BlackBerry Mobile Site Gets a Facelift

By James Falconer on 13 May 2008 11:00 am EDT

BlackBerry Mobile SiteThe BlackBerry Mobile site has received a fresh 'facelift'. The new design is more colorful and graphical and it loads pretty darn fast.

All-in-all I think the new mobile site looks great. Nice and colorful and easy to use. When you hit it, the first thing you'll see are handy 'What's Hot' headlines at the top of the page. The top headline at the moment is 'New BlackBerry Bold'. Who'd a thunk it, eh? :)

You'll also notice how compact and simple the homepage is. The What's Hot headlines are followed by 6 main categories: Help, Applications, Fun & Games, Featured Links, Mobile Sites and Mobile Poll. Simple and clear, I like it.

To check it out visit on your Berry's browser.

Thanks to Dave for sending this in.

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BlackBerry Mobile Site Gets a Facelift


None of those are new. Outbreak Control, Blackjack Sodoku, Ka-Glom, Medieval Kings Chess 2, Circle Popper... all have been there for months.

I looked at didn't see any new free games. At least not on the Free Games page. Everything there has been up there for a couple of months, at least.