BlackBerry may have downsized for Mobile World Congress this year but they are there - loud and proud.

By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2013 03:28 am EST

If you are into smartphones and tablets in general you may well have seen from other sites that Mobile World Congress (MWC) is currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain. In previous years BlackBerry have had two large separate areas at the expo but as we detailed a couple of months ago things are a little different for them this time around. Due to the HUGE global launch of BlackBerry 10 that started on January 30th, BlackBerry made the decision a long time ago to not go big at MWC this time around. They are there though and as you can see from the images they have a nice demonstration booth for visitors to the show to come and use BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet.

All eyes have been on the BlackBerry Z10 recently and clearly that's a big focus for BlackBerry at the moment, but they have the full range of smartphones out on show with staff on hand to discuss devices and applications. You have to remember that a vast amount of attendees to the show will not even have BlackBerry 10 for sale in their respective countries yet and even if they do BlackBerry 7 is still huge in many markets around the world.

MWC always sees a barrage of Android phones and tablets announced along now with Windows Phones. The Mobile Nations team that are there have been doing a fantastic job of covering the news so head on over to our sister sites or for all the latest releases.


BlackBerry may only have a small presence at Mobile World Congress this year but they have been in the headlines pretty much constantly for the last couple of months. BlackBerry 10 is rolling out around the globe and the Z10 is getting great feedback which is just what we want to hear.

I suspect next years show will see BlackBerry back again with the big exhibition areas - BlackBerry 10 is just the start of the next era of mobile computing.

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BlackBerry may have downsized for Mobile World Congress this year but they are there - loud and proud.


About the Q10: It was shown and demonstrated to german hardware and technology website ComputerBase after they specificly requested it. No hands-on however, just a Blackberry rep who demonstrated it.

BlackBerry could have made more of a splash at this event. It looks like something they set up just for the sake of being there in case somebody is curious about BlackBerry 10.

Hi, everybody!
I have been this morning at MWC 2013-Barcelona and I didn't see the tiny BlackBerry stand. I tried to find it, but it was impossible. Please, where is this little place? Thank you very much.

Damn. If CES wasn't restricted to non-consumers, I would've gotten tons of footage and been glad to attend. I wish MWC will happen in toronto soon. I WANNA SEE EVERYTHING! :)

Cross my heart...but BlackBerry should be modest and must avoid bighead-affectations, cause the Z10 would have been be a big hit- in january 2011 or 2012, but now its only average stuff! We will see, if BlackBerry will continue its "relaunch" successfully with SUITABLE devices IN TIME....