BlackBerry Native IM apps updated to version 2.5.63

By Adam Zeis on 3 Sep 2010 10:51 am EDT
CrackBerry IM clients

The native BlackBerry IM clients got another round of updates earlier this week. Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger and ICQ all now sit at version 2.5.63. These were all tested in the Beta Zone for a few weeks so should be good to go all around with some minor updates and even a new icon or two. Nothing major from what I can tell, but an update is an update. You can grab all the latest from BlackBerry App World.



but still have to re login to yahoo, cause the first login, didnt shows al the contacts


I look forward to the upgrades. Its essential


Should I be getting an app update notification for this?

Detective M Downs

use these because, I have become a fan of the all-in-one IM apps (Beejive and Trillian).


But good news to those that do.


700kb download from

2MB download from App World (probably language files)


Same deal with AIM - use


For those of us with a 9000, that's a pretty major difference.


i was wondering same thing. icq was awesome back in its day


The new version still isnt showing up in app world for me....Very strange


I just updated Live Messenger on my 9700 OS5 and it freeze Up.


AIM still doesn't allow me to change my display picture like YIM/Google Talk/WLM. What a waste.


I gave up on all these apps and got Trillian. It not only saves memory it works great. Granted it doesn't look half as nice as the desktop app but it works. Yahoo! kept crashing my BlackBerry 8520 so I gave in and purchased Trillian. One of the best apps I've bought. I recommend it.


how can i get rid of these apps' icons? they can't be deleted


everytime i change my theme,they jump out and i have to hide them again,too many of them, no other solutions?help!!


it locks up my phone whenever I try to update GOOGLETalk.... :(


Tried to install YM but it says my system doesn't meet the requirement. I'm running OS6 (Torch 9800). Does this incompatibility apply to GTalk and WLM as well?


It will lock up your phone at the end of the install, just reboot/battery pull and you'll be fine.


Did anyone else lose the ability to update your Google chat status through social feeds after the update? AIM still works but Google Chat is no longer listed as an option for updating.


Dl'ed AIM n LIVE but yahoo saying device not supported. Of course that's the last one so I expected to dl and reboot. Lol. So glad don't have to do Battery pull for reboot.


When you're at the sign in menu, pop up the menu from that screen & "Check for Update" now exists. About time something useful was added.


When I saw the World App notification I actually got excited for a minute. After I downloaded it, what disappointment. Same crap as before. You still can't see away messages and avatar. BBM is still light years ahead.


Anyone else? I have a 9700 and a recent buid of OS 5.


I can't chat with anyone, I've already done battery pulls! Anyone else have this issue?


If I was a RIM developer working on these apps, I'd be embarrassed. Not much has visually changed in these apps (other than the version numbers) and functionality seems to be the same as well. AIM is still probably one of the worst-rated apps on App World. I wish the RIM developers would put a little more effort and pride into their work.


Especially when you consider the quality of apps on other platforms. RIM need to pull their finger out before its too late.


My avatar, as well as the avatar of my contacts, are not displayed. Anyone else have this problem? The avatars are replaced with gray smiley faces.


Why would anyone use these apps instead of Trillion etc...? personally I use Nimbuzz because its free and has a really clean user interface.

RIM should just by Nimbuzz and be done with it I don't see these appas as anything other than a time wasting exercise.