BlackBerry: My First, My Last, My Everything

By Daniel Ireton on 19 Jan 2010 09:46 am EST


First loves. No one ever forgets them. Whether it's your first girlfriend or boyfriend, first car or first pet, you rarely ever forget that experience and what it taught you along the way. But I'm not here to reminisce about old flames and puppies; this is a BlackBerry site after all. When Kevin gave me the opportunity to contribute to the blogs here, I thought the most appropriate thing to do was to introduce myself by gushing about my first BlackBerry and how I got addicted. So, I'm here to talk about my first BlackBerry love (which you'll find wasn't technically my very first device), what I went through along the way, and how I came to love our favorite brand of smartphone.

To be honest, it took a while for me to get on the BlackBerry bandwagon. I first started hacking dumbphones as much as you possibly could before getting fed up and wanting more. My first official smartphone, if one could even consider it that today, was the Nokia 6682. At the time, it was more advanced than other phones I'd owned and I could manipulate all kinds of things by plugging it into my computer. I even used it to tether my laptop, too.

A beautiful device, but it wasn't for me

Then, one day, I saw a BlackBerry for the very first time attached to some corporate guy's hip. It was clear that he was just stepping out of the office for a quick cigarette fix and wouldn't have much time to talk about it, but I did manage to ask what it was. "It's a BlackBerry," he said, and went right back to his cigarette. More precisely, it was a BlackBerry 7290 and I was fascinated by the fact that it had a full QWERTY keyboard and a slick holster. (For the record, I don't wear a holster; never have, never will.)

I popped into my local carrier, then Cingular, and decided to check one out for myself. My first thought was, "Why would anyone want a full keyboard on a phone? It would be slow and impossible to type on this thing!" It's funny looking back, isn't it? Still, having e-mail access on a phone was so new and appealing to me at the time that I went ahead and bought it. I brought home my shiny new toy, plugged it in and started getting to know the device - but alas, this BlackBerry wouldn't be it.

Whether I was stubborn and refused to become acclimated to the new OS or it was a quick surge of buyer's remorse, the 7290 went back to Cingular two days later. It would be a while, until the 8700 came out, before I was back on BlackBerry. For good.

Minutes after I brought her home - love at first sight

After my almost-one-night-stand with the 7290, I switched to T-Mobile. The coverage was much better where I lived and the plans were significantly less than Cingular at the time, and that's when I spotted the BlackBerry 8700g in dark blue (which admittedly was far more attractive than Cingular's grey, in my opinion). I loved how it felt in the hand: sturdy, solid and bulky - it wasn't a wimpy phone by any means. The colorful screen was vivid and vibrant, more so than the backlit display of the 7290. I was far more excited over the 8700g than I was with the 7290, so I bought one right away and went straight home to play with it.

"This thing feels like a tank." Those were my first words when taking it out of the box. I just knew I had a well-built device in my hands. My reception was crystal clear, voice calls sounded great and e-mail worked like a charm. I'd never been so excited about a piece of technology in my life, and honestly, I haven't looked back. There were moments when I had some doubts and I lusted after other phones, but once I discovered BlackBerry Messenger and really started using it, that was that. Game over. BlackBerry was definitely for me.

Over the years, I've collected BlackBerrys like you wouldn't believe. It was nice to be there for the transition from jog wheel to trackball to trackpad. New and old, I've had them all except the Storm, but we'll not get into that. Some of the devices I have don't even work anymore, like the BlackBerry 957, but I keep it around because it makes me feel like I own a piece of history.

BlackBerry culture is just as fascinating as the devices themselves and having a community like CrackBerry made my addiction that much more intense. Whenever I had a problem or glitch, the forums here was the first place I'd search. (What first brought me to CrackBerry as a lurker in early 2007 was the flashing red indicator on my 8700 going off when all my messages were already read. It was annoying!) And when I was hungry for gossip and rumors and new device pics and videos, the blogs kept me sated.

Now you know my story and how I came to getting my first BlackBerry. I hope you'll share your first BlackBerry love stories because I'd love to hear them. And while you're at it, let me know how you found your way to CrackBerry, too!

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BlackBerry: My First, My Last, My Everything


My first was the amazingly awesome Cingular 8700c. Never will forget that unstoppable guy!

I <3 U BB!

My first was a Rim 900 (clambshell) followed by the RIM 857.

I got them from my employer for work. Ahh those were the days :D

My first was the Pearl 8100c (can't forget the 'c') and it wasn't even brand new. It was a refurb. I still have it and have added to my collection: 8700, 8300, 9000, 8900, 9520 (I really use them all for testing my themes, but still....) I'm addicted. Truly and forever.

Welcome to the Crackberry team Daniel. Good story.
My first BB was the 8830. My bro-in-law had the 8700, but I wasnt a fan of the jog wheel (he still loves it to this day, although he has a Storm now), but when i saw the shiny silver 8830 WE at Verizon, I knew it was the BB for me. I've since upgraded to the Tour, and I'm waiting (somewhat patiently) for the Tour2.
I came to crackberry for the rumors and pics of upcoming devices, and of course info on the newest apps.
Welcome again. Hope to hear more from you soon

I love talking to people now-a-days about when I first started using Blackberry, and remember my brother saying "looks like ya got a VCR on your side several years ago... Now he too has a Blackberry. I can remember calling tech support at nextel and the customer service lady telling me off the wall answers to my questions, only to find out most of the tech support workers had never even used a BB. Remember having to manually turn my BB off each morning so data would reboot, and that horrible antenna on my 8520 I believe... lol
The comment I used to receive the most was, "why would you want your emails to forward to your cell phone?" haha Now look at them, they all want them forwarded...

i got my first bb ~1mth ago. Before the blackberry were an iPhone, a nokia e-series and some phones i can't recall. None of them got to a place where I'd think "omg .. what am I gonna do if anything were to happen to my bb??". haha.

I've been reading Crackberry n around the forum for ~6mths now; since I decided I'd go for a bb!!

Love BB forever!!!!!

I first got a 7250 for work. Started playing around with it and got hooked almost instantly. Started tinkering with themes and making it my own. Eventually i started move to other BBs (8703, 8830, 8130, 8330) and then I made my move the 8900 and 9700. I have never looked back. I have to admit I have a few non-BBs but have never fully converted to any of them. Currently I have the myTouch at home as well as an iPod Touch. I will never move off BB.

Crackberry was one of those sites that poped up some other sites i visited to find news and support. I have finally started posting more and more. So now I fully engulfed in the crackberry site. and lovin it.....

BB 8830 World Edition - My first BB love.... ah the memories.

I immediately got on the net and looked for a forum to become a member of since I was coming from the Motorola Q and the "Everything Q" forum. I found Crackberry lurked for a few days and fell in love. The rest is history.

I now own a Storm2 and have even converted my wife to bb she has a storm2 that she absolutely loves. as a matter of fact we have 5 blackberry owners in the family which makes BBMs very fun AND useful. And thanks to CB everyone considers me to be the Expert on the family's BBs. :-)

I first had the 8700 myself and then had a TMobile Dash and got rid of it once the 8320 came out. Since then I've had ALL the BlackBerry's. I now have a 9700 after my 8900. I wouildnt trade my 9700 or 8900 for anything. Ive even named them. 9700-Bella 8900-Lydia :D my girls never fail me.

my first experience with Blackberry was the curve8900. I had it for a few months, then sold it for the t-mobile my-touch. maybe like 3 weeks later got lucky to find someone who would trade the mytouch for the curve 8900. Now I have Bold 9700...unless blackberry comes out with storm on t-mobile, I'm not changing phones for a while!!!!!

i gotta say im a noob compared to you people, my first blackberry is the one i have now, an 8320 that i bought used off a friend 6 months ago. i gotta say it was instant love. yes it's outdated, yes it lags, yes i's got a lower res screen, yes it's got a weak processor and small internal memory but i still love it!

the push content is just phenomenal, and probably best qwerty keypad i ever tried. to think i almost went with a nokia e63.

i dont quite remember what led me to crackberry, but i gotta say that it's one of the best support forums i have ever seen for any device.


there are alot of things i might not like about blackberry (mainly stuff in the blackberry OS) but i still love it and doubt i'll ever go back to any other brand.

My first blackberry was not too long ago. I had been working for Wireless Wave then had just transfered to Wireless etc... I was selling a blackberry pearl to a client. He asked "How does it work?" With a unsure look on my face and a bit of sadness I replied "I dont really know". The client had smirked. It was clear he was playing around and just testing my knowledge at the time (which was only two months into my new job). He then showed me how awesome a blackberry could be. My eyes widened with all the great things a blackberry could do! So I started saving my money and bought a second hand Blackberry 8100 on Rogers. The thing was pretty beat up, the usb port was cracked and could only be charged, and I didnt have data on my rogers demoline. But boy was I in heaven!

I then finally had enough on this no data crap. After about 6 months I finally dove into a contract with Bell Mobility. A 3yr on a Blackberry 8130. When the first dings of the email started flowing in, I felt that spark of first love once again. It was like drugs. Then someone meantioned about to me when they saw me carrying this device, and even had a look of surprise when I had said I had never heard of it. So that evening, I logged in, and my nerdy senses tingled! What a great site! I got to learn more about all the different blackberries there were, old and new and not released. It sure gave me an edge for selling these awesome smartphones! My eyes then fell upon the Blackberry Storm 9530. The iphone had at the time been tantalizing me with it's touch interface and awesome apps. But the thought that when I touched the phone, THAT WAS IT! It accepts this. This made typing on it a drag :(. But when I heard Storm you had to click down on the screen to comfirm, I had to get one! After saving again for a few months, I had earned enough points to collect on a Storm. I ordered it, the next day it was at my doorstep. After many tweeks and OS updates, this has been the best device hands down!

I also carry another Blackberry as for work. My Rogers representative approched me and said they were looking for people who are very knowledgable with data devices. And I was the nerdiest and most knowledgeable person she knew. So then I was appointed "Data Ambassador" for my area, and was presented...... A blackberry Pearl Flip! Not the Coolest of devices, but very stable for what I use it for. You could imagine tho at the time I wanted the Bold 9000 (which had just came out) But I am happy with it.

So that is my lengthy darn story of my Crackberry Affair. And I look forward to many other stories poppingup here as they are possibly as interesting as mine. :)

Was the 7100i received it when it first came out had to luv the antenna, went thou 5 of them. Then the 8100 nice small phone. Then the 8330. And now I have the best bb the 9700. :)

My first BlackBerry, the beloved 7510 with Direct Connect...

Got me addicted to the BlackBerry and DC, no turning back...

I've always had a personal BB and work BB, now I'm a BES admin for a large company and use the 8350i as my personal device with DC and the 9530 for work.

There is no turning back when you are so addicted you become as BES admin!

My love affair with the Blackberry also began with the 8700g. I remember longing for that specific phone, even when the Curve was available, just because of the look and feel of the phone. I still get nostalgic feelings when I see that phone in someone's hand :). I remember when I upgraded to the 8820, which I also loved, and gave my 8700g to a friend who was entering the Blackberry world and he loved it as much as I did! It was like sending my child to school for the first time...ok it wasn't that dramatic, but you get it :).


My first blackberry was a 950 which was more like a pager.I then graduated to the big screen of the 957... The rest is history. 7290, 8700, 8100, 8300, 8310, 9000 and now the 9700.
I cheated in between with an Ericsson or Nokia here and there but I always went back... )( lol

Cool story, and a GREAT first blog! I started out with a 7290 also, but quickly moved to an 8700c. That thing WAS a tank! I moved on to the Storm line when my work decided to make cut backs and I lost my work BB. I was stuck in a verizon contract on my personal phone at the time and had to wait so I went without a BB for several months. I had time to do research. Started out looking at the upcoming Bold (9000), but then found out Verizon was getting a touch screen BB. I was hooked and I checked out all the blogs for me info, this lead me to CB, and I became what Kevin dubbed, a "Storm Chaser" Made special arrangements with Verizon to upgrade a month early and got my S1 on release day, but have since moved on to an s2, also purchased on it's release day.

My first Blackberry device was the 7290. If I'm not mistaken, I switched from using the Palm Treo 600 and have never looked back. To this day, I'm wishing for a retro model, i.e., today's enhancements & features in the body of a 7290. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Anyway, I've been hooked on Blackberry ever since. Ive had the privilege of owning a 7290, 8700, Original Pearl, Curve (8320) and now the Bold 9000. I don't care for the size of the 9700 so I'm sticking with the 9000 and awaiting the next big thing from RIM.

For me, it was the TMO 7100. I thought that was the end all be all for phones. How much better could this get. It had everything I could want in a the time. Boy was I wrong. Im sure in 5 years, I will think the same of my 9630?

my first BB was and still is the 9530 storm

i've always had verizon and was used to regular phones until one day i decided to jump on board the blackberry train. This will probably be my last blackberry as I will probably switch to the droid or the nexus.

Went from a Treo 700p to the Curve. Loved it the minute I got it...then I strayed and went to the Palm Pre. I had it for a week and realized I made a huge mistake (loved the browser though). Would BlackBerry forgive me? Would the users on this forum take me back? Thankfully, they understood how tempting it can be and let me back in.

Now I sport a Tour which I love. I gave my wife my 8330 and she is now addicted. I may get the Tour2, but not a huge priority at the moment. Just so long as I have BBM, I'm good. Now if we can just get that better browser. Hello RIM?? Anyone there? Sooner rather than later.

I live in Venezuela where everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has a BlackBerry. A little over a year ago I had a Palm Treo which I loved (and still do), but I was looking at my friend's BlackBerry and had to have one. I mean, I couldn't be kept out of the BBM loop, it would be the equivalent of not having a phone at all, here in Caracas! So I got the BB Bold 9000 and fell in LOVE with it.
Then the 9700 came out and I longed for it, and when I got to see it in action I HAD to get it. So I did, about a month ago, and I will never look back. This is the best phone I have ever used or seen, and I don't think I'll ever use any other brand.
Now that I'm going to be moving back to the US it means the WORLD to me that I'll be able to stay in touch with everyone in Venezuela through BB Messenger, as if I had never left.
Btw I still use my Treo to play Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 since I haven't seen a good BB emulator and it would probably be weird playing with a trackpad.

BlackBerry you rock!

Great post Daniel! I am a very new user to this while BlackBerry world, but I quickly found myself part of the CrackBerry nation. I have only had my Storm 9530 now for two months, but I absolutely could not live without it. These latest updates have really made the Storm so much stronger. Hopefully even half of the things I have read about the Storm3 are true, I can see myself with something like that.
I will say my first smartphone, however, was the original Motorola Q, what a great phone that was. Real bad battery life though. Could barely get a day out of the thing, and I didn't use it for a tenth of the things I use my Berry for!

I bought my first BlackBerry (and my first smartphone) almost exactly 1 year ago. Now I'm a phone freak. Before that, the cheapest phone that made / received calls was the phone for me. :)

my first blackberry would've been the 7100i (Nextel) back in 2006 but the guy didn't do a good job of explaining to me how a blackberry worked so i passed on it (after switching to "Cingular" that year)....after being tired of dumb phones, i got my 1st BB June/July 2007; it was the Curve 8300(Cingular was AT&T now)....i instantly developed an addiction and have been using BlackBerry ever since...8300>8310>9000>9700

My current red Sprint Blackberry 8330 was my first berry and I still love it. I'm a teenager, 18, and I had no business having a blackberry until my senior year in high school. My friends with Blackberries raved about BBM, about the trackball, about the emailing, the then semi-threaded texting...and I knew I had to have it. Once my beloved Gateway laptop bit the dust I finagled my Mom and Grandfather to buy my berry off of Ebay for $229.59...because I was nowhere near an upgrade and would have had to have paid full price if I bought it from Sprint. This was the best purchase I made from Ebay, and when I get the Tour2 (because luckily my rebate eligibility never reset) I will still keep this one around...for sentimental reasons.

My first Blackberry was an unlocked 8900 on T-Mobile while I was stationed in Germany, and since then have been an addicted Blackberry user for life and now have the Blackberry 9700.

waited on line at 6 morning in nyc for my storm - still got it and waiting for the new browser update this summer.

my first one was the 8320- then upgraded to the 8900-- but the 9000 is so sexy that i had to get that one unlocked for tmo too-- so now im using the 9000- debating still whether im going to get the 9700-
i also used the Storm 1 for one day but sold it on Craigslist the next day lol

My first phone was the blackberry curve 8900. I had previously looked at the present pearls and curves, but when the rep told me about the price for a data plan I nearly fainted - lmao and passed, as I had one small part time job at the time. I setteled with Motorola razr 2. It was great,... But it lacked something, I didn't know what but it was lack lustering.

I got a second part time job and saved up and got the 8900(data plans dropped to 50.00 as popposed to 80+).

I loved it! The typing, emailing, and man video! Lmao.

I rocked that thing for a good year. It was wonderful but then I had a problem with the trackball I then found crackberry and its all uphill from there. Lol.

I meandered onto the family from-to: 8900, 9530, 9000, 9550 and someday soon 9700 and storm3. Lol.

Mine was the pearl 8100. At first i didn't want to get it case if didn't have the video recoding feature. but i brought it anyway. Man it was love at first sight when i got it. I have to admit, at the time when it came out it was a damn good looken phone. That one phone got me hooked on the Blackberry wagon. Since then I converted many of my fiends to the Blackberry platform and still continue to do so. Blackberry is the #1 top selling phone in America and i dont see that ever changing. look around, everywhere you look there is a blackberry in someone's hand.

I suppose my first blackberry is actually a rebadged RIM device. The AOL Mobile Communicator.

A nifty semi-translucent blue case, big 'ol AOL logo on the back of it. According to the plate inside the AA battery compartment, it's a R900M.

Sadly when the Sidekick came out, AOL decided to kill the Mobile Messenger network, and the device became a brick. I actually looked around for the firmware to breathe life into the device again, but was never successful.

I actually powered it up the other day (it sits on my shelf of knick-knacks) and it came on, no problem. No service, of course.

Beyond that my first real Blackberry experience was with the 8700g. That thing was awesome, and lasted the longest of virtually any of my phones, until my Boss' dining-room floor claimed it and brought me to the 8800. Which then was replaced with an 8900, for the wifi capabilities.

My first BB was the Nextel 7520. Not only was I the man because I had a BB but I became a studly man because I had a BB with the Nextel chirp. Although I had a BB I didn't realize what I actually had. So like some relationships mine came to an end with Mrs 7520. But we have been reunited and I'm paying full attention and showing extreme amounts of love to my storm getting to fully understand it. We've been going strong for almost 7 months and I couldn't be happier. I love Mz.Berry

Well I hope to have the same memories that most share about their first getting a Blackberry. Two days ago, I finally joined the Samrt phone group. It was time for me and the wife to upgrade our phones. I was not a big cell phone nut, so all the hype of cameras, video, and email were not a big seller to me, all I though was we just needed a dang phone, as long as it calls out, I don't care. Well I am happy to say, after going on vacation last year, and brining our laptop to the hotel, and getting my email from home, I really started to rethink how we could communicate with others in real time. It was nice to be able to have a little bit of home where ever I went. So I started to look around at all the phones, this was about 8 months ago. Seeing so many smart phones, I could not make any distinction of who was the best phone with the most to offer. Fast forward 8 months, after talking with the wife, she had stated, that it would be nice to get her e-mail from work, so she could respond to real time questions from customers and coworkers. She is a Design Engineer, and some customers, live in various time zones across the globe, and it was troublesome, waiting till she got to work to answer simple emails, that could have been resolved with a quick e-mail or phone call, especially weekends. I am a Quality Inspector, so I realize the importance of timely communication, and how important it can be to respond quickly inorder to save time and money for the company. I applied this to our situations. So, after long thought about it, we went shopping. We asked tons of questions, and finally broke down and got 2 BB 8330's as our first smartphones. After two days, of me fiddling with it, and seeing what this little jewel can do, and understanding, I haven't even broke into all of it's features, I don't know how we did with out them so long. Thanks to all the info here at Crackberry, it has helped open new doors, and windows on a technology I at one time tought useless and way to yuppy for even me, a simple type of person bordering on redneck. Thanks to you for sharing all the wisdom.

OK guys I have the stories here, and the reviews from many places. I was so hesitant at first at getting my BB.I know folks that love them or hate them. So it was time for me to move back to in my opinion the best carrier ever and with this said I liked at many phones and it reviews. I want to the iphone, have a a friend that would die if he didn't have his iphone. OK they are great but lets face it, it is only good in certain areas. So back to my BB story. I LOVE my 9550 (yes a Storm2) I too can not imagine not having this thing with me. I check it at bedtime and when I wake up. So it is the last and first thing I see. I do not regret this purchase or the model. I have had no issues with this phone since I got it in Nov. I was an advid palm treo guy, and yes I still love those phones, but nothing like my BBS2. take care all.

I've recently become a convert, having got the Bold 9700 back in late November.

For years I resisted the notion of the Blackberry thinking it was more than I needed or would ever use. I started doing more texting and had a LG 490 with the alpha fast tap keyboard and was checking my email on my phone much more often. It was a year with this phone that made me promise that next upgrade I would get a BB. After about an hour it was "where have you been all my life"

I held out on getting BB for awhile. Its not because I did not think they were good devices, but since I was on a Nextel carrier they only offered the 6500 and 7500 series that included PTT. Those were not for me plus thier data plan was too expensive. Once Sprint/Nextel offered the Unlimited Everything Plan for under $100 and released the 8350i Curve, I was heading out to my local store to purchase one immediately. The phone did not disappoint. It did everything that I expected a BB to do and it was built tough and looked good at the same time. Crackberry launched me deeper into my addiction and I know that I'll never recover. But then again, why would I want to? But now that I've had a BB and have gotten all that I can get out of the Curve, I can't wait for the Tour2 to be released by Sprint this year. The iden network is holding my device back.

it was THE best phone i ever had and it just was big, black and strong. i want that phone back actually lol

This is my first ever Blackberry and now I know why some people call it a Crackberry! I can't put this phone down; haven't had it for that long though, only about 3 weeks. The guy that sold me the phone told me about and now I visit this site like 3 times a day!

That's what I was doing when I was forced to take my first Blackberry - the Curve 8310. You see, I was a die-hard Palm Phone user. Even though it constantly rebooted, I could never get the calendar to sync up right with my business partners and, well, you get the idea.

I lost my phone and had to get a new one through the insurance. Turns out my carrier was smarter than I was - they had already discontinued the Palm phone and I was told it was Blackberry or nothing. I was very upset.

So that's where I found myself when I took my 8310 home. I reluctantly set it up and tried it. A week later, I knew that I would probably never own anything other than a BB. Since then I have upgraded to an 8320, then an 8900 and now to a 9700 - the best yet. I thought I would miss the Palm touchscreen - now I find them annoying (although the trackpad is awesome).

I'm a new user, my first BlackBerry is my current phone, the Bold 9000. I was a Nokia fan and loved thier phones, still admire them today! one of the first Nokia smartphones i've ever used as it was in my household was a Nokia 9210i communicator (a huge phone, like a mini laptop, full qwwerty keyboard an all. I remember it had a very nice screen 640 x 200 and it had infrared lol). Then it was a Nokia 6680, which I too used to tether to my laptop; that was a pretty neat phone! It was then to the infamous N-series devices, longing to have a multimedia device back then with a superb camera (at the time, 2005) was the Nokia N90, with its 2MP carl zeiss optics and 3G! it had the best display back then, 416 x 352 in a 2.1 inch display! Oh well.. i was in love with my phone back then, or so i thought. It wasnt until i stumbled on that i realised what i was missing out on. It was only due to my girlfriend asking me about BB that i decided to check it out for her and compare some specs. I read up on alot of Kevin's reviews and it enlightened me about the BB OS and how good it actually is. Some say symbian is the most stable OS, but in my experienes thus far i've never had any problems with BB and i think its much better than anything else i've used in my opinion. From all the info i got from just reading up articles, reviews, blogs on crackberry i decided that i had to get a BB as my next device. I remember the day i got the phone delivered to me, I even took pics before i opened it up, to remember the moment lol. I will never forget it, i truely fell in love with my new phone and i use it more than i did any previous phones i ever owned.. I know for sure i will definitely be a BB addict and user forever, don't think i will ever switch anymore. in any case as it stands now, it's only BlackBerry im concerned about! and of course reading crackberry on a daily basis as often as i can for all the good info you guys share with us!

I'm rather new to Bb's. I got my first one in 2007, the red 8310 was what drew me to Blackberry, soon after my boyfriend go a gray 8310 as his first Blackberry. I mocked him at first, but, soon after I used it for the first time, I was lusting after it. As for Crackberry, I was stalking this website long before I got my Curve. Now, I'm rocking a 9700, and have given my 8310 Curve and my 8900 Curve away to friends/family to create new addicts. I loved my phones, but, once I find a new love, it's better to let them be loved by other addicts.

I like alot of people, was a serious lurker on the crackberry forum...Actually I first heard about the crackberry site from a guy named Leander (I lurked on his site as well lol) Anyway I have been a smartphone user since 2005, I had palm treo. What attracted me to it was accessing the internet and my emails from my cell. The only problem I had with the treo was the fact that it had a lot of kinks that needed to be worked out, also I disliked the fact that I had to download them. Then I worked for a law firm and was given a was the 7290. I knew I had to own one for myself, so I got the blackberry curve 8120 through tmobile and I have been hooked. I had difficulty with the track ball feature, I lost it and then I couldnt get it to work, but I still loved my phone and the different features of it. I went with the curve 8900, I liked that as well but I was considering leaving tmobile for At&t because of the 3g bold, well Tmobile has gotten the 9700, I love it! I will have this phone for awhile! The trackpad is sooo much better!

I got introduced to the Blackberry world with the 7520 through a company I was working for at the time. Fell in love with it the first day and have never looked back. Went on through the list with the 7100i, 8110, 8300, 9000 and now I'm on the amazing Bold 9700!! I can't get enough of them!!

Well, this was towards the end of September of 2006 when I opened my phone account with T-mobile US and got the Pearl 8100 and till this day I remember it fondly how the functions of the phone took me to a different state of mind. I have never seen something so different and looking for what was on horizon for BlackBerry on the net, is how I came across and I was surprised how many other things you could do to a BlackBerry. And from that point on, customizing my BlackBerry to my personalized needs is what made my device an extension of me... 8100,8900,9700 and waiting to see what the future holds for me on my next device...

I remember well how cool that was at the time, and how nice and solid it was. I've had about 10 different ones since.

I just got my first BB, the Bold 9700. I've been eying a BB ever since the Bold 9000, but never liked the trackball. I always heard problems from my friends. But the Bold 9700 came out and I feel in love! I finally had a phone besides an iPhone that made me excited. The trackpad, amazing OS, threaded SMS, amazing display, and probably the best keyboard on a phone that I've ever held. The CrackBerry community is awesome and makes you love your BlackBerry so much more. Any question gets solved within mins on the forums. I'm a BlackBerry user for life now!

i don't go far back with blackberry (still had a dumbphone when they still have track wheel blackberry's). the first blackberry i ever used was my friends curve 8330 on verizon and i absolutely HATED it. i thought the menu system was complicated and unnecessary.

HOWEVER, my first blackberry was the storm 9530 (not a very good blackberry to start with, however) but i quickly saw how the blackberry OS would be wonderful with a trackball system.

that's when i switched to the tour 9630. i LOVE my tour. now that i know all the shortcuts and tricks of using the blackberry it's so much easier to use than any other phone i've had. i used to have a motorola q9m for verizon and loved the keyboard, but was never a big fan on windows mobile. it was a slow and sluggish operating system.

more recently, i've been tempted to make the switch to android (more specifically to the droid by motorola). but for some reason i can't get around to doing it. usually if i want the newest technology (in this case android) i will get it at any cost. but this time i can't get around to making the switch from blackberry to anything else! one of the biggest factors was blackberry messenger. there's no messenger like bbm out there. and the ability to multitask on my bb is something i just can't see doing on another operating system.

i can see myself being a bb fan for years to come.

I have only been with BlackBerry for a year. I started on a storm 9530, and after many switches I received a tour. I can't take my tour out of my hand! While I was writing this I received a email, attached was music I needed. Its funny how the device constantly reminds you why your a addict!!! :-)

I say I stumbled into my BlackBerry addiction because when I got my 1st BB (AT&T Curve 8300) all I cared about was a qwerty keyboard for messaging. I did a lot of research for the best phone but I didn't know or care about smartphones, BlackBerry or RIM. Once I got to know my Curve, I was hooked! It was BBM, the Google apps (maps, gmail, mobile) & the awesome-ness that is push that sealed the deal for me. Now I have the 9000 & will most likely upgrade one day to the 9700. No matter what, I'm a CrackBerry abuser for life. As for the site, I don't remember how or why I found in the 1st place. I check the site out on a daily basis, and its like I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't log-on everyday!

My first BB. So my Motorola flip stopped taking a charge and I knew I had to up grade. I started researching on line for a replacement. I wanted something I wouldn't get board with in a matter of days. I also run a business that people sign up online. So I could justify they expense of a smart phone. During my research online I found I was immediately impressed with BB and crackberry. So I walked into our local Verizon store started looking at BB. The Verizon rep tried talking me into getting just a phone but to get a aircard for my laptop. Luckily I stayed true to my original desire of owning a BB. (I am sure he meant well). So I went for the 8130 pearl. I was not sure if I would like a full size BB or not. I would have gotten the flip if they were out then. I remember driving home from the Verizon store and not knowing even how to make a phone call. So home I went to spend hours reading on crackberry and figuring out my new phone. That's were crackberry head came from. I spent so many hours on crackberry, my husband started calling me crackberry head. Lol. BB has simplified my life so much I wonder how I ever lived without it! I now have my online registrations emailed to me. I can welcome my customers instantly. So fast matter fact everyone thinks my email back is a auto responder!
So my two years is up now. And I can upgrade. I was looking at the tour but now I am looking at the storm2. I have considered waiting for tour2 but who knows when that will be. I think I would miss SureType as I understand it, the tour doesn't have it but the storm2 does. I went to the Verizon store and typed on both devices and was disappointed when the tour did not finish my words. I also want Wifi. But I am not sure if I will miss the real keyboard and trackball or trackpad. I do like the big screen of the storm2 but wonder if the fingerprints will drive me nuts. I do spend a lot of time on crackberry and surfing other sites. When I mentioned my wants in a phone the Verizon rep tried to steer me to the driod. I told her my emails are the most important and in my opinion no better platform for emails and business then a BB. (I am sure she meant well). So anyway my love for BB continues just not sure what's next but it will be a blackberry! And when I do get my new BB I will be eagerly searching the crackberry forums for tricks, tips and problem solving.
Btw if anyone has input on which device I should go to next, tour or storm2 please let me know. I have been reading the forums for someone who went from a pearl to one of these devices but have not seen much. My 8130 pearl was a great starter phone but I need more, bigger screen, full keyboard, lots of memory and faster. I mentioned above that I wanted a phone I would not get board of, BB is that phone!
Posted from my pearl.

My first BB is the 9550(Storm 2). I left the Iphone 3Gs just to have a BB. I gotta say what a great experience it has been from BB messenger to push email there nothing this phone does not do.I am done switching phones and forever branded a BB head.

My first was the Pearl 8100, which started my Crackberry addiction. Now have the Bold 9000 (for just over a week). Now more in love with BB.

My first Blackberry was the BB device emulator that comes with the JDE. My boss had asked me to try writing an application for it. Got my first "real" BB (a Pearl) last year, although I've been using my company's BB support phones for a few years.

I had a little mishap with a Samsung taking a swandive into a freshly poured glass of water (apparently water isnt good for electronic devices). At the time i had never really fiddled around with a blackberry, so when i was offered a used 8800 naturally I was a little overwhelmed. I even used it for about two months without a data plan! So you can imagine my eyes lighting up with excitement the first time I saw "requesting" at the bottom of browser page. What was great about my experience is that i was able to "rediscover" my device many times over, with bbm, 4.5, and so on. Crackberry came into the game later when i began customizing my 8310, took me a while to get on the forums but I am one of those daily users now!

The Storm 9530 was and is my first BlackBerry. This is my first round of smartphone use. I am a long time Verizon user so my choices of touchscreen phones were limited at the time. This is prior to the release of the Storm 2 and Droid. I am still very new at this and I learn new tips and tricks daily by playing around with the phone and reading the blogs and forums here on CrackBerry. I am tempted by the Droid only due to speed. But I am sure when it comes down to upgrade day, I will continue to be a BlackBerry Storm user.

This is creepily similar to my own experience with the blackberry. It almost makes you want to cry with joy haha. But alas, I am now a proud owner of a BB Storm2 (which coincidentally stays within 12 inches of my person at all time). VIVA LA BB

Love this! I started with a 8700c that my brother-in-law won and gave me. I wanted one for a while and when he won it he decided to give it to me because he was on Sprint. Since then I've had a Pearl, Curve, Bold 9000, and now a Bold 9700! I love BlackBerry. From time to time I start liking other devices, but always come back. I traded my 9000 for a iPhone for a week before buying my 9700 and by the end of the week I was calling the person with my 9000 ready to trade back! Your story is great!

I started off with a blackberry 7105t then later I got a curve 8300 from work, so I had two to play with. I went BB crazy from there. Now I have had the Storm since release but I have to say for the first time since 2006, I am getting kinda bored with it, nothing is new now (same ol' apps, games, etc).

i just got my 1st Blackberry this past Saturday. The Bold 9700 on tmo and i love it! I had been looking at it since b4 it came out like in July and been reading CB since then to. i fell in love with CB and Blackberry. Love at 1st site I'd have to say. I'll be sticking to this phone and will be getting Other BBs when they upgrade! I love you BB! and the Crackberry Family!!!!

i just got my 1st Blackberry this past Saturday. The Bold 9700 on tmo and i love it! I had been looking at it since b4 it came out like in July and been reading CB since then to. i fell in love with CB and Blackberry. Love at 1st site I'd have to say. I'll be sticking to this phone and will be getting Other BBs when they upgrade! I love you BB! and the Crackberry Family!!!!

I moved to Blackberry a little over a year ago and i'm hooked, since then i've gone through the 9000, 9500, 8900, another 9000 and finally got a 9700, cant wait for the next one :)

GO FOR THE BBS2 9550!!!!! You will NOT regret the choice. I must admit it will take a day or tow to get use to it, The typing strange at first,but it will be come second natire. I love mine. Had it since it came out. I was with VZN then switched for the lack of better plan somewhere I thought....Came back to VZN and I looked at the droids...both makes....and instinct pushed me to the BB, I did not like the track ball at all! I had a palm touch with a real keyboard, so I knew a touch had to be it. I do miss the actual keyboard a bit, but I take LOVE MY STORM 2!!!!!!NO IF AND OR BUTS, REGRETS AT ALL!!!! March to VZN today and get one girl. Let me know if you did.
If BB comes out with the rumored device with actual qwerty and a touch I am on it, but I can't say anything bad about the storm2, some have gave it a bad name, I have a iphone friend and he wants the storm now, just waiting on his contract to end. GET ONE NOW!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YA.

Loved my 8700's had one from every carrier....I would love to see Rim come out with a Throwback series of phones old look with a few new twists and upgrades

I have had a cell phone since the 80's. I am a young almost 59 yr old. HA ! I am tech savvy. I sold wireless for 3 yrs and during that time had sold many BB. So I knew a lot about them but wasn't sure they were for me. The past 5 yrs though I have come to have mobile email and text capabilities.
Prior to that, was just a phone for me.
My last upgrade I decided on The EnvTouch because I had all the env phones prior. I liked them. I loved the touch and how it worked. But then one day my email wasn't working. I had called Verizon and it was down. Also there were issues with Yahoo and Hotmail. My brother in Ohio had called me telling me he couldn't get his yahoo email as well. It was a a national issue. I had received a text message telling me the situation had been resolved. Apparently not with Google though, because I still could not use mobile email. I could get it web style but didn't like that. I was at 4 days till my 30 days was up on my upgrade. I was seriously debating on canceling my contract and trying another carrier even though I loved Verizon. I wasn't happy that my email wasn't working and they had no concrete answers about when Google would be running again.
And I actually had been having Google issues on and off but this was the worse and going on two weeks.
The customer service rep was great. She told me if I considered a Blackberry she would credit me the 35.00 restocking fee. I originally had thought about going with a BB but didn't want those extra charges. But it turned out though to not be that much more than what I was paying for the then Premium plan. So I went into the store and played with the Curve and The Tour. I first played with the Curve and really wasn't crazy about it. Then played with The Tour. So much more of a powerhouse device and it was hands down......The Tour. I also get a corporate discount on the basic plan and data plan. I am totally in love with The Tour and am glad to have become addicted to BB. I liked selling them. It was fun but never back then thought I would be a user. But I am finding I can't be without it and it has been a saving grace for me as well. I wasn't only having problems with my then EnvTouch, but my 8 month old laptop took a dive on me and it was long fight with HP but they came through for me and replaced it. And during that time, having my BB kept me connected on bill pay and everything I need. I am connected all the time. It is addicting. So this is how I finally came to the BB side and am very happy with it. I can't see me ever using anything else. It is a great device.

I have been a BlackBerry devotee since 2001. RIM survived a tempestuous few years - I was only mildly nervous. My first BlackBerry was the 957 purchased in 2001 on eBay powered by Cingular One, to now, as Verizon rolls out the BlackBerry Classic 2015 my 7th BlackBerry upgrade.