BlackBerry Music Store app now available for download from BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry Music Store
By Bla1ze on 3 Feb 2012 01:28 pm EST

For anyone who has a BlackBerry 7 device this news may not be that big of a deal seeing how the Music Store app came pre-loaded on your device, whether you saw the icon or not it was there and installed. For those without a BlackBerry 7 device though, the Music Store app has been in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for a while and now has moved on to being publicly available for download through BlackBerry App World.

Despite it being preloaded on BlackBerry 7 devices, those of you who tried out the app may have found that it was either not supported in your country (This app, only has support for Canada and Australia) or even got an error message stating it was disabled by your administrator. If you fit into that area, then the newly released version is the one you'll want to get your hands on. You see, Amazon MP3 powered the old version where the new version is essentially a front-end for the 7Digital music store but it's much more then that when you consider a few things.

For a while now, I griped about the inconsistency of a music market place on the PlayBook and BlackBerry 7 smartphones due to the fact the PlayBooks music store was powered by 7Digital but BlackBerry 7 devices were powered by Amazon MP3. As such, any music you purchased on your PlayBook wasn't easily retrieved on your BlackBerry smartphone. You could get it, but it was through the 7Digital app, which has a totally different icon and is a totally different download. Some folks, may not have ever even known there was a 7Digital app or site and went on thinking their purchased music was stuck on their PlayBook.

With the BlackBerry Music store now available as a separate download, being powered by 7Digital (like the PlayBooks music store) RIM finally has some convergence happening and almost a complete music ecosystem. Files bought on your PlayBook can be retrieved on your smarphone and vice-versa as they are both on the same system now. BBM Music is of course the last remaining piece of the puzzle since; music you purchase there cannot be accessed outside of BBM Music easily without some digging around (It uses Amazon MP3 still). But that leaves the door open for RIM to port BBM Music over to the PlayBook at some point ideally or come up with a different solution for moving the music about easily.

Download the BlackBerry Music Store app from App World

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BlackBerry Music Store app now available for download from BlackBerry App World


It's good to see them move to consistency on the platform. Next they need to make "BlackBerry" apps follow a similar appearance scheme.

I have a 9930, which I just upgraded to 7.1. I downloaded the BBM Music as part of the upgrade. Just checked it out, it has the free 6 month trial.

Did a search. Started playing a song. Hit the + sign. "You have 0 of 50 songs. You have 75 song adds remaining."

This was released like 2 days ago. Why is crackberry so slow LOOOL
and why don't blackberry merge BBM Music and Music store together but them separate does kinda make sense

I personally liked the Amazon mp3 store, is the new music store bigger in terms of selection? I hope so if not its a downgrade of sorts. Wouldn't it be alot easier to put the Amazon mp3 store and cloud player on the PB instead of the other way around?

Hey I used the one month free trial when the released it as a beta and now when I go download it, I can get the 6 months free. Is there any possible way to get the trial extended for 6months? If I had knew this was gonna happen I def would have waited it out so I could get the trial version for 6 months.


...and *this* was the solution you proposed for a unified system across different hardware platforms, do you think you'd get a good grade?

I think it's the opposite , for me . Amazon is on the PB , and 7digital is on my BB7 . I'm in the US so maybe that's it . ? .

Slightly annoying that this isn't available in the UK - Amazon is the worst for trying to re-download your purchased songs from and 7digital seems to be the best alternative to iTunes...

If only 7digital had a globally available vouchers that you can redeem on the device (a la iTunes vouchers on iPhone or Amazon MP3 voucher for the Amazon MP3 store) then I reckon it would succeed more and give consumers more choice rather than just iTunes

I got in a rather lengthy email exchange with 7digital marketing as I emailed them to discuss their pricing. I think their individual song pricing is out of line with their competition. 1.49 for a song is higher than amazon and itunes. They were receptive but no change will come unless there is volume. I buy what I can when I see deals and special pricing. I downloaded the canadian version on my phone, I do the purchases on my PB as this is in USD and then pull up the Music Store app on my phone and ask it download until it is available in US. A cloud service similar to amazon would be great but they indicated that they are not pursuing that as of now.


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