BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.0 Demo

By Adam Zeis on 12 May 2010 11:19 am EDT

We've been hearing about BlackBerry Mobie Voice System for quite some time now, and with the announcement from WES, we know things are moving along and it will be available later this year. If you're not sure just how exactly MVS works you're not alone. Isaac cleared things up a bit for us, but some things are just better seen then read. The team at BlackBerry has done up a demo video to show off MVS and shows just what goes down. Its a cool 5 minutes that helps to better understand what MVS is all about. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.0 Demo


Wow, hopefully my company jumps on this. I use my personal cell all the time since I am never in the office, always traveling. Would love to only give out my office number, and just keep my cell for friends/family.

I am just commenting on this post because its most recent but I heard that may 11 there was a new os coming out for t mobile blackberrys 9700... Well I have one and I waited all day for it...but no.. Never happened I'm still stuck with the .353 someone help me out please?!

This would a nice feature to have. I work for a Sheriff's Office that requires I use my personal cell for work. Well obviously, I don't give that number out to people, and instead, I have to give them my office voicemail number, which I only check once a day. Needless to say, having an office number I could give them and have it routed instead to my BlackBerry would be ideal. Especially if I could turn it off when I'm off duty and let the voicemail do its job.

I don't see our county implementing this, at least not on a level where road cops would see any use of it, nor would I want my personal phone tied into our BES, but it does have several applications I could find useful. I'm happy to see RIM is still innovating for both the corporate and consumer markets.

I am working with LEOs right now who are using this service on a trail basis. They are loving it. They are selecting between personal cell number and station number presentation to call receipients. We have taken it one step futher and created cold numbers for detectives and investigators such as the process used for cold plates on vehicles.

Already can do all that without any blackberry software or servers. In fact any phone can be used cell, or home phone. Instead of drop down menu, we use * plus digit for transfer, hold etc.

This can be easily done via a SIP VoIP client if there was one ever made for a Blackberry that didn't cost thousands of dollars to license. :rolleyes:

Fact is, how many companies will pay for MVS as an extra RIM component when they wouldn't need to if a standard SIP client was available or if their companies would use another phone platform that allows for either pay or free SIP clients that work perfectly via WIFI, VPN, etc.

The big problem is that RIM keeps everyone in the dark about these capabilities and then they make it seem like thir products are somehow the end all solution to the customer's needs. :rolleyes:

this is something that you can atleast somewhat satisfy with google voice and you know the features will only continue to expand

I seem to remember a year or so ago that Sprint announced functionality similar to this, but at the carrier level.

Am I mistaken, or was their offering MVS simply re-packaged?

Either way, the concept is something I know many of my clients would love to go with their current VoIP systems.

Doesn't Google Voice do just about this exactly (minus the 4 digit extension dialing and WiFi)? You can have one number, have different phones ring, have a single mailbox, transfer the call mid-call from cellphone to office phone, schedule which phones ring when, plus receive transcribed voice mails (granted, this could use some work).

What are the other "wow's" for this service that would make me want to stay with BB and not switch to Android/Google?

i second that thought and would like to ask if this is a carrier thing because tmo does wifi calling while (to my knowledge) the others do not. (except, maybe, at&t with the i4... but i think that only thee video get routed via wifi)

For all those who just want make VoIP calls with their own PBX or VoIP provider without BES or MVS, we have a SIP VoIP client (fgVoIP) you can try out with your PBX/Provider:

If you do want to try pls note the supported devices on the web site.