Special Limited Time BlackBerry Community Offer: Buy the BlackBerry Music Gateway and Premium Car Charger together and save BIG!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2012 09:23 am EST

Special Limited Time Offer

Buy the BlackBerry Music Gateway and BlackBerry Premium Micro-USB Car Charger Together and Save!

BlackBerry Music Gateway Promo!

Ever since the new BlackBerry Music Gateway was released, we've had trouble keeping this one in stock at ShopCrackBerry. And for good reason. The BlackBerry Music Gateway is one of those must-have mobile accessories. It's small and versatile, allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your BlackBerry or other phone or tablet (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) to your traditional home and car audio systems. People who buy the BlackBerry Music Gateway, LOVE it. 5 / 5 stars all the way!

Knowing how much of a hit the BlackBerry Music Gateway has been with CrackBerry Nation, we went to work with the Advanced Accessory team at BlackBerry to put together a special CrackBerry community promotion for all the loyal BlackBerry fans out there. We've secured a solid inventory of BlackBerry Music Gateways, and for a limited time you can buy the BlackBerry Music Gateway and Premium BlackBerry In-Vehicle Charger together for only $59.95. That's big savings over the full MSRP of $80.

It's a great offer for the CrackBerry community. Be sure to watch the video above for a quick overview of the BlackBerry Music Gateway and hit up the links below to learn more and take advantage of this exclusive limited time offer. And don't forget, within Canada and the U.S.A we offer free shipping on all orders over $50, and now offer affordable international shipping options worldwide.

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Special Limited Time BlackBerry Community Offer: Buy the BlackBerry Music Gateway and Premium Car Charger together and save BIG!

Calling all Canadians: Just a reminder too that for all Canadians, this special promo is also available in our CrackBerry Canada store. You should get redirected automatically to that page. If not, you can click here to land on the offer in the Canada store. All Canada store orders ship from within Canada. All US and other International orders from our main ShopCrackBerry.com store ship from USA. Thanks!

Awesome! I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these for the longest time, but shopblackberry.com is always out of stock with no email updates...... Thanks Crackberry, I just rolled out of bed and ordered the combo before getting my coffee. I hope it's as good as I think it's going to be. So tired of running around the house to change songs, it screws up my dance moves and the cable is a trip hazard. I'm excited!!!

Darn! I just purchased those two items about two weeks apart and just got the Gateway in the mail last week. I did get them in 15% off sales but this price definitely beats that!

With all the BB10 release date math, the math at checkout seems off.

BB Music Gateway
CAD 49.95 - Reg.
CAD 38.94 - Sale
You Save
CAD 11.01 (22%) (<-- correct)

Car Charger
CAD 26.95 - Reg.
CAD 21.01 - Sale
You Save
CAD 18.98 (47%) (<-- WTH?????)

$26.95-$21.01 = $5.94 (22%) Savings not $18.98. Even if it's a total savings that would be $11.01 + $5.94 = $16.95 (22%).

Either way, this is a great deal at $60 for both items. I'm debating getting a second BBMG, screw it, I'm ordering.

I actually happened to read this review and happened to go through a Best Buy today. Picked up the Music Gateway for 49. Great buy so far! I have my BB, Playbook and Laptop hooked up to my surround sound system. Will make parties much better being able to play loud music without worry about tripping on wires.

Anyone know if the charger has enough juice to charge the PlayBook? Even if it is slow. I bought the dual charging smartphone experts car charger but the cable is worn out and not charging properly. I would like to get the BlackBerry one as they make great reliable chargers.

Um, I just ordered this package on Friday - Do i get to price match or refuse first order and reorder??

AND After just one email to support, I had the difference credited for the deal price --- THANKS SHOPCRACKBERRY!!!

ok bought this and am having some issues.

9810 plays no problem sounds great, nice and loud.

ipod fully updated etc , wont play loud. you need to be in the same room and still its very low.
i tried with two different ipods all same songs, sound check is off etc.
the blackberry works no problem.

is there a setting i need to do/fix?

I have a few questions about the music gateway. anyone in the know please answer.

1) does anyone know if it will work fine with the BB10 devices?
2) I read that it works up to 10 meters. is that enough wide range? (sounds small range to me)
3) i was wondering if the music app on the Playbook has to be open while it plays over the gateway?
4) and finally if my music is streaming to my speaker system via the gateway can my kids play on the Playbook and hear sounds from games over the playbooks speakers? basically if im streaming music over the gateway to my speaker system does that disable the playbooks speakers?

Ahhh!!! I wish to buy! it desperately ! I have a coupon of 50$ from blackberry store. Dam the Music Gateway is out of stock from months.....is there a way i can sell of the coupon.?

ssshhhhh little secret here
use the buy10 code for additional 10% off
don't tell the CB gods (or maybe its not a secret)