BlackBerry monza coming to T-Mobile June 29th?!

By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2011 02:52 pm EDT
BlackBerry Monza

We're just little under a week away from the start of BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida and while we're expecting to hear quite a bit about the PlayBook but we'd be lying if we didn't say we're just a little bit more excited to hear about some new BlackBerry Smartphones. Since the BlackBerry 2011 roadmap showed up, we've been wondering when we'd see the new smartphones come to market -- and now some new rumors, mixed with old rumors have a possible launch date for at least one device.

The BlackBerry Touch aka. monza has for a while been suggested as coming to market in June or July but the launch date has now gotten rather specific -- June 29th. Granted, that is just a rumored date and there isn't much else to go on but it's certainly a date we'd like to see become reality. Hopefully, we'll find out more as we head into BlackBerry World.

Source: TMoNews

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BlackBerry monza coming to T-Mobile June 29th?!


I guess my only question is:

Being that At&t has bought T-Mobile, is it the same rumored date for them?

They haven't bought them yet. They still market and sell different products. You won't see any change in marketing until the deal is complete. Probably a year or so from now.

AT&T hasn't bought T-Mobile yet (this coming from my TMo rep) - he says the deal hasn't even been approved yet.
Guess we'll see.....

Thank you kindly, Kilroy. I'll keep my fingers crossed either way. Do you see any real opposition to the deal?

Oh great, another great phone coming to a company about to be absorbed by another company. I hope sprint gets this phone because the Style isnt cutting it.

im not thrilled about these new BlackBerries still being 3G UMTS... I hope 4G (either HSDPA+ or LTE or WiMax), or its Android for me.

Doing a lot of file sharing on there or multi-player FPS's? I hear ya. Since I have an 8900, going from 2G to 3G is going to be awesome.

Same here, and hotspotting, tethering or bridging booyaahh!!! Either way its free ONLY on T-Mobile! Did I mention T-Mobile is the only one that has UMA as well- UMA ROCKS!!!

Since I got my torch I'm a touch screen convert, so this to me is heaven. Glad they made the screen that big! Hopefully it comes out in white as I'm also a whiteberry convert :)

Hot damn! I was expecting this around September, but if it launches in June/July that's perfect because it's right during my upgrade period! Here's hoping the rumors about being able to install apps to the memory card are true!

I hope it launches sooner so I can take it with me on my upcoming trip. I never heard rumors of saving apps to the memory card? NICE!!! I wish it had a front facing cam though :(, can you imagine BBM video calls? HELL YAH!

They should do like the white iPhone rumor that its gonna have all the 3G bands so it can be used on ANY network. Come on RIM, step it up guys where's you thinking cap?

Who said this was the monaco? This still can be released on verizon but maybe not June. I wish it was though cause I want to replace my 9650. This thing is going to be fast...well at least looks that way! Also it will have wifi hotspot which will be better than bluetooth tethering for my playbook!

Whooooooo! I sure hope June 29th is a solid date for the BlackBerry Touch (Monza)!!! I guess the GSM version will hit the street before the Monaco does! I have got to get one as soon as it rolls in the store! I could be sooooo happy with a BlackBerry like that so BRING IT ON and keep the T-Mobile customers happy !!!!

So if this is for T-Mobile it'll obviously be able to be unlocked and used for At&t but will it run 3G since T-Mobile has different 3G bands? I guess I'll have to wait for it to possibly come out for At&t.

I thought it was the Bold Touch that most interested me, but the more I see & hear of this BB Touch, the more convinced I am that this is THE BlackBerry for me. I'm ready for this one to hit the market on AT&T or Verizon. Either way, I'm leaving Sprint. I want either a BlackBerry touch screen or an iPhone and it looks like that just isn't going to happen on Sprint.

If it comes out on June 29th. I'm selling my Bold 9700 to get the monza for T-Mobile. Bring it on big T. Now give us the Playbook with 3G and i'm selling my android tablet "Samsung Galaxy Tab". One thing missing, is the possibility for the monza to work on 4G "HSPA", I hope it does...

I so wish it had a front facing cam and like the white iPhone that has ALL the 3G bands so it can be used on ANY network, but I'm loving this and can't wait to get it.

If this phone and the Bold Touch are RIM's top of the line phones (which they are), why didn't RIM make them both with the same specs? It only makes sense to make them stand out.

Meh. I liked the Storm better, at least it looked like a BlackBerry, this looks like just any other touch phone...