BlackBerry N10 photos bring sexy back to physical keyboards

Stepping aside from some real BlackBerry 10 leaks for a bit, Martin Hajek is back with some awesome renders of a full-keyboard BlackBerry 10 device.

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2013 12:55 pm EST

What he dubs the BlackBerry N10 is seen here in some amazing images. The device is shown off from all angles and looks pretty darn insanely real -- just look at the smudges on the back cover. These really have us wondering, that's for sure.

We still don't know just what the full QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device will look like (or be called for that matter) but we only have to wait it out for two more days before we know for sure. Check out some more images below and hit up Flickr for the full set.

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BlackBerry N10 photos bring sexy back to physical keyboards



IT IS the ugliest Bold ever build by RIM, uglier then 9700. they should make look like 9900 on front end and 9000 on the back end.
Like my son says yakhhhh.

That's a render and probably not what the back will look like. I've been a full touch user for 3 years now and I honestly think its not as bad as people make it out to be. People say the tk renders(witch were beautiful) and got really high hope on the next devices. People have to remember these are only mid-range phones and there will be nicer ones.

I agree too....what the hell is this???? I wait so in switzerland you are an alien with blackberry and im one of the last alien here..and now this plastic monster??????? Were is my bold 9900 look?????? There is in germany OPEL cars , but there is alao nice AUDI, PORSCHE, BMW..and this Phone now is an OPEL sorry mister Heins....bye bye STOCKMARKET

Nothing beautiful about 9900 looks way better
Im hoping this is one of the cheap models the planning to release, if it's the case i'll be upgrading to the full's ugly all right....look at all the black space on top around the earpiece the could manage to make the screen a little taller......eeewww

They cant make the screen taller... Needs to be 720x720 resolution to not fragment the market for developers. will just be 2 resolutions for a while, those being 1280x768 & 720x720 - keeping it that way until there are at least a few hundred thousand apps in BBW.

Non of these pics are real. He clearly says on his Flickr that they are all renders!!

"Renderings which I made of the upcoming Blackberry N10! 3D model will be available tonight!"

Just like how his pics of the Z10 on that same Flickr account all say they are renders? Funny that the 3D model doesn't have the finger prints, eh?

To the person who made the renderings:

I think you are quite a talented artist. I didn't read the article first, just glanced at the pictures, and it had me fooled. The fact that you even put finger print smudges shows your creativity and sense of reality when making this. Kudos!

The only reservation I have is the backing. I like the backing of the TK Justice, metal with checkering/texturing. Even the Z10 dimpled texture plastic back would look good on this.

Keep it up!

Sorry for replying to your post for this, but this has to be near the top so people can see it...





Alas, if only BB phones will sell.
Based upon sales performance in the past year, even the greatest BB will be ignored.
What BB needs is better marketing. I don't now what quality level this N10 falls into, but the elite quality cellphone market is near saturation.

The back looks UGLY, WHY NOT use the same material, quality of 9900?

Better yet, RIM should provide PREMIUM exchangable rear covers... like in Leather, Aluminium, Carbon Fiber... allowing folks to customize, add more jazz, and replace when aged, and... RIM would make MORE MONEY as well (like $29 each).

That's the point: a rendering allows one to trick it to max, to show RIM what users would LIKE to see

Im with you with that one..looks cheap and ugly (the back)...change able back covers, leather, see through.. one that ur able to write on with a permanent marker...promote individuality. If they release like that im not getting it..

I've had a 9700 (3 years) and a 9320 (1 year) for a while now. Before that it was dumb phones.

I'm tired of the small screen. Z10 for me.

Not a fan at all. I love my 9900, and for the reason of aesthetics point of view, I'm going for the Z10 and touch screen for the first time in my life.

I feel like a straight keyboard (without "smiling frets") would be uncomfortable to type on. Just upgrade my 9900 to BB10 and I'll be ecstatic :P

If RIM upgrades the 9900 to BB10 I will seriously buy one as a second device along with a z10. There would definitely be a small spike in 9900 sales. Unfortunately though I don't think the 9900 has enough horse-power to handle a BB10 os. We can still hope though cause the 9900 is a device that has longevity.

Looks great apart from the Curve-like back, which shows smudges. Would prefer a leather back like the 9700.

The QWERTY keyboard BB is for me! I do hope the back cover will look a little better; i.e., similar to my 9930.

yea thats pretty cool stuff :) but uhm I don't think I could stop at just one will have to get both phones lol

I blame the TITLE of this article.

I actually READ the article, scrolled through the comments and had to momentarily scroll back to the top of my screen to make sure I wasn't on BGR for a sec.

LOL all the awful fingerprints all over the thing... Couldn't have cleaned it up a bit first? hahaha Looks nice though! I still think I'll give the Z10 a try

Taking in to consideration that this won't be released here in the UK until April. And that I am so despersate for a phone that actually works with the crap signal that EE have bestowed on us. I am seriously considering to change from my prefered keyboard to full touch screen to get 4G compatibility.
All EE need to do is to get a bloody 4G signal here!!!!!

no way these are 3D models... He is putting that he "created 3d rendered models" so that he can't get in trouble for displaying the actual phone.

Just like when you see some youtube street racing videos and they say they are in mexico or in a closed roadway.

How is there enough room for all of the gestures to work on this screen? There isn't much room to swipe up at all. I am going Z10 all the way.

In fact gestures work surprising well on the Palm Pre 2, which has a very small screen, and even worked on the HP Veer which had a 9900-size screen.

Difficult one.I like physical keyboards but the Playbook on screen keyboard is the best I have ever used. A lot depends on (a) the ratio of input to output and (b) how easy it is to hook this thing up to a monitor.

I also think the pictures we have seen of the top and bottom bezel of the Z look a bit naff.

ATTENTION: these are NOT the real phone. They are renderings.

I thought for several minutes they were real so I thought the caps lock was necessary for this case.

Thank you for the caps to grab people's attention. I almost missed it as well until I read the entire post and looked closer at the pictures.

Assuming this is final product (hoping it's not)I will probably give it a shot but for OS reasons only. The back looks like a cheap curve. And I don't like the keyboard. I like the flared/curved keyboard of my 9900. My question is, why didn't they just make the screen a little longer than a traditional bold, give it a classy, or high tech looking back and keep the 9900 keyboard...problem solved...I personally liked the concept BB fand sent in much better than the finished model. N10 may be my last BB.

I know these are just renders but compared to my 9900 it looks just awful. Tacky and cheap looking. Reminds me of a budget brand tv remote control from the nineties. Are RIM deliberately designing a cheap looking, backward step design to push us onto the full touch devices which, I have say, do look better. The 9900 oozes class in comparison. I just love feeling and holding it. Such a great device especially with the metal stainless steel frame. A premium product. Will we look back to this phone being the pinnacle of the physical keyboard blackberry?

I chortled after reading posts from people who obviously DIDN'T read blog/article, looked at the render, read through the comments and decided to opine with gusto.

BRAVO to you all.

Now go back to the top of the page and READ THE ARTICLE.

Whoo reeds deez dayz wen u can see pix?

Ha just kidding. I think most others like I, got too excited to read the article before commenting. These commenters, like I, have been most likely checking crackberry every hour for the last 3 month for pics of the savior phones that will revive our beloved company.

Oh I know the feeling. Between my google alerts, constantly refreshing my browser at work and constant searches on the internet for anything RIM(M)related over the past 4 months, I'm surprised I can get anything accomplished work wise. Thank goodness for multi-monitor setups that lets us addicts work and play simultaneously ;-)

Still not happy with it because I think the screen should have been longer to be able to view movies, pics and the web in landscape mode. NOt to mention the back cover looks cheap and crappy!

I like it, but I don't love it.
I hope that they are going to put the "blackberry logo" at the top of the screen as it is in the 9900 (without it there is to much empty space) and I really hope in a Z10ish back cover.

Almost thought it was the real thing. It really misses that Blackberry writing below the speaker, other than that, I am hooked again. ;)

Nothing beautiful about 9900 looks way better
Im hoping this is one of the cheap models the planning to release, if it's the case i'll be upgrading to the full's ugly all right....look at all the black space on top around the earpiece the could manage to make the screen a little taller......eeewww

My 9900 looks soooo much better than this. The back is so disappointing and seeing just how much more screen could've been put on it with the top being so blank is even more of a let down. I wanted to keyboard to be the phone that i go to given my love of the 9900, but it looks like i'm going to gravitate towards toward to touch. Hopefully the next time around these devices will look like the Justice Concepts.

please, can we add a "render / not actual device" warning on these before they flood everywhere ? I don't like the back. At all.

I like the all black look (thinkpad ish) and the silver look. I would have gone with black keys on the silver model. The colour schemes seem to be taken from the Porsche models.

This is supposed to be a phone for people who are too busy to care a rat's ass what it looks like. Too busy to be Crackberry posters.
If you care so much for appearances keep your 9900 . Believe me no one I know has ever commented on how good my 9900 looks. Who knows they may come up with a Cadillac Escalade model for those who got to have the glam.

Get a Z10 then ... but please buy a BB.

No doubt this will be a fine phone, but if I miss the keyboard too much, I'll go back to my trusty ol' 9800. I will get the Z10. I have been using playbook in portrait to "practice" without keys. Time and my sausage fingers will decide!!

Ugly. Prefer my 9930.

Will be getting a touch screen BB10 when they come out with something smaller than that first BB10 monster.

PS ... The back was supposed to be the same material as your current Playbook which most Crackberries like.

PPS ... those who say the straight keyboard will not work as well as the 9900 .. Really ? the variation between the two KB's is so slight I don't think you could tell which was which blind folded.

PPPS those who say that they will go Z10 instead ... Great not a problem

PPPPS those who say it is too big ... I say .. Try to find a QWERTY model anywhere in the world that will be near as good. You can't.

The market for the X10 is largely to replace business phones that are worn out and for BB diehards. If you use what your boss gives you do you comment on the looks ? When you haul out your retro BB in a airport do you shield it so people do not know you are using a BB ? No you just use it because it works for you. If you think that the X10 works for you I would hardly complain about the lack of retro chrome embellishments. ( is my vent for the day)

less than 2 days and Rim will bring the sexy back for real...this just makes it look ugly, RIm will be showing sexy bet on it!!!

That's really ugly.. Definitely going all touchscreen this time around. Even if that's not the real backing, i think they need to completely remove all thick bezels on such a small-screened device. (yes i know they're needed for gestures, but they need to figure out a solution)

I know this is only a render.....but posts like this are often taken out of context in the news media and help to contribute to negative RIM press even though that was not the intention. As everyone can see by the is not pretty. Hoping the actual phone looks MUCH better..... Can't wait til 1/30/13.....I believe!

OH MY.....That white render is effin amazing!!!!!!!!!
i dont even know what to say!!!! it looks sooo good!! i want it now!!!

Am I blind? Where's the white photo?

The bottom left photo is just a lighting effect (high intensity light)...

Edit: well, it's more gray than white...

While I am happy to get a better idea of what the 1st BB10 qwerty will look like, I'll be waiting for the high-end releases of both the full touch and keyboard.

If RIM don't sell enough of these BB10 devices there won't be any "high end" devices for you to buy later in the year. It really is make or break.

Well I really hope that this is not the BB10 N I honestly think that this phone looks worst that 9700, and 9900 ,

RIM haven't you learned from you mistakes ???? And don't you see what this generation is looking for ?????

Something slick ,

I was in Europe last month and I used a SAMSUNG galaxy physical keyboard , and I thought that RIM should come up with something like that , very nice phone,

I've been rockin the qwerty keys of Blackberry since 2006. It always brings joy and never failed on me. Even this is not the final piece., my choice is to go full touch. It's time to change, Im getting the Z-10.

after READING this blog post and READING the comments i lost a little hope for humanity. on topic, the renders look nice. what a talented guy.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

methinks i am younger than thou. call it youthful ignorance... it'll pass haha

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

The more I see the N10, the more I'm convinced it's time to go full screen. I've been a keyboard guy the whole way... but I think it's time. BB10 looks to be at it's best on a full screen.

Sweet mother of Beelzebub! Did not realize those were renderings. Impressive. But, they are in line what has been leaked already so I would expect the real thing to be pretty damn close.

Slightly reminds me of the Palm Pro, the back I mean. Remember those? I didn't think so. lol

This is no 9900 but I really hope RIM makes a BB10esqe OS for the 9900. BB8 anybody?! I think that would be a huge hit for the die hard 9900 fans like myself. I hope the 9900 has a supported future, it might be the last properly good looking Blackberry we'll ever see. Thoughts?

With peek and flow, it seems that the L series would be best suited for that, I have a 9900 I like it, but I dont use the touch screen feature at all, what is the purpose of having a keyboard and touch

Well minus the navigation keys like the ones featured on the 9900, your forced to use the touch screen on this device. bb10 is a touch based os but I don't think users of the x10/n10 will have the best experience.

And to think that I pre -order one. It is ugly. Hope to get an excange to blackberry Z10. I am desapointed of RIM to show and market such a device with this design. Now I love my 9900. It's more stylish. Bad move for RIM at this one.

there are no words to describe how disappointed i am with this hideous phone, getting this after my 9900 would be a shame, i hate full touch screen phones but if this is the best they can come up with for a qwerty then z10 it is

My concern is the camera. That is the only major fail with the 9900 IMO. I hope they ditch the autofocus 9700 had the perfect camera.

I seriously hope so but I don't think the single core processor can hand handle bb10. Maybe we'll see an upgraded 9900 in the future. More power, front camera etc.

Okay, for all of you FREAKING OUT about this RENDER, get a grip!

1. It's a render and IS NOT the actual product
2. If you're so appearance oriented, then most of you care less about UI.
3. If you are going full touch, you were probably already going to do so.

Top half looks like an iphone while the bottom have looks like a BB curves keyboard to me. Not sure why the back has those smudges though.

ok so most of the backside looks photoshopped or just post PBJ. Gross...that is no way to treat a Berry!

So far the only complaints I hear are about the back of the phone. Listen, I get it. I'm an ass man too. And sometimes I complain that the cute looking girl would be much better with a rounder behind. Kinda similar to what the masses on this thread are saying about this rendered pic. But then I stop myself and remind myself that once I really get to know that girl with a flat ass I may find myself incredibly attracted to her for those features I'll only discover upon getting to know her closer. Catch my drift?

I am sure this is not the final product. Though it would have made sense for RIM to post some shots to gain feedback before the finished version. Anyhow this will appeal to a great many IMO. Either way, its full touch for me,

Looks like it's a dummy unit.
Ugly, no "Property of Research In Motion bla bla bla.." on the back, no BlackBerry Logo, etc
And look at the phone's screen, blackberry peek without any finger touch it? Ouch..

The front is okay, IMHO. But the cheap looking plastic back ain't sexy at all. Brrrrrrrr... Hope to see something better on Jan, 30th.

N10 is a better name than X10, but Q10 would be more distinctive. X10 is a very old company selling powerline home automation devices.

There's nothing sexy about the Q10. It wouldn't be in 2003. Sad to say. My 9900 is a far sexier device. I was really hoping the final product was going to be something else. What were the thinking???

I'm not totally in love with the materials as they look in the graphics above, but it will probably be smaller than the Q10 which looks just a little big for my liking... I like a physical keyboard but I don't want my phone to be the size of a tablet for crying out loud... I don't want to mess up the bulge in my skinny jeans, ya

it looks more like a Q10, there's not much improvements on the looks, I guess. There's nothing really cool aside from the BlackBerry 10 OS the photo had. The look on the hub (I guess it's the hub) is pretty good on the photo there.

I have been looking for something this beautiful for a long time. Wanted the Porsche but finally found something better. Pick me!

what's with the huge space between screen and speaker? even though sign Blackberry will be put on, its just big loose of space, that could be a screen

WOW, to think this then became the mighty Q10.

I wish they had kept the Hub design to that portrayed in the photo. I kinda still like them icons. :_)

It's none other than #Q10... Its a plastic model or else covered. I use Q10 and i feel its Ditto :-)