BlackBerry Mobile Fusion 6 Service Pack 2 Now Available

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion
By Adam Zeis on 30 Nov 2012 08:38 am EST

RIM has released an update to BlackBerry Mobile Fusion 6. Service pack 2 is available now and provides updates for Universal Device Service that includes additional support for iOS and Android devices. The service pack further enhances the usabiliy of BlackBerry Mobile fusion and prepares enterprises for BlackBerry 10 services as well. Keep reading for the full list of updates.

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New Features in Universal Device Service 6.2

  • Gatekeeping for Exchange ActiveSync: provides enterprises with the ability to limit access to Exchange ActiveSync to managed and compliant devices
  • Support for Proxy Servers for Outgoing Connections from Universal Device Service: this improvement helps enterprises deploy the Universal Device Service in their existing IT infrastructure
  • SCEP Proxy for Certificate Provisioning to Managed Devices: enterprises that want to improve security and user experience using certificate based authentication can now provision certificates to devices from an enterprise CA without the need to expose SCEP to the Internet
  • Support for Android devices with Motorola EDM: the Universal Device Service configures the native PIM client on devices that support Motorola Enterprise Device Management
  • More Flexible Assignment of Automated Compliance Actions: administrators now have more flexibility in assigning measures to be taken by the system for jailbreaking and app incompliance by users and user groups 
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BlackBerry Mobile Fusion 6 Service Pack 2 Now Available


I just installed that service pack yesterday. The additions and fixes to the Universal Device Service were a significant improvement. I'm still in the test phase at my client but I think they'll be rolling it out or BES 10 in the new year.

I don't see RIM really making any money when the BB10 comes out simply because most of the out there aren't really keen and interested in having to run multiple servers which the new Fusion Mobile (or Mobile Fusion) requires that they have started to investigate secure MDM solutions for other devices like iPhone and Android which cost a lot less than building and managing FM or MF servers.

BES 10 consolidates them all and can be ran virtually. I'm running all the MF Suite virtually and it works. Just an FYI, other MDM's can manage IOS and Android but im pretty confident that when BES 10 comes out, those other MDM's will not be capable of providing the same features as BES 10 will.