was never officially supported.

I doubt this means they are planning desktop manager for linux though.

Guess it's in line with their aim of being the easiest platform to develop for.
It can only help to get all the fundamentals in place ahead of BB10 launch. If one accusation that can't be levelled against them is being incomplete at launch, then they are on steadier ground.

This is awesome for developers who use GNU/Linux. I use it, but I can't develop, code or hack for the life of me, but it's the smoothness, stability, customizable, simplicity and speed that I love about Linux more than I ever did on Windows.


PS. There is linberry for those of you that want desktop manager for Linux. :)