BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing now available

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jun 2011 08:56 am EDT

BlackBerry Mobile ConferencingBlackBerry Mobile Conferencing

A few weeks back we saw BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing hit the Beta Zone and today it has been officially released via BlackBerry App World. The app simplifies conference calling from your BlackBerry, allowing you to schedule, join and rejoin calls with ease. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing integrates with your native BlackBerry calendar so there is no extra app around to get in the way. Features include:

  • Join Now - when it's time for a conference call to begin, the reminder notification will allow you to join the call without having to remember or dial lengthy telephone or access numbers. Join anytime from the calendar appointment.
  • Reconnect - it's just one click to rejoin if you are disconnected from the call.
  • Easy Scheduling - store your personal conference bridge details in the Calendar to easily schedule conference calls. Your host code is hidden so participants only see the information they need to join.

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing is a free download and is available for most devices from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing

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BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing now available


Great app. Love how useful it is. Use it daily. Best part is storing your bridge details and being able to automatically add them to calls and calendar items you set up from your BB.

Eh? I don't get it, you can already add conf call details to a calendar entry and when reminded it prompts the 'Join Now' button, which calls and passes the conf ID, all in the base OS. What am I gaining here with this?

I didn't have it until I installed this. What OS and device are you running? Maybe the build it in to newer OS builds. I'm on on a TMO 9780.

I'm pretty sure thats been around awhile, I had these features in my calender on my Bold 9000. On my torch you go into the calender, hit the BB button and select options, should be right there in options.

OS6 it built into the calendar. When you create an appointment, scroll down and check the box marked "Conference Call." It is right above the box "Make Private"

You can then add in the conference call details. "Join Now" appears on the Blackberry menu for any meeting you have entered conference call details. When the meeting reminder comes up, a "Join Now" button appears as an option.

Only gain with this new app is that it can store profiles. This is not available with the base OS6. It would be a great feature, however, I saw one review that you can only add up to five saved profiles? Anyway, not really worth the 838kb to me at this time. Maybe the next OS6 update will have the ability to store profiles and add to a meeting from a stored profile on the fly!

Adam, "BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing is a free download and is available for most devices in the US/CANADA from BlackBerry App World."