BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.0 now available

MVS 5.0
By IsaacKendall on 5 Aug 2010 02:34 pm EDT

Back at WES we posted about the revamped MVS which incorporated Wi-Fi calling, and today it is now available. For those who don't know what it is, there is a demo video showing you what MVS 5.0 is all about.

You've probably seen all this new marketing on subways, buses and TV spots pushing BlackBerry Messenger hard, reason BBM is exclusive to BlackBerry - there's no app for that anywhere else. Well in the business space they are going to do a full-court-press with MVS, RIM believes it can be a game changer. For consumers BBM for some reason is virtually impossible to disconnect from, I even did a post on that fact and 60% voted that BBM is where it's at.  That's what they want MVS to be in the business world.

Business customers who deploy MVS will be lifelong BlackBerry customers. The way MVS hooks into the corporate phone system and the level of controls you have over the use will make every IT guy smile. The end users will find MVS invaluable as well because it offers you the dream of one voicemail box. MVS brings a whole host of features like 4-digit dialling.

The killer app in MVS 5.0 is Wi-Fi calling. Imagine you're in your hotel in Kuala Lumpur attached to Wi-Fi and you're making calls back to colleagues and customers without grotesque roaming charges. Now the accounting people are happy. In the corporate space that's the trifecta - IT, end users & accounting all happy at the same time.

The new MVS 5.0 brings new pricing along with the new features. RIM is trying to have small businesses embrace this product by offering MVS 5.0 for a reasonable price of $180.00 per CAL. Provided your phone system is compatible with MVS you can be up and running in almost no time.



And that is why Blackberry is and will always be the number one choice!

Love you BB!


LOL, biggest joke I've heard the whole day. Thanks for making my day.


Why is that a joke?


Making phone calls in a business enterprise over wifi and reducing costs significantly...that's a joke? lol

I've seen this feature used and its a benchmark in corporate telecommunications.

Get a job and you'll understand. lol


Disgusting how dumb some people can be


I currently work a Fortune 500 company and we're running some tests with another type of VOIP system that uses your laptop as the phone. So far the system works well, however you have to buy some equipment and provide some support. The MVS from RIM has the added benefit of not needing new hardware for the end users. No new devices to aquire, learn, use, carry. Everyone aleady carries a RIM device, this would just be a value added feature to it.


I would love to have that feature of VOIP. Love it.
I hope new apps start popping up with that feature.


Will some outfit like Mailstreet provide this for individual users do you think?


I would only hope. This would be great if they did...


This is truly amazing. This is great if theres calls that need to screened while in the field all through the MVS. Exciting.


Would be awesome, but from what I understand, impossible.


I already use MVS and trust me, it ROCKS.


there needs to be an MVS for CDMA small biz users.....

or some upgrade that allows the 9650 to make wifi calls.


Very cool feature!


UMA calling over WiFi on my blackberry has been a major selling point for me for a couple of years. It took a bit of time for T-Mobile and RIM to get it smooth -- but it's been virtually flawless for a while now, and a fantastic feature.

Anywhere my blackberry has access to and can connect to a WiFi access point the phone switches over to UMA - connecting my phone to the T-Mobile network over WiFi. Speed, sound quality, bandwidth - all superb.

I know that MVS offers much more -- so I'm guessing that it will be a fantastic feature. If I wind up in the IT lead position again (I've been a CIO / CTO a few times), I will certainly have my team check it out. For personal use, I'm hoping that it becomes available on a small business and/or BIS basis!

- Jon


This is a dream come true for many. This is definitely a "quantum leap." Looking forward to everything new coming out from RIM.


I like when you use Kuala Lumpur as an example. Just wonder whether people here know where is Kuala Lumpur. LOL


Truly Asia, Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur is State Federal Territory


Wow it's nice to see that my city mentioned in CrackBerry :)


Pretty cool don't think it'll do me much good I have a very small business with bout 4 ppl it is what blackberry has come up with lately


RIM really needs to push this to BES users, this is a killer product, having this incorporated into business is awesome,

as a BB business user on the road I have multiple voicemail boxes because of office numbers/ extensions and mobile voicemail, having this as my only voicemail, and having my office extension ring my mobile phone means I can give just 1 phone number on my business card, NO more mobile, international, and Canadian!

I would ideally like to see this tie into a call log sync back so every call made from my BB I can see in an application on my desktop, be it syncing with Outlook's call log, or other 3rd Parties, would make recording what was done in a day so much easier.