BlackBerry Music said to be well under development, beta coming in the next few weeks?

By Bla1ze on 18 Aug 2011 04:41 pm EDT
BlackBerry Music

The news of RIM working on a "BlackBerry Music" application isn't exactly new -- we've heard the rumors in the past but new information is suggesting that RIM has come to agreements with major music labels for the new service and development is going as planned. According to CNET:

RIM has signed a deal with at least one of the top-four record companies and is close to signing at least two others, the sources said, adding that a test version of the service could be rolled out within the next few weeks.

Other then that, solid details have been rather slim. The new service, when rolled out -- is said to be BBM connected and set for subscription based pricing that will cost users $4.99 once out of beta. The information is rather interesting especially when you take into account that right now, all BlackBerry 7 devices rolling out have a "Music Store" icon loaded but that store is powered by Amazon MP3. We're reluctant to say expect a beta within the next few weeks though, reason being -- We've heard RIM themselves have only been testing it internally for a short period if time.

Source: CNET

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BlackBerry Music said to be well under development, beta coming in the next few weeks?


It could be better if MS and Rim got an agreement to use Zune Pass as BB Music service, it going to be a iTunes Killer...

Will this be replacing the native application? Also, what kind of perks does this app have? :S I don't really see the point of this app.. :(

if I could get the itunes store on my blackberry it would be awesome. no stupid subscription app tho, those are a waste of time.

anyone know how the BB7 music quality stacks up to os 6 or iphone?

Now that the cat is out of the bad. A while back when the Monaco made an appearance it had some icons blocked out. Well blackberry music was one of them.

Why use Ke$ha for this promo? That's like trying to sell a healthy diet with pictures of Jabba the Hut and Pearl the fat vampire in the first Blade movie.

yeah promo is probably not the right word. However you did confirm that this is an official image from RIM so again I must ask. Why Ke$ha? You would think that RIM would put an actual musician on the screen when dealing with a music service.

(okay i know im just hating but seriously... Ke$ha? Thats like giving Syria a seat on the UN Human Rights Council)

Setting up your own music platform that will have to compete with iTunes and Amazon is a tall order. Seems like a big waste of resources.

I think farming out their music service to Amazon is a good idea. Let them handle the heavy lifting. Their prices are competitive, music is DRM free and they have cool stuff like Cloud Storage that you can take advantage of.

uhhh if this is subscription based, would this not be competing with Thumbplay, Slacker, etc. as opposed to Amazon and iTunes?

i was surprised to see the amazon music store instead of 7digital like the playbook has. I thought that was going to be the default store. I dont think 7digital offers a subscription service but i really didnt look.

This really concerns me. Why would RIM try to reinvent the wheel? They already interface nicely with iTunes, and then there is spotify and pandora. C'mon Rim, spend your resources in bringing QNX, and PLEASE replace that horrid camera in the 9900 series!

The camera isn't anything special, but it's not "horrid" and even worth mentioning in a music article. Stop reading the troll's posts and think for yourself.

You're silly. Why wouldn't they make an attempt to bring in revenue? And it's not like they have one developer who handles everything for the company. "Oh no, we can't get QNX phones developed because Ted is working on the streaming music!".

Is this the reason why RIM is preventing the Spotify client to be released......?
Sorry, but it is really hard to see the point behind all the efforts in such app (know that Spotify spent a year getting the agreements with the industry) where there are so much other things to develop and keep focus on to not stay behind...

More likely they are doing this kind of thing because somebody like Spotify hasn't produced a client for the blackberry as you would think that it would be vastly simpler for them to work with spotify to include support for some of the bbm6 functionality in a blackberry version of the client.

If they include a feature to pay and download music it would be an interesting tie-in with BBM. Sending song samples to users on your contact list in order to spur sales. Should be interesting.