BlackBerry Name Games: New BlackBerry Tour 9650 to hit the Market as a BlackBerry Bold (9750? 9650? 97xx?)?!!

BlackBerry Tour 9650 now a BlackBerry Bold
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Feb 2010 03:30 pm EST

OK. Here's the deal. Some rumors popped up on the net that the much-anticipated BlackBerry Tour 9650 (Tour2 as many refer to it as), which at the minimum ads WiFi and an optical trackpad to the original Tour 9630, is no longer going to be released as a Tour but rather as a BlackBerry Bold.

I held off wanting to post on this because, well, unless I can personally confirm or at least get a much better feeling of what's actually going down surrounding a rumor like this, I'd rather not perpetuate it. Especially in a case like this where first hearing about it seems a little crazy, considering the fact RIM recently announced the BlackBerry Tour 9650 on Facebook (albeit accidentally), and any changes now are happening relatively last minute and not as initially planned. So taking some extra time to get things sorted, I feel a lot more comfortable relaying this info now. As far we now know, this is the deal:

Is RIM Going to Release the Tour 9650 as a Bold now? Yup. As strange as it may sound to some and make a ton of sense to others, it definitely appears that this is what RIM intends to do. At this point the change of branding decision is still pretty fresh and I don't think every detail is yet set in stone, so when it comes to the actual device model number we're not quite certain. Calling it the BlackBerry Bold 9650 wouldn't make a lot of sense, as that would keep the Tour's 96xx numbers alive and further confuse things even though physically it looks more Tour-like in the body, so I think there's a better chance we'll now see this new device hit as a BlackBerry Bold 9750 or something along those lines with in the 97xx series of numbers (or maybe RIM will keep it uber simple and it'll just be the Bold 9700, now available to Verizon, Sprint et al).

Why is RIM going to do this? To keep people from getting pi$$ed off. Look, the Tour 9650 is what the original Tour should have been. The Storm2 got WiFi and the Curve 8520 got the optical trackpad. Had the Tour 9630 just been a little less behind in the development/rollout cycle it would have and should have hit the market with both of these new features. Anybody who reads the comments or forum posts to any Tour2 story that has surfaced in the past few months can see the reaction that original Tour 9630 owners have - they are NOT happy. Nor should they be. When the new Bold 97xx hits Verizon/Sprint, original Tour customers will still be ticked off despite the branding change, but this way there is now more distance from this issue for RIM and the carriers to fall back on (and no need for carriers to provide some sort of incentive to Tour1 owners to upgrade for less to a Tour2). The Tour name likely dies, it keeps RIM's brand lines from splitting equity and fragmenting too much, and as a further benefit there is no issue of the Tour2 being what the Tour1 should have been since it's now a different device and is the new Bold. It's a little sad and confusing, but also very logical at the same time.

So that's it. See ya later Tour, hullo CDMA Bold. As for release date, I was originally hoping/thinking we'd see the Tour2-gone-Bold get announced sometime between Mobile World Congress (ended last week) and CTIA (end of March/beg. April) but now I'm thinking it'll happen sometime between CTIA and WES (end of April). Either way, it's not too far around the corner, so I guess we'll know soon enough just how this plays out.

So what do you think of the name change? Like it? Love it? Sensible? Senseless? Sound off below in the comments!

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BlackBerry Name Games: New BlackBerry Tour 9650 to hit the Market as a BlackBerry Bold (9750? 9650? 97xx?)?!!


oh, i'm sure there will be more Bolds than that one day... but hopefully they'll start using words instead of numbers to differentiate them.  Like Bold Touch, Bold Slider, etc.


We all know Verizon has the best 3G coverage (smh) but 3 Bolds is plain dumb. Does this mean AT&T is going to get the Storm? What rae your thoughts????

Look at how many Curves are on the market. Even if you group them together into 83xx series, 8900 and 85xx series then you still have 3.

Do you REALLY care about there being 3 bolds?! I just want them to release the damn thing so I can get it... D@mn the name I say ... call it the Blackberry Blueberry ... I will be happy when it is released

well have they thought about how bold owners feel? I just bought my bold 9700 recently and now they're going to have a new version of my phone. Its just going to create more confusion and hatred from bold owners! The bold series shouldn't be mixed up with this, and this phone better not be better than the 9700. It would be better not to release it at all!

Your comment offers no sound reason or logic whatsoever. Just because YOU purchased a Bold 9700, should RIM cease to make any phone "better than the 9700"? Your comment implies two ridiculous assertions. First, that the NAME of a device makes it better than another device, regardless of its features. And second, it sounds like you're saying that RIM should retard it's cell phone development to appease its current customers. How childish is that?
I would imagine you purchased your phone because you admire and enjoy its features, not because it was the latest and greatest from RIM.
I don't care what this phone is going to be called. It's going to bring the same features to the table regardless of its name.

By your logic I should be upset because I have a "real" Bold, I have the 9000. The 9700 is not a Bold, it is a small/tiny form factor, and not nearly as "Bold" in design and look. /rant.

Makes sense from a business point of view. Just sucks because now Tour owners have nothing to leverage any argument over. The Bold will "obviously" just be another, different, Blackberry in the lineup, and that's it.

what they call it, I just want it out ASAP. My Storm 1 and it's "keyboard" doesn't do the job well enough anymore. I want a physical keyboard. The Wi-Fi and touchpad will be bonuses.

It would make perfect sense if they just released the exact same device as the 9700 in CDMA clothing. Not the subtle design differences that would exist if the updated the tour and added the trackpad. I actually think the 9700 is sharper looking anyway.

The 9700 is much more attractive than the prototype 9650. I hope they tweak the hardware to match, not that it has any bearing on functionality.

I think its a good idea since Tour 2 and 9700 would be almost the same exact phone... good idea calling Tour 2 a Bold though... I like it

not much of a difference between the 9650 and the 9700 anyways. This limits RIM to 4 simple brands

Pearl - SureType
Storm - Touch Screen
Curve - low end
Bold - high end

The Tour was a funny name anyhow, and the line was never really more than a CDMA bold...

Makes sense for RIM to do that. Maybe they could change the appearance so it actually looked like the Bold 9700 (mainly the faux leather instead of the carbon fiber). Kinda makes me sad. I was hoping for a Bold the size of the 9000. Hopefully they make one because the 9700 and VzW Bold seem more Curve like.

Unless they some how plan on adding new features to this devices besides what we already knew was coming to the t2, then this is pretty much pointless. Consumers are not stupid, t1 users are still going to be pi$$ed off. This just seems to add to the narrative that RIM has lost their way..

I know the marketing point behind it and I can agree to a certain point, as well as understand everything that Kevin has said in this post. However, due to the time difference and the fact that it looks EXACTLY like the Tour with the exception of the trackpad, I'm sure that people are still going to flip on VZW to get something for it and VZW will eventually do something for them.

Here's the question I pose for this post. Why would you say that you need to rename it so that people aren't mad and / or so you don't have to give them a deal? Why didn't you do the same thing for the Storm2? Rename it to something else and you wouldn't have to do anything then either?

**Its not against you Kevin, just at the logic by Rim and VZW**

great comment.

Maybe it's more an opportunity to re-name the device than a need to re-name the device. RIM has shown that they are building out brand lines, as they have done with the Curve, Pearl and Bold already. I think they went with Storm2 as maybe they decided already that they intend to make Storm their full-touch line into the future. With the Tour, there's only one device on the market and it's CDMA, which will be going away with LTE, so doing the name change now gives RIM the chance to kill off the Tour line.... one less brand line to release future devices under. A little consolidation. At the same time, there's the side benefits discussed in this post. 

I think that would be fine to have done from day one to do on the 9650, but it seems like this is more reactionary than proactive, which is why I lean a bit more to the angle I take in this post. 

The two instances are dissimilar, and virtually incapable of comparison. The Storm 1 was a venture into new territory by RIM. They had never fielded a touch-screen device before, and it seems clear that it was targeted to undercut the iPhone's growing popularity while retaining Blackberry's unique OS. That it had so many issues was testament to the fact that RIM had not really perfected their grasp of what it takes to marry their OS to such a device. Storm 2 was ushered into the market more than a year later, and is an improvement over the previous Storm, as one might expect.

Now, compare that with the Tour. The first Blackberry to - if I remember correctly - feature wireless was the Bold 9000. Subsequently, the Curve 8900 was released with wireless as well. Blackberry owners were delighted, because there was an implied understanding that all flagship devices from then on would feature wireless. By then, news was abound that the Tour was coming out. By this time, with the 8900 as the flagship device for T-mobile, and the Bold ostensibly the flagship device for At&t, it was shocking that RIM failed to include wireless in the impending flagship device for Verizon (arguably with the most customers) and Sprint. It was a deliberate, calculated move, whereas any mistakes with the Storm was inadvertent. In fact, for some time, in the Tour threads, there was a rumor generating that Tour 1 already had wireless abilities, but was just deprived of the software to run it. That goes far to show you how surprised some Tour owners were that their shiny new device lacked wireless.

So, if Tour owners are bitter, they have more of a right than Storm owners. With the Storm, RIM made a mistake. With the Tour, RIM made an omission. The absence of a trackpad doesn't bother Tour owners so much, because that was definitely new technology that may not have been out before the Tour was conceived. The same cannot be said for wireless, which had not only been out when the Tour was released, but was actually an old feature, both in the mobile industry and with RIM. Then, look at the time factor. The Tour had scarcely hit the shelves before it was well known that there would be a 'Tour 2' in the works featuring the wireless that the Tour was deprived of. With the Storm, it took a while to develop a phone to correct the deficiencies of the first Storm. With the Tour, RIM merely slapped on wireless which was already out and named it Tour 2 or Bold 9650, as the case may be. It is this proximity in time that Tour owners are mad about. Of course, the fact that so many Tours came with defect trackballs and an equally defective OS in the first instance doesn't exactly endear RIM to Tour owners. Just a thought. Or several.

"The first Blackberry to - if I remember correctly - feature wireless was the Bold 9000. Subsequently, the Curve 8900 was released with wireless as well. Blackberry owners were delighted, because there was an implied understanding that all flagship devices from then on would feature wireless."

I am going to assume you mean wifi when you say "wireless".

You obviously are not aware that the Curve 83xx product line had wifi available - just not on the CDMA carriers...

If you absolutely have to be technical, WI-FI stands for 'Wireless Fidelity,' which is the name given to wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. As a result, people have come to loosely label the wireless technology 'wireless.' Certainly no one has any difficulty understanding what is meant when one asks if a certain device has 'wireless' capabilities. Not only is it not incorrect, it is prevalent lingo. Case in point, you understood what I was alluding to perfectly. One more point: 'Wireless' is actually more indicative of the feature being described than WI-FI which was a juvenile rip-off of HI-FI.

As for the 8XXX series, I am well aware of them, but since they are hardly flagship devices, they are not pertinent to my analysis. Nor were they among the first Blackberry devices to be manufactured with the wireless feature, which is the point of my earlier writing. I am at a loss to understand why and how you managed to ignore the content of my message to quibble with technical definitions, about which you are wrong, and also attempt to give me a history lesson, about which you are wrong as well. If I were to be crude, I would be asking: 'what the heck?' None of your criticisms are pertinent to my analysis, even if they were credible, and they're not. Thanks for the contribution. I guess.

Blue tooth is "wireless", CDMA is "wireless", GSM is "wireless, WIFI is "wireless" thus when a device has three separate radios running one would think you would specify exactly which "wireless" device you are referring to. If someone asks you "what car are driving" you do not point to a parking lot full of cars and say the car in the parking lot do you? Or maybe you do, that would explain a lot.

Blue tooth is 'wireless' GSM is 'wireless' and CDMA is 'wireless'? Oh my. This defies logic. Sure, they all operate without wires. But please refer to the definition of WI-FI above. If you call Blue tooth 'wireless,' you are quite a unique individual. I've never met anyone who does. Neither have you. By your expansive definition, ultra-violet rays are wireless, as is microwave and infra red. Heck, even my spray-on deodorant is wireless as well, since there are no wires attached. That will suffice.

Well what do you actually mean by wireless in regards to the 9000 and then the 8900 as it certainly isn't clear from your initial post nor the subsequent ones and it seemed to me as well that you had mistakenly thought that wifi was new to those models.

"That goes far to show you how surprised some Tour owners were that their shiny new device lacked wireless."

If one were a smart consumer, he or she would have been well aware of the capabilities (and shortcomings) of a $500 device before purchasing it. It was never advertised to have wi-fi, so it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone when they bought it. You make it sound like they purchased it and were stunned to find it without wi-fi.

As far as your "analysis," a pertinent counterpoint to your argument is that there was, and still is, nothing wrong with the original Tour; there is nothing to make it difficult to use or perform simple functions like typing or opening apps (things that proved to be quite challenging on an early Storm due to faulty screen clicks and buggy, laggy OS). Your argument that RIM should be exempt from the epic failure that was the Storm simply because it was a "mistake" holds little weight, because they sold millions of phones that did not work as advertised. Your argument that Tour owners have more of a right to be upset holds even less weight, because the phone worked as advertised (and it wasn't advertised with wi-fi), and worked well - a few faulty trackballs are nothing compared to the slew of Storm problems. Consumers knew what they were getting, and have little basis for whining that a better model with wi-fi was announced less than a year later. That's the world of technology; something better will always be right around the corner.

I went to great pains to explain that since all the high-end Blackberrys had that feature, Tour owners were surprised by the fact that the device lacked the wireless feature. That remains true. Sure, no one was compelled to buy the phone. It used to be that Henry Ford would tell prospective car buyers that they could have any car color they wanted as long as it was black. People bought them anyways, because that was all that was available. Granted, there were far fewer metrosexual males at the time, but it is conceivable that a customer or 2 wanted an electric-blue car. Well, for anyone looking for the flagship device on a CDMA carrier, there was no other phone but the Tour. I read about the impending release of the Tour 2 35 days after I purchased mine. Storm owners did not have to deal with the knowledge that their device was deliberately made inferior, to be supplanted on release date by another device incorporating the one feature that they all craved.

Your 'counterpoint,' fails, as you are so fond of positing, because the Storm did work as advertised, even if not perfectly. The Tour's OS was every bit as bad as the Storm's upon release. I personally bricked my phone 11 times doing routine stuff, and was forcefully transformed from a happy novice to a none-too-happy Blackberry expert from having to fix my nuked phone so many times. Only with the advent of OS 5.0 has the Tour seemed less rife with horrendous systemic issues. RIM did not breach its warranty of merchantibility/fitness for a particular purpose by shipping the Storm, anymore than it did with the Tour.

While I don't have the time right now to think up of a more thorough and lengthy response, I have to agree with you Barredbard. I pushed my upgrade eligibility date up by two months just to be one of the first to get the 9630, and to not only read about the 9650, but to see actual photos of it circulating the internet only a few weeks later really infuriated me.
Why rush out an unfinished product (I say unfinished because each Verizon Wireless location I visited had throngs of Tour owners unhappy with their trackballs. I'm on my third 9630, and this trackball is even worse) when you clearly had a newer iteration of it in the works?
And I (and we all know how important my opinion is to RIM) vehemently oppose the thinking behind renaming the device. If the company is really trying to distance themselves from the Tour name to ensure that they won't have to compensate customers, I'll take that as a kick to the gut and switch to another smartphone. Sure, one lost customer won't make much of a difference to their revenue stream, but to be toyed with to this extent is purely absurd.

My counterpoint does not fail, because the Storm did not work as advertised. It could not even answer calls correctly in the first OS's because it was so buggy. The Tour was not anywhere near as bad as the Storm (comparing both in their release state). Fortunately, both devices are drastically improved with OS 5.0, and so quibbling over which is worse is not really relevant.

I can understand your frustration over the Tour not having Wi-Fi, and I certainly agree that it must have been unnerving to hear about a Tour 2 w/ wi-fi only months after. But, as you so eloquently put, "for anyone looking for the flagship device on a CDMA carrier, there was no other phone but the Tour." So, while it is tough luck that you yourself bought a phone without "the one feature you craved," I can hardly believe RIM forced you to do so. If you needed wi-fi so badly, why did you buy the Tour without it? It just seems pretentious to blame RIM for you missing out on wi-fi, especially when the Tour 2 (or Bold, I suppose) isn't even out yet. You still have the best possible option.

When I bought the device, I purely blamed Verizon for the lack of Wi-Fi. They have never sold a device that included it and figured they never would. I didn't think they would chance their minds within a few months. I am not mad at RIM for this, I blame Verizon and their short sightedness. They must have known they were going to allow Wi-fi into their lineup, but chose to just go ahead and release the Tour, knowing they were screwing anybody that bought it.

Smart move rim.. very smart move, except for all the poor tour owners out there that don't have any incentives.. but then again, there were no incentive from storm to storm2.. atleast not that I was aware of.

im a sprint tour 1 original owner since day 1. i wouldnt mind getting a 9700 cdma sprint. the 9700 so sexy and awesome. i envy my friends who have it on tmo/att. and i think the "bold" sounds more appealing than "tour" dont get me wrong i love my tour...but i prefer a bold =]

...that it wouldn't be called Bold? I don't like conflicting stories between Kevin and Sal! Either way, it needs to be released soon.

Kevin, are you going to change the name in the "upcoming/rumored devices section? I feel like that will make it more official!

Could this mean that there won't be world capabilities on this phone? I always thought that was the biggest distinction between bold and tour lines. Same when it was the 8830 and 8330 on the flagship.

It shouldn't mean it's not going to be a world phone. The Bold's are world phones to my knowledge - as all Bold's that you presently find are all GSM carriers - which is the service type you find in other parts of the world. I can't ever remember seeing a GSM World Phone at all...

RIM should stop concentrating so hard on the names of all these devices they are putting out and start to put a little more time into actually advancing their technology. iPhone and Droid are chumping Blackberry devices off all over the place. I left iPhone to come back to Blackberry to be disapointed. I've had the Tour, the 8900 and the bold 9000...highly disapointed. The new "bold" or "tour2" wont be any different than whats out now.

If this does pan out it will most likely be the Bold 9730. IF you look in to the past when the 8300 was released then came the 8330 CDMA. So IMO I would say Bold 9730

yeah, 9730 might be better than 9750. i was thinking along the 9750 lines from the 9530 to 9550... but if they want to break free and go bold, then 9730 makes total sense.

This is retarded. RIM is retarded.

I am a blackberry loyalist, but RIM has done so many stupid things over the years and I'm quite fed-up with them and their antics.

It's not all RIM's fault. They bend a lot to carrier's will. That is why Apple and Android are gaining market share fast. It sucks that they slightly upgrade the same device and release it less than a year later.

They need to create a very decently spec'd phone and then focus on bringing services to the platform that can still generate revenue, not release the same phone every 6-8 months with slightly upped specs. :(

completely agree. make solid/durable phone with all the current up to date options and sell us that. stop changing one thing and calling it a new phone. i am staying with blackberry for now but there company is letting me down.

Typically a particular device/form factor gets upgraded every year, which is no different from the iphone that also takes the dripfeed new features approach too because like it or not these companies make more money this way.

Personally, I think the original Tour was slightly delayed and this one they are trying to get out a bit quicker and thats the only reason the upgrade has dropped from the usual 12 months.

it has to be a world phone if not its going to be another FAIL for RIM!!!
I have the tour because of that so that I can use VZW when I travel to the sates and not having to switch phones every couple of weeks.

So if its tour2 bold3 or what ever name it gives it... has to have the same options that the tour offers now!

are you kidding?
are not all phones 'world phones'??? what the hell you say tour means 'world phones'??

bold 9000 is not?
curve is not?
storm is only usa

please explain me.


When you travel overseas or out of the US period, you can use a sim card to roam on foreign networks. NO the bold, curve, and storm are NOT world phones. The 8830 was. The 9630 is. Get it?

hate to burst you're bubble, but both the storm and storm2 are in fact world phones. they both have a sim card. I had a storm that crapped out in the time when no more were to be found and the storm2 was not yet released, that is how i came to have my tour. now my tour is acting up and there are none to be found (I purchased mine at Best buy, they have none). I don't care what RIM calls the replacement for the tour, so long as it comes out very soon. end of april is way to far.

As in they're not replenishing stock now? Where would that leave users that have problems that warrant a replacement? Or are you saying there are no NEW Tours available but refurbs are there?

Didnt you see the last commercial that sprint advertised the tour that had a "business guy" saying that he could use his phone were eva he travels and some other brand of phones that were focused to a different market.

I have also had issues with my tour but I need to use it since when I'm in the states due to the fact that my company has contract with VZW.

I have tired everything to fix the trackball but what has solve my problem for the longest period is using a straw trick... luck it up on google, it sounds strange and probably you wouldn't think it works like I did but it does an awesome job.

Capncrunchberry, thanks for explaining what I meant with the comment "world phone".

First off you need to chill out. #1 - Tour's are world phones. The Bold is most certainly a world phone. AT&T / T-Mobile Curves were world phones. The Storm isn't just USA only it's Verizon only.

bold/curves are GSM and only work on gsm networks (att, tmobile, telcel, claro movistar, cable and wireless, vodafone just to mention a few)

Storms and tour are world phones since they use CDMA (verizon, sprint and some few countries in asia) and GSM (mentioned above), so this means that it uses the 2 most common technologies out there, even thou that the 3g capabilities of the tour is only used in Europe, but still falls back to 2g that all of the above support.

The term world phone is usually only applied to cdma phones that also include a gsm radio as opposed to a cdma-only device.

While technically all gsm phones are also world phones there was never any other hardware and thus there was no need for a distinction with them.

RIm, that has got to be the most lame run around i have seen from a company in awhile. So you are releasing the tour2 (which is what it is) as a bold just so people dont get pissed off about you coming out with an updated version? Guess what, it wont help! Now we know that the Bold (Whatever number) is really just the Tour 2. What you really thought in this say and age no one would find out, geez you are dumber than i thought!.

Time to Switch to ANDROID !~ oh and you can take this tour and shove it where the Tour2/bold wont shine !

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Bill said it best. Just release the thing already!

so did i misread the original article, or does it say the new release date is around end of april? if so, does that mean the official release of OS 5.X for verizon tour users might be around then as well? not that it matters to me since I am running a hybrid 5.0, but just for the people that want to wait for verizon to drop it for some reason.

For what it's worth, they (RIM) are losing me in Oct with VZW NE2 if there isn't a suitable upgrade to the brand.

I got the phone and then found out about a possible Tour 2 with weeks of getting the phone. Now I find out there isn't one but a new Bold. I would have been much happier if RIM would have kept their mouth shut about the Tour 2. Ignorance would have been bliss.

Being a newbie to the BlackBerry, I probably wouldn't have notcied the new Bold was supposed to have been a Tour 2 - but then, I'm sure someone would have pointed it out to all of us anyway.

As soon as the supersonic arrives, I will adios blackeberry. We demand respect that is something we are not getting.

Same, except maybe instead a WebOS or different Android device. But for me I'm leaving Blackberry for the lack of change. The only thing in my eyes I can see differentiating between different BB devices (for example the Tour and Curve 8330) is the keyboard and the Precision theme.
BTW, if it's gonna take this long to finally have WiFi in all models of their smartphones, how long do you think it will take to make an LTE phone?

They will probably at least wait until there is an LTE network. RIM was pretty quick to include 3G.

I want to know if the new Sprint Bold will have a leather battery cover, similar to the other "Bolds" of the past and present.

I think that is just makes it convenient for both RIM and the carrier to not have an obligation to upgrade all of those that have recently bought a Tour within 30 days. IMO, poor idea - how can you expect someone to accept this and a new name this late in the game. Who cares it has wifi and a optical pad - how does that make it a Bold. Couldnt you come up with something unused.

With everybody! Is that possible? I never really liked the Tour name, although I love my Tour. The Bold name is well known to be the top line Blackberry for GSM, so making this true in the CDMA world makes sense. I don't think this is going to make even one Tour owner feel less "shafted" (for those that do), and I really hope that wasn't part of RIMs strategy. I do understand that the inclusion of WiFi in this model is likely what makes it worthy of the Bold name, and the lack of WiFi is likely why the Tour got stuck with a much lesser, wimpier, pathetic name even though it's still a fine device.

I NEED to know is if it will be both CDMA & GSM compatible. It is the only reason I purchased my original Tour in the first place. I would have appreciated the additions of a trackpad and wi-fi to the Tour line but all of this CDMA for Bold talk is troublesome. What I need is the assurance of a global phone filled w. the latest goodies not a name change & CDMA only lock-in just to make carriers happy. That will only lead to more complaints from fellow Tour1 owners.

This is a bad move on RIM's part. I understand the reasoning but I don't believe it can be justified because of the size of the bold 9700. Why not have done this from the start with the 9700 and put it in the body of the original bold. BAD move RIM very bad.

Why can't RIM call it something else rather than BOLD 97xx? They just came out with the 9700! I know I shouldn't care, but I do. Oh well, it was nice to be the envy of my friends with the best berry on the market. Then again, hopefully the new bold will have the new web kit browser along with a new os for EVERYONE!!!! Aaaahhhhhh.....I just want my web kit browser!

This reminds me when you anxiously wait for your favorite band/singer to come out with a new album. Only to find out you get a crappy live cd with the same songs you already have but they mask it with two new tracks. Then to realize you have to wait another year or two to get a new album. Get your head out of your ass RIM......give me MY web kit browser!

Why does RIM always seem to wait until the next Iphone is right around the corner....if I wait until May (Hope not) I will then see what the folks from Apple will bring out...before I buy the 9650.

Let's be honest, the 9650 should have been out last year...or early this year...not a summer release.

and yes give me Storm 2 on AT&T, call me crazy but I like AT&T, I get plenty of coverage, plus its cheaper on AT&T for me so why would I go to VZW

Kevin, isn't there a bit of a contradiction in what you're saying here. First, that RIM is changing the name because they don't want to upset Tour owners, and then stating that the phone won't be announced until late April/May. That would put any release date pretty close to one-year from the original Tour. Isn't RIM allowed to update their devices every year like most other companies?

Calling this a Bold is a horrible idea, and it shows a misguided set of priorities on RIM's part. The Tour is a Tour because it's a world phone. The Bold use to be a Bold because it was bold. Why is RIM wasting so much time playing these types of stupid name games when they have much more important things to be doing?

Doesn't this mean that RIM will have to continue to produce the original (trackball) style Tour? If they were making a Tour2, they could stop producing the original Tour. Now if they're making a "whole new phone" won't they still have to make the trackball style Tours? This just sounds too dumb to believe. I hope this isn't true.

RIM is just giving the Tour owners and us waiting for this phone the run-around. I too hope this isn't true because if so, it'd be a very, very dumb move.

I just wanted to point out that the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and 9700 are both World Smartphones. Just because they don't advertise them as"World Phones", that doesn't mean they are not. Their GSM capability allows for users to swap SIM cards and use those bands to roam on the foreign networks. Maybe Kevin or one of the moderators could clarify this a little better.

The term world phone is not actually used in conjunction with gsm phones because that system was not so insular and was designed with roaming in mind from the outset.

OOOOOH if it is delayed until the end of April, there will be a lot of unhappy folks. I don't understand why it cannot be released sooner. Why couldn't they slap a CDMA radio in a Bold and get it out of the door on VZ?

As a Tour owner, especially all the time I wait for the Tour to come out, and then it is sub par to what it should have been, I'M TORQUED!!!!! RIMM better give me a new "whatever they end up calling this thing" because my trackball is a complete hunk of crap, battery cover sounds like an old creaky wooden floor, and the little time it took them to come out with this "whatever they end up calling it". I think after whatever they name this new phone comes out i'll wait about 3 months and go into my VZ store and complain about my worthless trackball.

my track ball was fine for the first few months, but now it craps out on me all the time, my battery life is shitty, and my battery door has never fit right.

It sort of makes sense. The Bold pretty much came out as an AT&T exclusive, so I can understand the Tour naming so they could get a similar device out to other carriers. Consolidating back down to one name (like the 88xx series was) makes sense.

Of course, the body still has the 9630 look to it, along with 96xx accessories fitting this device. I can see how the naming convention is going to confuse things. The Bold 9700 charging cradle won't fit the 9750, but the 9630 cradle will... There would have to be body styling changes to bring the 9700 and 9750 in line (if accessories were to match up). With as close to finished as the essex is, it sounds like it is just going to confuse the marketplace for a little while.

When you say "Bold came out as an AT&T exclusive", did you mean the original Bold or in general because I thought T-Mobile got the 9700 first.

Bold, Tour 2, whatever it's going to be called is going to be supporting dated technology when in May it comes out.

Hopefully RIM will include an updated processor and/or upgrade RAM along with OS 5.0.X

Vodafone has been selling both storms globally since they launched and it seems the exclusivity deals are up now since it is being advertised on other carriers too now in europe.

This is dumb, rim has really effed over VZW blackberry users in the last two years, first they screwed up the storm 1 but released it anyway, then in an effort to make up for it they threw together the Tour, now they are punishing tour owners for being loyal blackberry users and buying the Tour right when it comes out. they are taking away our leverage against VZW with the name change. so now we cant get what the tour 9630 should have been all along
branding the 9650 as a bold puts the bold brand to shame. it is not up to bold specs. between this move and Mike L's key note i really feel like rim is on the carrier side and doesn't care what my bb experience is like at all.

They need to stop releasing so many phones with the same features, just different look. They shouldn't have developed the tour line any longer after the original tour. But I guess them using the tour 2 as the cdma version of the bold makes sense.

My concern is, will the Tour be the ugly stepchild and be forgotten for new or frequent OS updates?

Why would they put their time into a phone they probably won't carry anymore, or that isn't being carried into a newer model?

I don't want to be forced into buying a new phone to be able to get the latest and greatest software and functionality updates.

Come on RIM...This is NOT cool!

I want this device bad. But this as a smart move.As the Bold 9750 this BB will be marketed as a CDMA version of the GSM 9700s instead of a replacement for a rushed,half-baked 9630 Tour.The Tour will become the 8900 of the CDMA world.

Im suprised the carriers wouldn't balk at it.

Its like calling AndroidCentral, Crackberry. Different lines, but same name? Carriers would, and should want some type of exclusive phone line. When you think Verizon BB's, what comes to mind? Tour and Storm. Qwerty and Touch.

A Bold is a Bold, is a Bold as far as the typical consumer thinks...not crackberry addicts, but the 90% or more of bb users out there.

Sorry, but from a person who likes his Tour and wants its name carried on for selfish reasons, and from a carriers stand point, in my humble opinion, this is silly.

Given that Verizon is basically the reason the device exists, its actually more likely that if this rumor turns out to be true that it is them that want to make this change e.g. they would benefit from the more global bold brand and wouldn't have customers asking why they don't sell a bold when other carriers first had one 18 months ago.

Sprint customer here first time BB owner and proud to say the Tour and I am waiting for the NEW Tour to come out, the one that will set all other's aside RIM. The Tour is truly equip to be much more then what it is now. I sent a email to RIM not that long ago about what I would like to see added to the Tour 2 F and that's all I'm saying. So quit playing RIM and get it right this Gobal BB Tour is ready to make a debut stand. GET IT RIGHT RIM before you give the Bold it's first right. The Tour must Live.

I dont really have anything to say about the actual issue. Just commending your use of the JAcare vs. Couture grappling match.

spot on!

i think the name change is a pretty good move, considering all the upset 9630 owners that will be pleading for discounts if they released this phone as a tour 2. my only request would be if they're gonna call it a bold, bring the bold reputation too. battery life, speed, efficiency, etc. that's all i want.

I guess now all of us Tour owners are proud owners of a bastard child that no one will adopt. One Tour and now it's dropped?

I agree with RIM making the new 9650 being part of the Bold series. The Tour 9630 should have been part of the Bold series to begin with. When the Tour 9630 came out, there was only the Bold 9000 and the 9630 looked similar to the Bold 9000.

As far as changing the model number from 9650 to 9750 or whatever, I'm not sure that's necessary. If RIM makes it a higher model number than the Bold 9700, that would imply that it's a better model number but I believe the 9700 will still have a faster processor so it might add to the confusion.

People should not make such big deal over the name change. Call it whatever you want. I consider it the Bold CDMA version because it has the looks of the 9700. When Sprint releases it, it will be in my hands

I agree with the people saying consumers aren't dumb. If it looks like a duck...yeah, it makes sense aesthetically to call it a Bold, but fact of the matter is it really isn't. SMH.

Frankly, I'm just really fed up with waiting for them all to make up their minds as to what they want this phone to be. They're fumbling around too much and after reading the comments, people are saying April/May now for a release? Hell no. I'm moving on to something that's already on the market because this is getting ridiculous.

Another day, ho hum, another obsolete product (Tour 9630) and here I just got one a few months ago. But that's how it goes these days in the tech world--state of the art today (or should have been, anyway) and obsolete tomorrow, and me with another 18 months to go for a new phone. Doesn't matter what phone you buy--there will be something newer and better in a few days. Doesn't really bother me, except I would love to have the Wi-Fi since my Sprint coverage totally sucks where I live.

People aren't stupid. They WILL take note of how RIM is trying to trick current Tour owners by changing the name. I think that makes the situation worse. Tour owners, including myself, should feel insulted by this.

I don't know about other people but I know there's no faster way to get me heated than to attempt to insult my intelligence. They're going to be in a sh1tstorm no matter what they do.

I actually brought up this subject back on jan 30th in a post I made on SU. It gained no replies so I guess everyone just dismissed the possibility.

Glad to see crackberry bringing the idea to light! :)

Ah well......back to work I go.

As a tour owner I'm kinda pissed. My tour has bricked 3 times since I got it. Trackball gets funky sometimes and never came with wifi. Now learning that its going to be just another bold ticks me the **** off. Probably why Verizon has delayed the 5.0 update. If they dont come up with a 5.0 update for the Tour soon I'm gonna raise all hell. The phones decent and my first blackberry but it seems like the Tour gets pushed aside for other models and other technology. What gives.

So this was my first BB. I was about to get the Curve when I was told by the Sprint rep the Tour would be out Sunday. On Sunday I bought it online and after talking to customer service got it 100% free (no rebates or anything). Since day one the back has never fit and the trackball has been horrible. BUT, since I follow the things on here, I knew everyone pretty much had a bad back and a horrible trackball BUT there was a new one coming out in December (that was what I first heard about the Tour2). So now, since July I have been waiting and waiting for this Tour2 to arrive. Ok, now they want to change the name to the Bold? Fine. Call it what you want. But you best believe me, no matter if you call it the Tour2, the Bold3 or the Dingleberry (which someone suggested one time) Sexy NJ will be telling someone off about how bad my Tour1 phone is and I will see a nice credit again on my account for this NEW phone! Play games with me if you want to Sprint/RIM!! This BB user AINT falling for it.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled reading! LOL

I hope it is not as small the AT&T bold..Now if they release it the size of the 900 or a tad smaller, I will be thrilled..I think the 9700 is just too damn small now.

Sounds like this industry is headed the way of the automobile industry. Make the same product and sell it under a different brand name. Well we all know what happened to those dinosaurs.

Your worried about aggravating customers, well I'm aggravated. I bought a 9700 to have the latest greatest model and your already up staging me with a 9750?????

You best rethink this idea...

I really feel that RIM has shafted the Tour owners on this one, and this just adds to the negative image they recieved from several bloggers after Mike Lazaridis's statements at Mobile World Congress on the Browser issue, wether you thought it was a good point or not he was trying to make there. I don't think it's RIM's OS that needs an overhaul right now I think it's there attitude towards the consumer! It seems as if RIM is catering more and more to the carrier rather then the consumer. I may be wrong but this is the perception I'm getting from their latest moves.

How have they been shafted, whether they call it the tour 2, the bold cdma or the magic roundabout the simple fact of the matter is that it will be an update roughly 12 months after the existing tour thats all.

I love the idea! It makes perfect sense. #1, there are way too many device names with overlaping purposes within RIMs BB line. #2, it looks almost idential to the bold anyway! It should of always been the CDMA version of the Bold, which actually is more credible to the consumer than the brand new "Tour" creation. Its a good move on RIMs part if you ask me

I'm a Tour 1 owner, and after having to get a replacement phone 3 times due to a bad trackball, I'm done with RIM until I see some major upgrades to the OS and phones.

I'm just waiting now for the Nexus One to hit VZW.

Didn't Salmonderin just say that stores already have the tour 2. I tend to doubt he got it wrong completely. If they are in stores then they aren't gonna change the packaging. My money is that it stays Tour 9650.

I waited to buy my Tour to make sure it was going to be a good device. Other than crappy high speed at my house and cleaning the track ball every week it is a great device. So optical track pad and WIFI does it for me so now all we need is a good browser and my new Tour, Bold, whatever it is called will be a CDMA/GSM kick@ss phone. Just let me buy it ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can call it the TURD2 for all I care, RIM burned me on the Tour, and I will be getting a droid when my contract runs out, or an iPhone when it comes to Verizon, whichever comes first!

Bit insulted!! RIM actually believes that by them changing the name is REALLY going to pull the wool over the ORIGINAL Tour owners eyes, being as I am a Tour owner..... I THINK NOT!!!! We as the consumers are not stupid... all we've been hearing lately or since kingdom come is THE TOUR 2 AKA THE ESSEX... now all of sudden RIM wants to change the name to the BOLD such a such!!! NOT slick!!! All I know is this, if my trackball decides to start acting up and they STOP making the ORIGINAL Tour they had better swap it out for the "comparable" replacement and that dosen't mean issuing out 8530's either. I want the TOUR 2 AKA THE "NEW BOLD" ETC ETC!!! RIM WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!!!

I just wish that VZW or RIM would get their act together. Some of us need a world edition phone besides the 8830. I went through 5 Tour's before giving up and going back to my old 8830 which is about to die.

At this point I dont care if they call it Terd 2 just bring something out.

Well, wonder if Telus will pick this up.

Already with a Bold 9700 and now the Bold (Tour)97xx.

Could get confusing.

I doubt that a single carrier would carry both the Bold and the Tour.

Just like nobody has both the 8520 and the 8530...

Well, there aren't that many carriers that have a GSM 3G and CDMA network and selection of phones like Telus (and Bell) do.

I'm glad to hear the upcoming tour 2 will actually be a Bold. I hope it looks like the Bold 9700, though.

To all the tour owners out there, please stop complaining about your phone. If you do not like your Tour, sell it and get another one. If you cannot afford to buy the upcoming Tour 2 (Bold) then continue using your old phone until you're eligible for an upgrade.

They shouldn't adopt the Bold name for this phone.. should stick to the original name...Tour; it only makes sense as it's an updated version of the older phone and more importantly it's going to be a world phone!

Does this mean the new tour/bold is likely going to have the faster processor like the bold 9700 has?

For RIM having the Bold 9700 on all the carriers would make more sense. They can buy the same chipset and housing parts at a bigger lot and it keep production cost down.

Also, like what the blog suggested they don't to piss off tour users because if they name it the Bold 97XX for CDA carriers people would look at it as more of an upgrade. RIM needs to do a better job of releasing their announcement and have a better marketing strategy.

Waiting on that WebKit BROWSER!!!

It's just going to be a name change at most, the cdma and gsm devices will not suddenly start using the same chipsets.

You Canucks(RIM) are just delerious because the Americans beat you in your game!!!!!!!! j/k But seriously, just release the phone!

Ok to start I dont really give a hoot what the new name is as long as it overpowers the current shity tour and curves on the cdma platform, second whats gonna happen to the world phone capability??? will it still be there...

Oh and what happens now that we, the CrackBerry community, are privy to this information? I for one will be reading this passage verbatim to the VZW customer service representative that I speak to once the device releases.

Case and point, Telus and Bell have dumped their CDMA networks and are pushing for UMTS to prep for LTE roll out later this year. Thus, RIM would essentially be upgrading the tour for Verizon and Sprint users only. CDMA is a unique, and albeit BETTER technology than UMTS has been in comparison- AT&T, I am looking at you. The technology is however, quite antiquated. SO, it makes sense from a product longevity standpoint to release the tour2 as a Bold model with 3g CDMA and 2g edge capabilities, as a world phone, rather than update a phone line that was merely an interim product. The Tour was just a slightly shiner and quicker 8330. It has bluetooth, and gps just the like 8330, only a slightly better resolution screen. They used the Tour to keep VZW and Sprint customers happy because they weren't showing CDMA customers any love. Rogers and At&t were getting the bold, the 8900 and the new trackpad curve. CDMA customers were getting blackberrys with one button that didn't work. View the tour as a "keep 'em happy" phone, not a revolutionary device. I think RIM would just as well not make CDMA devices but they have to so they don't care as much- that's why there is no CDMA bold- it wouldn't have been hard to release- they just didn't seem to care to.

What a joke...The Verizon Tour has been a failure from the release. I have had three replacements due to trackball and call quality issues. Verizon is currently "working on" my call quality issues for the pastthree months.

I have had every Verizon Blackberry, 8703, 8830, 8130, and Storm and did not have my callers complain the qulaity of the calls. Verizon and Blackberry would"nt release a Tour2 due to the fact that there has been so many returns. I know that Verizon has the best network and should offer so type of incentive to purchase the "Bold" but it will not happen.

There is a reason WiFi wasn't added to Verizon BlackBerry's in the first place: security. Verizon has large corporate and government clients,who felt or feel WiFi was/is a security risk. This is the same reason the Tour is available without camera.

If they do in fact call it a bold they should make it look like one. Wouldnt mind if it looked like the 9000 or 9700.

I don't care what they call it, just call it something and release it already. My Curve 8330 is starting(?) to show it's age...

seems to me RIM stopped caring about its customers and all they want is money. they are releasing cheap quality products and with poor workmanship . how does a company get away with selling millions of phones with a loose battery door ? they are a company that makes phones. they have been doing this for a long time. they should know customers want high quality for the price we pay for there products . RIM wake up and listen to your customers. stop being greedy

I'm hoping there's some "real" reason behind the scenes, but it will be hard to convince me they didn't do this in an attempt to avoid the backlash of releasing the Tour2 a few short months after the Tour- especially after all the problems the Tour had at launch.

There are some legit contender devices out there now for our business (I know, I can't believe I could think that way either), and RIM has to know they will likely lose business over the Tour ordeal. This is simply the best possible way to diffuse the situation.

It won't work for the CrackBerry Nation, but it will work for the less informed BB users out there. It at least gives Big Red some type of "story" to tell about how the new Bold 97xx is a different device and not just a Tour with WiFi and trackpad...

Disappointing RIM...hope this isn't the case

A few short months, given when the tour was originally released and when the tour2 seems likely to show up, the gap will be in the range of 9-12 months so a little quicker than usual, but hardly a few short months by any sane measure.

I am understanding Tour dropped in Aug.

Blackberry, you are so pushing many people away.

Never owned a Droid or Pre. But they are sounding pretty decent about now.

AT&T has 0 3g in my area, so not an option at all.

Now RIM is adding insult to injury. We all know it's the Tour2 and it's what the Tour1 should have been. Changing the name to Bold is insulting Tour1 owners' intelligence. Now they are stepping on the toes of Bold2 owners? I don't know. I do know it is wrong to expect this to make good and save face with Tour owners. These missteps by RIM are damaging their image imho.

I am trying hard to make sense of it because I am a die-hard fan and Blackberry addict. But I am not an idiot so RIM please don't play me for one. Start expecting more from the people you pay those bloated salaries to. You should have taken your lumps that you deserved and left it as the Tour2. A name change only changes the name, not the mistake. The damage has already been done.

While I consider myself to be one of the lucky few to have received a working Tour, I'm disgusted at RIM for the lack of WI-FI in this device. I have friends who have dumped their BBs in favour of Android devices, and I think I'll be joining them at the end of my contract. This whole thing is just nonsense.

I will be calling my carrier everyday and tell them how pissed I am and that I will just buy my contract out and switch from TELUS to Rogers for a Bold 9700. Some people made comments that all the Tour owners are just whining; that we should have known something newer and better would come out. However, RIM knew they were going to develop a Tour 2 yet they release the Tour. TELUS currently has the Tour on sale for $79 on a three-year contract. This is because they know something else is coming but they can't give details because of non-disclosure agreements. This really makes me angry because the general public--being people who don't following BlackBerry updates on sites like these--don't know about the Tour/Bold 2whatever-the-*&#$-it-is-who-cares and will buy a Tour 9630 only to have a new, better model released a few weeks later. It's almost enough for me to just switch back to a basic flip phone :(

so way back i actually got a look at the blackberry ATLAS, however on the back it did say bold where the new 9700 says bold, but the back cover was just plain not leather, and it was CDMA/GSM so sounds like its the atlas but now released as the new tour? or bold, whatever they want to call it

It may seem immature but changing the name actually pisses me off. I have a tmo bold 9700 and I don't want another previously named phone jumping the gun and changing family. They were cousins now they are brothers. I just got this phone in dec and already they are making a new one? That's like the ford five hundred being changed to taurus. Let the tour be a tour. Not a bold. What's going to happen when the magnum comes out? Will that be a BOLD 97xx too RIM??

this is REALLY bullshit i just got the bold 9700 and i thought bold should always be on top and the latest why would they do that?!!!! this is so stupid and its pissing me off

Time for you to switch to decaff i think, the bold 9700 will still be the best gsm device and that won't change even if the tour2 does show up as a cdma bold.

And I'll still be pissed. Less than a year later they (Sprint) drop this phone after pumping up the Tour then having MAJOR issues during the initial ordering process where those that ordered first day got nothing and those that ordered later got doubled up. I'll make the switch but that's just poor.

There never should have been a Tour...the fist one should have been a CDMA/GSM Bold. I think RIM is finally figuring out that they need to simplify their lineup and names so there aren't so many freaking confusing options. Having CDMA and GSM versions of the same names simplifies things. Maybe now they'll figure out how to have only two versions of the Curve too?

Tour is a weak and dumb name anyway...I didn't like it even before the phone was released.

All I hear is people complaining that the phone they just purchased is being updated. What about the people that want to buy a new model. Should they have to wait a year so previous owners are happy. It is the nature of electronics that products are updated frequently. Rim needs to keep improving or they will be left behind. It should not take six months to add wifi and a optical pad to a device. They need to increase their update cycles.Look at the Android devices, every month there is a new and better device.

they should flood the market with a million different names not just a few- THAT makes sense- divide, conquer, and celebrate- with a trillion devices on all the carriers all differentiated by different names - if they're a different device they should have a different name! - why SHRINK your lineup? =

Blackberry Pearl
Blackberry Curve
Blackberry Tour
Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Storm
(if there is a nexus1)

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm coming up for my upgrade very soon. I have the Storm, which I'm happy to have a Blackberry, but even with the 5.0 OS, I still have trouble with my Storm1 (although not nearly as much as with 4.7) with the freezing when I try to type on it. I was seriously thinking about getting the Storm2, but if VZW comes out with the Bold 9700, I will jump on that like white on rice!! I want some of that goodness that I've been hearing soooo much about!!

the phone is behind in specs now, by April it will be even worse. Assuming it sticks with what..256mb of ram and a 528mhz processor...bleh, i'll hold out for the Supersonic.

The idea behind the renaming makes a lot of sense and I also like things to be simple, having a whole bunch of different BlackBerry's out there is just confusing because they all do the same thing. Sure they may have different functuality but at the end of the day it/they are still a BlackBerry(s)

The Tour 9630 should of been the Bold 9030 from day one if RIM though ahead (which they didn't) This makes sense. It would make sense also if this new coming device is called the 9730 and not 9750.

Why the F would it be 9730 or 50? When its clearly behind 9700 specwise! stop this nonsense!

It's merely my opinion in which you are entitled to take it or leave it, it's just a phone in which we/you will buy regardless of what it's called.

Spec wise? That doesn't matter. Why did they call the 8520 a Curve when spec wise it is behind the 8900 Curve? This can go far if you want to touch that topic.

Spec wise or not it makes perfect sense to ME why it would be the Bold 9730, just because it is 30 digits ahead of our beloved 9700 it doesn't mean that it is "ahead" of it whether or not spec wise it isn't, it doesn't also mean because "Spec wise" it falls behind the 9700 that it should and would be called the 9650. Get it? I am sure you are fully aware that xx30 and xx50 is just a CDMA designation and not a "it's better than the one before it because it has higher digits"

The 8520 is an upgrade to the 8310/8320 so that's why it has the curve name, if anything the odd one out is the 8900 which was a premium rather than entry-level product that judging by the size of the 9700 only got a curve branding because they didn't want the confusion of both a 2g and a 3g bold coming out at the same time.

I dislike the model branding. It's confusing and it's making people hate the branding more. The curve 8900 caused a huge confusion with the curve 8300 and 8500 series. Everyone I know don't understand the differences between the models so we all speak model number language.

A TOUR IS A TOUR, NOT A BOLD leave it at that RIM!!!

wasn't the tour1 a world 3g curve from the start/ and wasn't the bold 9700 suppose to be a curve and way, looks like a curve, it's the same size as my curve 8320, but they rename it bold. So get over it RED users, y'all are the biggest babies. This is how i see it, PEARL should be as powerful as the bold, but a small form factor, CURVE should be aiming at the SIDEKICK group, a low end but media friendly for the teens, BOLD top full qwerty powerful dog, Storm media friendly, powerful, but made simple with ease. And if they make a hybred touch/full qwerty, it needs a new name and the size of the 9000 or the same size of the 9700 with a rea touch screen(no clicking bull)and call id the BOLD TOUCH or just make all the next fen bold with a touch screen. There's no need for the 8900 or tour when the bold is pretty much just like them. What do y'all think?

wasn't the tour1 a world 3g curve from the start/ and wasn't the bold 9700 suppose to be a curve and way, looks like a curve, it's the same size as my curve 8320, but they rename it bold. So get over it RED users, y'all are the biggest babies. This is how i see it, PEARL should be as powerful as the bold, but a small form factor, CURVE should be aiming at the SIDEKICK group, a low end but media friendly for the teens, BOLD top full qwerty powerful dog, Storm media friendly, powerful, but made simple with ease. And if they make a hybred touch/full qwerty, it needs a new name and the size of the 9000 or the same size of the 9700 with a rea touch screen(no clicking bull)and call id the BOLD TOUCH or just make all the next fen bold with a touch screen. There's no need for the 8900 or tour when the bold is pretty much just like them. What do y'all think?

People need something to complain about and apparently a name change on a device that hasn't actually been officially announced is a big deal to some people.

seriously.. the phone was NEVER announced.. who cares what they decide to name a phone thats never been announced! people need to grow up and get a life

To keep those of us happy on tour. Lets go for another go round and call it Tour Two. It might make up for all the crap of the original Tour. This is the phone we all wanted. Maybe even rebate original Tour owners. ?

i don't know if anyone has taken this stance on the Tour yet...But I might be kind of happy if the Tour dies out and this 9650/whatever they are calling it springs up.
There are many people who know nothing about blackberries other then what looks good to them, it'd be interesting to see if Tour keeps resale value just based on the fact some people still want trackball/like the way the Tour looks
Also, it is certainly not an obsolete phone yet. I still could care less about WiFi.

If only the first Tour didnt suk balls, we wouldnt be here in this dilemma now! I understand why RIM is getting away from that disaster of a phone but I'll be damned if that phone has a one up number on the 9700, "Cuz i know who u really are, nothing but a damn Tour 9650!!!"

What is this "Supersonic" phone in the earlier comment? Just curious. I'll prob get the new version even if I have to pay regular price. The trackpad and wifi are great additions to this new cdma Bold (or whatever they call it).

A full page ad in today's Wall Street Journal was for the "new" Bold 9700 and it sure looked like the Tour 2

Rim, sure there are MANY others weighing options.

I will say this, with the new business model these companies have adapter, I personally have no loyalty as a customer at this point. FAITH is diminishing. I can comfortably switch devices with no guilt. I feel forced into a better performing device made by a company that RESPECTS its customers.

Keep it up and you will be no more. With our customers you are DONE! So do not forget who PAYS your bills. Not VZW pencil pushers. GET IT RIGHT RIM.

RIM and all carriers, RESPECT your customers, with out them you FAIL!

Does it really matter what RIM is doing? Either buy it or switch. Buy the one you really want. Research the models so that your decision is sound for you (and it will not matter if a newer model comes out). This is nothing to do with disrespect to customers but a move in technology. Sorry you feel the way you do.

I am a BlackBerry fan! I don't care what RIM names the phone (Tour2, Bold 3). All I care about is RIM contuining to update/excel in technology when they make new BlackBerrys. I have a Bold 2 and I am very pleased. In a couple of years, if there is something better than the Bold 2, I will check it out! I am focused on 2 years at a time (unless it is that awesome to compel me to get it). There is no need to sweat about it. When you buy a BlackBerry, remember the reason you bought it. The first reason should always be because you really wanted that one. It should never matter if something else comes out newer than the one you have. If you research the web (CrackBerry and other sites supporting BlackBerry) you can be up on what is coming out. You can then wait on the BlackBerry that you want instead of buying one, then being upset later that you did it. That is why I emphasize buy the one you want to have. The Tour 2/Bold 3 is for Verizon/Sprint giving love to the CDMA carriers. So either you will buy it, be upset about the change and still buy it, or be mad and pout about the name change, feel let down because you bought a Tour before, etc. Whatever you choose, learn to deal with it because it's coming whether you like it or not. It is a great thing!

I've been reading a majority of the posts and can't help but feel the same as most every one. This is not the way to do business but it really only effects those in the know. Some one said the average Joe won't be effected by the change, not knowing the history of the product. I own a Tour and have had great experience with the product, yet seeing what I wanted show up in a product that in all truth is the same but with improvements is a pretty hard slap in the face. I'm not waiting for this phone any ways, my eyes are set on the next storm (#3). Till then I'll just watch and learn how not to do business.

I say it every time, while I would have loved the pad and wi-fi, it was never a deal breaker for me.

We knew what the Tour had, and like all things computer/electronics, there is always something new on the horizon.

To me the wi-fi really is not a big deal. I get a good signal, I have my unlimited data plan, and the number of times I would REALLY have liked to be able to do something on wi-fi while I have a call or other data/app running is minimal.

I am just hoping my Tour lasts long enough to get me at least to whenever the next real big thing comes around a few years from now. Of course, given how well the Tour works for me, I would not really feel a need to switch unless it totally dies and there are no replacements available.

Oh, and personally, IMHO, Verizon knows they are "insulting the intelligence" of folks like us Crackberry addicts. But they don't care. To them, there are far more non-addicts, who don't/won't know any better. They far outweigh the number of CB users who are "pissed" about the whole Tour/Tour2 thing.

Let's move on to something more important like, will it be Vienna, Tenley, or neither, with Jake going back to Ali. Enquiring minds want to know. And that Roz, what a delusional psychopath!

I think i will be switching to Android... so many options, but all do the same... RIM needs to be innovative and they are not accomplishing it right now...

Just when this blog was getting way to serious, I check back and read your post. I don't know if you meant it just to be funny but it made me laugh. It's true but satiric at the same time. Anyways, thanks for name change idea. Who knows, RIM might just use it. Remember to sue is they do!

The name of the Blackberry should coincide with the carrier that RIM is releasing the phone on. To release the successor to the TOUR and call it the BOLD makes not only TOUR owners upset but also BOLD owners.

They just released the BOLD 9700 and now they are release the BOLD 9650, which should really be called the TOUR 9650. Now BOLD owners are wondering what this new "BOLD" will have that they don't. Those that purchase the new phone will also wonder why the 9650 is better then the 9700. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

The TOUR was a great name because for the first time it actually described one of the capabilities of the phone, which was that it was a GLOBAL device. When I worked for a cell phone carrier, there was no question from customers the fact that it was a global device.

This is going to cause confusion among consumers and it seems that the release of this new phone is being "rushed". Makes me wonder what other device RIM will be releasing this year after it.

where is the unit? i want to buy the dam* thing i don't care what it's called. bring it to market!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are going to release a "newer" Bold in 2010, it better at least have the same processor as the 9700. Wouldn't hurt to increase the memory either.
In the end, all these BB's are too similar anyway.

I haven't seen such false/misplaced/misguided/silly outrage since...well since any event that Sarah Palin can use to act outraged for political gain.

Wouldn't it be funny if the next thing RIM does is re-release the Bold 9000 with a trackpad and call it the Bold 9800?

Considering what the company has been doing recently it is certainly within the realm of possibility.

Wake up, RIM.

This is interesting, considering that last week I had a converstation with VZW Business account representatives (for a major financial firm) and they said this was entirely not true!

Will wait and see.

Many have put it best by saying RIM brands its phones:

Tour – High end (world phone capable) (CDMA)
Bold - High end (wi fi capable) (GSM)
Curve – Low end (GSM & CDMA)
Pearl - Small with Suretype (GSM& CDMA)
Storm – Touch Screen (GSM& CDMA)


Note: Many have stated comparison between Storm 1-2 & Tour 1-2. Notice that there is only 1 touchscreen bb across networks compared to bold/tour double branding.


*The markets of blackberry bold/tour*

This new tour/bold hybrid can appeal to 2 main markets and 1 minor market

1. Peeps on GSM networks that have high end BB
2. Peeps on CDMA ntwrks that want high end BB
3. Peeps on CDMA ntwrks that want upgraded high end BB

For market 1, these customers can go look now I get Verizon service and a Bold. Yippee

For market 2, these customers can now get the ~bold (that wasn’t available before) with features of the tour and bold.

Market 3 is the market that’s pissed because nothing has changed. They are already on CDMA and already have a high end BB (faulty or not). Consider though that a BB bold that works on both networks, means hopefully simultaneous upgrades across the networks instead of crippled features.

RIM has soiled the name of Tour, I would say. However, the Bold has standards the new Tour/bold must live up to.


*For those mentioning Iphone and android*

Understand that blackberry is built for business meaning quick email, easy silencing, and perhaps a couple media players to listen to on down time and breaks.
It is NOT designed for apps and massive RAM usage.
A blackberry is designed as a business tool, iphone and android phones are designed as toys and internet browsers. Not meant to be insult.

New to crackberry…
Don’t Bash

I'm on my 5th and my son is on his 6th Tour, all with trackball problems. Had to buy an Network Extender because of the poor RF of the Tour.

Both Rim and VZW know that they're 1,000's and 1,000's of unhappy Tour owners. Bad trackballs, no Wifi, and no Trackpad. So to screw us over even more. They change the name and let the Tour brand die!

That's just the plain facts..... The Truth and nobody cares!!!

Who the hell cares what is called? As long as it works like a blackberry should. Some of you really need to worry about more important things. Are you not going to buy this phone because of the name??

your right it does make sense in favor of VZW and RIM. I have the OG Tour and i wasn't planning on trading up for the 2 anyways so it doesn't really bother me but i know a lot of people were upset about it so i can see both sides.

I've had Verizon for three years or more and had the pearl, curve, storm 1 and tour. I think it's fine that they call it the Bold if they want to. I love when people say the Bold is so much better. What's better? The shape (it's about the same!), The trackpad ( I hate to say that's old technology that I've had on computer mice for over 10 years), a little bit more memory??? It cracks me up to hear that the Bold is really so much better than the tour when all it is, is minor improvement. I love Blackberry, don't get me wrong! I've considered getting the droid at some point but I was like no. I'm just surprised to read that people are so concerned about the name of the device or saying that the tour came out and it wasn't all that compared to the new Bold or the new Curve. You know what my thought is on that??? Look at Apple, you don't hear that many problems with OS that make the Iphone run slow or better yet, apps that wipe the OS out of the phone. At least, I've never heard that! You also never hear about software updates and compatibility issues or what device or what carrier is getting which OS update when, do you? I think that instead of drooling of what name which device they'll get or better yet if they are trying to screw VZW Tour 1 owner customer, RIM should make one device. They apparently can't make any device that is that great, let's be honest so why not do like Apple and focuse on one awesome device (maybe touchscreen, sorry keyboard lovers but everything is heading to touchscreen, maybe even cars will have touchscreen steering one day), running one software and being compatible with all and knock Apple out. That's just my thought of the day. I know people are gonna be angry reading this but it doesn't bother me! Besides that I love my tour and who cares what they call the next one! But hopefully it will be more amazing than a freaken trackpad or Wi-Fi!!!

I could care less what they call the new devise. All I know is when I purchased my Curve 8330 in June 2008, I made my choice based upon what was available at the time.

Sure, I had a touch on envy when the Tour Launched last June/July, but knew more devices were coming down the pipeline (as they always do).

If I recall, the "touchpad" and then "wi-fi" rumored devices had not received carrier FCC or carrier approval when the Tour Launched.

Does RIM "owe" us anything more than stable devises with OS's at the time of launch and during the warranty period? Yes. But not a new phone because you bought the CDMA BB you wanted/desired some 9 months ago.

RIM makes devices for bot GSM and CDMA carriers. Each has different needs and wants for their customers.

Even if your carrier offered some sort of accomodation, most would still complain 3-4 months later when yet another new phone is rumored or launched.

I am a Tour owner and I have to say I am so sick of Rim doing this. If the device isn't the best it can be then don't release it. I had Storm 1 only to find out less than a year later Storm 2 was coming out. I am just so sick of throwing away my hard earned money only for RIM to come out with a new improved Tour or Bold or whatever the heck its going to be called less than a year later. I personally really like the name Tour for the device and hope RIM keeps it but I won't hold my breath.

To me it makes sense to keep the Top of the line BB which is BOLD the same across all carriers I know some people may not like it but I do I think RIM made a good choice.

I would be happy with a Verizon bold just like the 9700. if it has better batt life and a track pad and wifi i'm happy.

Look, I love my Tour. I'd hate to see the brand go away. Do I wish it had a trackpad instead of a trackball? Sure. Do I need WiFi. Not really, but it would've been fine to have. I will enjoy my Tour and then enjoy whatever next Blackberry comes out when it's my normal time to upgrade. I haven't had any trackball issues to speak of. I am annoyed that I have to wait for this 5.0 upgrade! Just release that!

heck. When the hell is Verizon going to release 5.0. Seriously, I hate Verizon for lagging. All phone carriers look out for their best interest before their customers but come on. Just release it already. Lame.

If there is one thing I will NOT do this year, it is invest another dime into another BlackBerry. Being an owner of three other BlackBerry devices, it kills me to see RIM invest so little into its customers nowadays. BlackBerrys are becoming outdated within a year.

That is absolutely ridiculous. If RIM would invest in the devices and its customers and MAKE IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, they would not have to keep swapping out devices every year.

Nothing says "Hey, we don't know what you're doing," better than creating a dozen devices all meant to do the same thing.

RIM, when you invest in us again, I will invest in you.

Not gonna lie, I liked the Tour name. Being that I work in the music industry and I tour alot I thought it would be funny to have a phone named the Tour as well. I was going to upgrade to the Tour this year and a friend told me to wait because the new one was coming out. I will definitely be bummed if they decide to name it a bold instead :(

Ireally don't care what they call it. I'm still gonna be a pissed Tour 9630 owner and I'm still gonna get it :)

I suggest that that all of us Tour owners let our wireless carrier and RIM know how we feel about our Tour and that we want an upgrade option.

Call/email your carrier and RIM. Let them know that you are upset that you purchased a Tour and are upset that such a short time later you are hearing about a Tour 2. Ask your carrier why the Tour 9630 is now on sale? Is this because they are preparing to release a new device? Ask them how many people have returned their Tour 9630 due to various issues? Ask if you will be able to upgrade for a lower, contract price (without the contract) once the new device comes out?

Here are some contact links to various US and Canadian CDMA BlackBerry carriers as well as RIM:

United States

Verizon Wireless



1-800-667-0123 (or *611 from your cellular)

Loyalty and Retention: 1-800-463-3919
or *611 from your cellular

1-800-727-5835 (or *611 from your cellular)



Renaming the more updated Tour to the Bold is just ridiculous. The body of the phone is different. RIM needs to quit playing around with names and get back to advancing their phone technology!

I personaly think it is foolish for RIM to rebrand the Tour 2 just like it is foolish for any Tour 1 user to be mad about the Tour 2 coming out so quickly. Tour owners just need to look at it as the cost of keeping up with technology. How many people pay big bucks for phones, video games, etc. to get them pre release or on the day of release only to have the price come down a few months later or a new version gets released. I know as a tech junkie that the new toy I buy today will be obsolete in 6 months to a year. Do I still want it now? Hell yes! Will I pay the big bucks now with the knowlege that it may come down in price later or be obsolete? Sure! Does any of this dumb down or make the Tour 1 a crappy phone? No! From my experince of using my co-worker's Curve 8530, the trackpad is ho-hum. WiFi is a different story IF you live in a crappy coverage or non 3G area, but even then it is trivial at best. Besides if anyone has a reason to be mad, it's Storm1 owners.
As for RIM, to rebrand the Tour 2 is crazy. The hardcore Crackberry nation have known about it's existence and development for a while now. Rebranding ain't gonna fool them! For everyone else (the Blackberry "owners"), they will never notice the diferrence one way or the other.

the blackberry tour that is coming out for verizon is not going to be called bold but i will stay as the blackberry tour 9650 it will just feature a trackpad and wifi. its code name is called essex and i think i want one.

WHO CARES!! As long as it has the Trackpad and it works well...I really don't give a crap WHAT they call it! Do people really get THAT upset over a device name? That's absurd...leave your houses more often. LOL ;o)

I just wanna say i've heard many argument for why the name is being changed ie. keyboard styles ect. What make the tour a tour is the world phone ability so if the new one doesn't have that who cares what they call it. Technically the original tour is a world phone bold and if they are changing the name thats most likely how they plan to market it. The bold 9xxx world phone that should keep the unhappy roars down bold user didn't need a world phone or they would have gotten the tour, tour users this is not a new tour see its says bold ROTFL.

I think they should keep it as a Tour! RIM rushed the Tour 9630. They should have put the WiFi and the optical track pad. I was very upset that the Tour1(which I own),doesn't have.

I think it's a good idea from a purely business standpoint. Thought it was silly to release another line once we had Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm. Definitely was no need for another line of BB's ie Tour.
I also think "Bold" is a good way to go and that the 8900 should be kept alive and moved into the Bold line up.
That's another discussion all together though.
Also agree with Kevin in that they should start to recieve a name based on the design as well as change the device numbers apposed to just tosing it under one their exisitng lines and giving it a new number badging.

EDIT: Just reading through some more of the comments and there was something said that I think would be a great idea.
Don't release a Tour with Trackpad and wifi and call it a Bold. Release the Bold 9700 as a Bold 9730 or 9750 and call it a day!

From Sprint Tuesday, 5/18. Ordered through Business Customer Service. Got it before corporate store in Ann Arbor, MI. Was concerned about Trackball being replaced by Trackpad, but it works well. WiFi works well. Background them choices does not offer a wallpaper like on Tour. Tour default theme made seeing icons easier for me. When I took it into the store for transfer of Data, staff seemed to be upset a consumer had a 9750 before they did.
Ann Arbor, MI