BlackBerry native IM apps updated to 2.5.69

By Adam Zeis on 17 Nov 2010 12:24 pm EST
CrackBerry IM clients

The native BlackBerry IM clients got another round of updates earlier this week. Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger and ICQ all now sit at version 2.5.69. Most likely just some minor updates and othing major from what I can tell, but an update is an update. You can grab all the latest versions from BlackBerry App World.

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BlackBerry native IM apps updated to 2.5.69


You can get them here:

I believe the App World versions contain all languages - so, for example, Google Talk from App World is 2.2MB whereas from the link above it's 700KB.

I want the old version, prefer OTA. The new version of WLM have a bug that the conversations load with a delay - always! Even from messages app or directly inside WLM. Please somebody send me the 2.5.63 version - in english. Thanks :)

Not that I actually use it or anything, but it's completely gone for me. The computer link to it doesn't work and it no longer shows up in the App World. Anyone else seeing this?

why would app world not automatically indicate an update... Its the most basics of feature... If its not for CB (at least for me), I would never get any bb app updates....

App world shows when theirs an update available. it does for my Bold 9650. It'll show like a little circle with an arrow and a number in the notification bar.

Then you go into app world and under my world it'll which apps have updates. (Catch) you have to download from app world. even if you already have that version just overwrite it. so you have it in "Your world"

When it says the size of the update, is that going to be the total size of the app after it updates, or the size added on? Like if an app is 1 mb, and the update is 500 kb, after restart and stuff, will the updated app be 500 kbs, or 1.5 mbs?

Yeah I downloaded mine last night, but my biggest issue with yahoo is that you cannot recieve offline messages when u sign on, for example if someone sends me a message while I am signed out I get it as a blank message when I sign in. Any help with that?

I installed 2.5.69 on my Torch and I keep getting errors after I connect.
I get the error: Uncaught exception: Application net_rim_bb_qm_google is not responding; process terminated.
I did a clean OS reinstall, reinstalled without Google Talk, then downloaded and installed from the App Store and I still get the same error.
I noticed the update is only 703kb. Is that normal? The previous version of the app was 2MB..