BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Review

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is an awesome setup that has me using my BlackBerry PlayBook more than ever.

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2012 02:37 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook is one of those accessories that everyone wanted at launch. I remember my excitement over the BlackBerry PlayBook Convertible Case; had there been a keyboard tucked into that package - I can only imagine how pumped I would have been. At the core, the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is a Convertible Case just tweaked in various areas with a stand and bluetooth keyboard/trackpad combo. The keyboard itself looks great as the black/white/blue color scheme fits in with the rest of the case. As first glance you can see the keys will be a bit rough for those of us with bigger hands due to their small size. With its good looks and portability, I found the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard has me using my PlayBook more than ever. Read on for my full review.


The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard was rumored for a few months before it hit the streets. We saw it pop up a few times here and there, one of which was on Kevin's doorstep. While we never really had any hands-on time with it, we pretty much knew what to expect. We've been itching for a BlackBerry Bluetooth keyboard and now we have one. The case itself is a reimagined BlackBerry PlayBook Convertible Case. It has the same basic design and is a bit fatter. Open it up, and you will see that the top holds your BlackBerry PlayBook and the bottom sports a mini Bluetooth keyboard. On the back cover you'll find a "kickstand" that holds the case and PlayBook up in "viewing mode". This I found a mixed bag as there is really only one position - you can't adjust the angle at all really which is kind of a drag. I suppose you can get used to having it as is, but if you want to move it at all, you'll have to MacGuyver it somehow. It does sit at an angle you'd expect for most things you'll need to do, but say if you're in the sun or just need to move it up or down, you can't easily manage that.

Using the keyboard 

The keyboard is obviously not the biggest, so those of us with fat fingers may have some difficulty typing on it. I'll admit it was reallydifficult at first to type on the small keys. I found myself crouching my hands and using more of a "hunt and peck" method of typing. I kept at it for a while (I wrote most of this review with it) and was able to adjust after some time. It takes your hands a bit of time to get used to the smaller surface area of each key, and I also found myself moving my hands up to hit the space bar (rather than just my thumbs) which I found annoying. After about an hour or so I warmed up to the layout and was able to type much quicker than at the start. Once you get the hang of it you'll be speeding right along.

I think at times it may almost be better to just use the remote feature in BlackBerry Bridge and just type on your phone, however that may not be an option for everyone. The purpose of this case is to be your "on the go" laptop for plane flights, meetings or what have you - and for that it does its job well.

Trackpad navigation and gestures 

The trackpad is very handy and RIM has implemented the gestures very well. Knowing how much you can do simply by swiping on the PlayBook screen, it's awesome to see those gestures carried over to the trackpad navigation as well. The built in trackpad navigation goes like this:

  • Mouse left-click: Using one finger, tap the touchpad.
  • Mouse right-click: Using two fingers, simultaneously tap the touchpad.
  • Mouse scroll: Using two fingers slide your fingers up or down on the touchpad to scroll up or downon a page.
  • Switch between open apps: Move the mouse pointer to the right or left edge of the screen (the pointer changes to one of the Switch App Right or Switch App Left icons), then right-click. Repeat to switch to the app you want.
  • Open the Home screen to select apps: Move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen (the pointer changes o the Home Screen Minimize icon), then right-click. The home screen appears where you can switch to another app.
  • Show the status bar: Move the mouse pointer to the top-left or top-right of the screen (the pointer changes to theShow Status Bar Right or Show Status Bar Left icons), then right-click.
  • Show the menu: Move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen (the pointer changes to the Show Menu icon), then right-click.
  • Open the virtual keyboard: Move the mouse pointer to the bottom-left corner of the screen (the pointer changes to the Show Keyboard icon), then right-click.
  • Move between pictures: Tap a picture with one finger, and then hold your finger on the picture and swipe to move to the next picture.

So as you can see, the navigation in the trackpad is pretty amazing. You can do everything you would normally do by swiping all on the trackpad - great stuff. This again was hard to master at first. Remembering the taps, scrolls and clicks confused me a bit at the start, but picking it up is easy after a few minutes. I do like that there is no physical "click" on the trackpad - rather it's just a tap. At first I thought it would be like my MacBook Pro trackpad and actually press down, but I love the fact that the tracked on the Mini Keyboard is solid and one less thing to worry about wearing out. My other small gripe is that I wish there were a way to speed up the scrolling a bit (if there is, I can't find it). I find that I have to lift my finger and shuffle the cursor too much when moving around the screen, where if the cursor speed were quicker this wouldn't be necessary.

Ports and charging 

Charging the case itself and your PlayBook is super easy and you don't do anything special. The PlayBook ports are open on the bottom, so aside from having to leave the case open, you won't have to remove your tablet at all. The keyboard microUSB port is on the side which is awesome and makes charging it with the case closed the best option.

If you have a fear of committal you may think twice about sticking your PlayBook in the Mini Keyboard case as it's a real bear to get out. This is a good thing in that you won't have to worry about your PlayBook coming out on its own -- ever -- but, it does make for some hard times when you try to get it out. You have to pry at a corner and press from the back to get the device out, but once you do it a few times you'll easily get the hang of it.


Can this serve as a replacement for your laptop? I'd say in lots of cases, absolutely. Quick day trips, planes, trains or business meetings, the Mini Keyboard Case is an awesome setup that gets the job done. You'll have what you need in a much smaller package and won't have to worry about carting around your laptop or forgetting an extra charger. Once you get used to typing on the keyboard you can crank out long emails and documents with ease and won't miss having your laptop at all.

Do you have a BlackBerry Mini Keyboard? Thinking of picking one up? Head into the CrackBerry forums for more discussion.


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BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Review


Would really consider it, if it had a built in battery that would charge my playbook a bit!

I know! The Mini Keyboard case has been a very frustrating item for our e-commerce team to deal with (Adam got this as a review unit - trust me, he's not trying to throw it in your face. Plus, the review helps people are still on the fence to decide. You're obviously hardcore and ordered asap).

RIM chose to do some weird exclusivity stuff on the launch of this one (in Canada with The Source), but US availability should be hitting soon. Our e-commerce team is ON TOP of this one - the second the inventory is in it will ship. It's kinda been like torture for us waiting on this one. CrackBerry has a big following of loyal customers who want to buy from us - short term exclusivity to somebody else just makes the loyal customers we have get forced into waiting. Maybe for the next cool RIM accessory product launch they can make up for the delays on this one by giving to us first! :)

Thx for the patience and support in the meantime.

I ordered early too, and I feel bad for sellers like Crackberry. I don't understand RIM here. Finally make a product available that was first seen ages ago, and then make the availability of it non-existent?? This happened under the new CEO and to be quite honest, it scares me if this is the future of RIM.

Yeah, when I bought in at $16.75 I thought I had hit bottom, but now I've lost another 25% of my money on RIM, while my APPL friends have been laughing at me. I wait for the day to snub my nose at them, but for now they keep laughing and all I can do is support RIM until the ship sinks (hope not!).

SO I've heard rumours of take-over... if they are, will stock prices go UP? or DOWN? Or will the stocks become worthless? What happens to the investors in this scenario? Just asking...

Your stock will be transferred to the new companies stock but it won't be worth the same. It should go up. I had stock in an oil company that got bought out and that's what happened to me. Your broker will take care of it all

Thanks kev, I am just frustrated as I bought a bluetooth case and keyboard combo worked great for a month got me used to it and bam it dies. I got it cheap and was meant to hold me over until this one came out. I don't wanna buy another just to hold me over. I am hard core I need 5 total but didn't wanna hog them up since it was pre order. So I need three more :-)

Kevin---with the large following in Crackberry I just can't fathom that they would still not be releasing them. I am constantly surprised at RIM's business plan. They are going down the toilet and instead of working hard to keep their base of loyal customers, they do everything they can to alienate them. Nobody is more of an addict than me, but they keep it up and I will go through rehab and move on. That being said...............thanks for your response!

You what's pure bullshit Crackberry customer service told me "We been in touch with RIM and we will receive our shipment mid April" So since still not shipped now they are saying "May just May" What the he'll is wrong with RIM I thought thorston was fixing the delayed delivery this is happening under his control.

Curious. in Word to Go, what is the equivalent of hitting tab?

Seriously thinking of getting this. For now I sit back in my chair at meetings and type on my phone via bridge remote. The downside is that one time I was taking notes while talking to someone and she thought I was being rude and texting. It was kind of funny, but I think this keyboard combo would look more professional.

Tab looks to be on the spacebar (top left blue symbol) ... accessible with the function (SYM) key.

I do not see a media key (or media options). It would of been nice to see a key which will allow my music to open and play while I type out an email or reply to a BBM, text (what have you). I do not think that this would get great reviews due to the lack of fuctions. Also, do you still get predictive typing using this keyboard (spell check and such)? Don't get me wrong I am still gonna buy one but RIM could of done a better job with this one!

Still Supporting RIM all the way!!

the kickstand must limit the types of surfaces this case can be used on (not on laps for instance). I wish they had a Transformer Prime-type of keyboard/dock too that charges the tablet for +18h workday.

but still this is a nice combo...almost perfect

The case can still actually be used on multiple surfaces. You'll find you don't always need to use the kick stand. For instance when sitting in a chair if you cross your leg you can rest the case up against it without using needing to use the kick stand. Making typing from your lap possible. You just have to be adaptable lol

Kevin I am very glad to see that you responded to this. I too ordered in March and still haven't recieved a ship date. It's been great that the CB team has been on top of things even emails sent looking for answers as to when it will ship.

Nope. The screen rests on the elastics that hold the keyboard in place when the case is closed. They're soft enough to not scratch! If you're still worried, you can put the keyboard in the case upside-down so the back of it faces the screen.

Absolutely none.
The rubber edge around the PB is slightly raised, and the stretchy hooks around the keyboard combine to seperate the two rather nicely.

Same boat as to waiting on CB to get their supply. Checked the Blackberry site and the message was "Due to an overwhelming demand they were now out of stock" . Really? I had hoped to have mine for a trip coming up now in 10 days but that doesn't look to be happening.

I'm looking at this and am still on the fence. I currently use my Otterbox Defender armoured PlayBook with a Freedom Universal Keyboard2 which is three-years old now. No trackpad of course but it works for me. Apparently The Source in Toronto is having a hard time keeping these in stock at the $99 price which is good until April 11th and then the price goes up to $119. I'll probably break down in the end and get one.

The only negative feedback I've heard from others is that the keyboard really is cramped. Good for small hands, not so good for bigger hands. I guess it would just take some getting used to.

I ordered my Mini Keyboard through the source. After using it for a week or so my only complaint is that I no longer have the ability to correct, incorrect words. It will tell me that the word is spelt incorrectly with the red underline but when you go click on it, nothing happens. The only real option is to manually fix the mis-spelled word. Which can be annoying when trying to correct multiple pages of incorrect spelling. This occurs for me in all apps including Docs To go. I believe this must be an issue on the O/S side rather than a Mini Keyboard issue.

Sometimes i also find myself tapping the cursor by mistake while typing.

Im not sure if anyone else is facing the same problems.

But overall i have to say that its pretty awesome. The built in battery is pretty sweet too. No issues there yet.

Agreed. The spell check thing is annoying. I sometimes find myself hitting the trackpad by accident while typing and moving my cursor all over the place. BUT my overall experience is very good, and I have no regrets with my purchase. I'm getting faster and faster typing on it.

A good way to optimize your workflow is to use the touchscreen WITH the keyboard. Scrolling through a webpage or moving the cursor around is usually quicker touching the screen than it is with the integrated trackpad.

They need a hardware connected, docking version that doesn't require BT.

I get the feeling we won't see one though...

I have this wonderful keyboard/mouse/case and love it. I tis only slightly thicker than the orginal convertible case, about 1/4" or so. The charge for it does seem to last forever. I've chraged it once and I've had it for a few weeks now. The keys do take some time ot get used to as Adam mentioned. The keyboard does go to sleep when not in use, it does take a key stroke or two to get it to wake up properly and there is a slight bit of delay while it wakes up.My biggest problem is hitting the Enter key wen tryin to hit the shift key. or hitting enter when wanting to hit the backspace key. For those of you still waiting, sorry to hear that. I did pay full price for it from the Blackberry site and they shipped it 3/22 as was promised.

My household has 3 PBs and decided to jump on the pre order at TheSource and buy one for all 3. Placed my order on March 21st and received all 3 cases on March 26th.

I am sure this will help me convert even more iFans at work. So far I have converted 3 iPad users over to PB and I know with this awesome case I will convert a few more. A couple were sitting on the fence hoping such a case would be made available.

My two biggest grips are the kick stand and how to get the PB out of the case.

1) The kick stand collapses on me sometimes and I also wish it had more then one setting which I agree is a bit awkward. I think they could have done a better design of this.

2) I am getting use to removing it now but my dad who is over 80 has some challenges as does my wife.

I will get use to both no doubt and for me this definitely reduces my need to carry a laptop and love the extra screen space this provides. I have been waiting for this ever since Kevin posted the teaser video last year.

My disappointments are minor and frankly love this new case and think it is great value. My iFan co-workers paid as much or more for a combo case and BT keyboard and they don't have the trackpad which I find indispensable for RDP usage. The trackpad is probably one of my favorite features of this new case.

The $99 price was well worth it.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 (Sept 2011)
BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB (Apr 2011)

This is why I hate the fact that the ports are on the bottom of the playbook, and not on the sides. When the Playbook is propped up with this case, you have no access to charging, or the HDMI ports

Can you please provide a link to either one. That's one of the things that annoys me about the convertible leather case.

Pre Ordered mine here march19, still no ETA. Been told to wait for 5to7 days more, waited 10days before that, so yeah what can i say? Don't put it on pre order if you are not ready for customer demands.

I do not see a media key (or media options). It would of been nice to see a key which will allow my music to open and play while I type out an email or reply to a BBM, text (what have you). I do not think that this would get great reviews due to the lack of fuctions. Also, do you still get predictive typing using this keyboard (spell check and such)? Don't get me wrong I am still gonna buy one but RIM could of done a better job with this one!

Still Supporting RIM all the way!!

This keyboard is a really cool add-on. It is really light, but still has a well built feel to it. The battery has yet to die after a little more than a week, so I'm optimistic about the supposed 30 day battery life. The keys are set inside the body of the keyboard so there is no possible way for the keys to scratch the PlayBook screen while closed in the included case. I'm personally glad they kept supply low (mine came on time, so I understand if others disagree with me here) to avoid potentially having to write off yet another device. PlayBook mini keyboard is a thumbs up.

I picked up two from the Source on release day and haven't looked back!! Both me and my gf love this case and keyboard. Yes it does take a few moments to adjuster but once you get through a sentence or two it becomes very comfortable and natural even with my larger than average fingers. Best part is when I get home and connect the PlayBook to my 50" tv and sit back with the keyboard and do everything/anything I want. The trackpad is a great addition and I've been waiting for this to be released from the moment I first saw it.

Note on concerns with keys scratching the PlayBook/screen.....The keyboard is held into the case at the 4 corners with the little soft elastic straps......these straps align with the corners of the PlayBook when the case is closed and creates a small 1/16" gap between the two. The keys never touch the screen. If you're still concerned pick up a screen protector for the PlayBook :)

One apparent con with this case (based on the pics): It seems that I can't use the keyboard with the battery charger. I already have a convertible case and it's the same frustration: If I want to watch a movie and set the case to a comfortable viewing angle, then the pb cannot be plugged in at the same time.

Slightly off-topic: It would immensely help to have holes in the spine of the convertible case (or the one under discussion) so I can charge the pb while the case is closed.

Maybe RIM can consider these issues in the design of the next generation pb.

This case does not allow you to turn the PB around to have the charging ports on the top as a short cut to address the charging ports locations and lack of access on the bottom.

My issue would the location of the connector for charging the PB, would be nice to have a rt angle connector for this configuration. If you do not get predictive typing for spell check do you think this will be coming or addressed down the road?

I don't see it as a replacement but for basic functions with a solid Doc to Go feature set and PDF reader/editor would be then awesome to use.

I ordered mine from the source during their pre-sale and received it on the 26th of March. I'm generally satisfied with it, however, wish some more thought would have gone into the design.

The stand is not adjustable and I find it collapses on many finished surfaces. I also wish the track-pad was more fluid-like - it's pretty choppy. I'm also afraid of breaking the end of my charger as I sometimes carelessly close it while my Playbook is still charging. It would be nice if there was some sort of low profile "L" shaped adapter. I'd give it 7/10.

If you're going to combine a tablet and a keyboard and travel with both why wouldn't you just get an ultralight notebook computer that is much more powerful? It's amazing the irrational behavior a little marketing can cause.

No... you did ask a question, but I don't think you answered anything with it. I'm guessing that we are to infer that having a QNX laptop is somehow more desireable, but I'm not certain I follow that logic. Windows, with all its faults, has all the right applications to run with it...something that QNX sorely lacks, at least at present. Or one could get Mac or Linux...same thing.

So I think the original question that you tried to respond to is still valid...why not simply get a laptop? It would seem to satisfy all the hot-button issues raised in previous comments; the screen is tiltable at whatever angle you want, you can charge it while in use, and again, it has the right applications.

I love my PlayBook for many reasons. I can't remember having this feeling about a device (my first iPod was close), and I can honestly say I have never loved Windows or an Apple OS on any device. If you love something, no matter what, you want it with you and you want to expand the experience. I haven't yet received my keyboard, and I am looking forward to the day.

Well I order mine from the source and got it a week later. Had it for 2days and returned it. Found the kick stand is junk. If you have to move it slightly it falls flat on its back. Really wish it dock to my playbook like the transformer. Would charge your playbook and any viewing angle. Not well thought out design.

Well my GF was disappointed it didn't get here before my Birthday (4/3) she ordered two weeks prior.. so we will wait. I do have some ideas.. as for charging, there sb a tether with two charge ports that run between kb and pb.. both plug in and our normal charger plugs in near the side, something like that, I'll probably make one since I have some micro usb laying around, Then if they had some 'keyboard programing' allowing us to modify hot keys etc would be nice and as adam said perhaps mouse sensitivity adjustment... and lastly I can see me making some type of sleeve for the stand that will extend it for various heights and that should fix that..

Now if it would arrive so I can get all these mods on !

My brother got it for me for my birthday (mar 25th) and I absolutely love it! Came in even before the release date (26th) from the source!
Went to Boston that week for work and used just the playbook and keyboard. definitely does some getting used to as the review said and what I found was that I kept hitting "s" thinking it was "a" as usually the edge of the keyboard is the "caps lock" so my brain just thought it should shift my finger over one spot.

But have loved it and so glad. great bday gift!

They should just sell the keyboard and trackpad without the case. I already have the convertible leather case with the two possible viewing angles. I would simply put the keyboard in the neoprene sleeve that ships with the PlayBook and carry it around that way.

touch pads are the most useless things to use, replace the touchpad with a trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard for a mouse and use the extra space for built in battery and voila, that might add a few cents to RIM's stock price.

Had it since the 23rd and now really enjoy the virtual keyboard even more. Find the kb unit pretty useless and the case is even worse. Sure takes away from the portability of the PB.

So what's the point? Why not carry a MacBook Air or someother ultra thin laptops that can run real apps like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and other common software programs?

rim should enter in the ultrabook market
because it has the ability to outperform other brands..............agreed????????
.......and about the mini keyboard, its nice but feels bulky.

For me, this keyboard is a waste of money. The tablet itself is perfect for me, light and easy to work and walk around with. If I want a keyboard I might as well bring and use my 14 incher Alienware.For those crackers that have no laptop might be a good idea to have a keyboard for their Playbook. Now, hopefully those stockholders figure it out why the stocks didn't go up with the idea of wireless keyboards. It senseless.

Yet not available in France. I guess they have to deal with accents and AZERTY keyboard.
Btw is the current version supporting accents (like the press&hold + touchpad feature) ?

I pre-ordered the keyboard and received it here in Northern Ireland two weeks ago. I really like the keyboard, turns the PB into a perfect PC for travelling. Think this is where we ladies have the advantage, having smaller hands I find the keyboard a doddle to use. I do not like the case so much, very difficult to remove the PB from, to read Kindle etc. Also as stated in the review above there is only one angle to position it in. Hoping someone will manufacture a nice, (dare I say prettier, doesn't have to be pink!) case. I am a big RIM fan, keep up the good work, I am staying with you. Regards from sunny Northern Ireland.

I have two objections to the keyboard / case combo:

1. No possibility for writing in Swedish or Spanish, always have to call up the on-screen keyboard to get the specific letters, which is annoying.

2. My case doesn't fit snugly at the top over the on and volume buttons of the PB leaving a quite unsightly misalignment.

Not having chars for foreign languages is a huge letdown.

That being said the thing is bulky, expensive and very limited in features... can't even stand without a flat suface (try your lap in a moving train). Seems like you are carrying 2 PB (people who call this slim have never set their eys on a HTC Athena... see minute 3:30 of ). Making it slimmer and dependant of the PB for power would have been better imho.

If you look at what the competition add to their tablets you'll see how the bulk and price isn't even acceptable. Take the Asus transformer dock wich besides the kb and touchpad adds:
1- Extended batery life of tablet
2- Adds USB ports (I haven't forgoten the promise of UBSOTG)
3- Actually holds and keeps tablet in place (without a clumsy lever in the back that requires steady support)

Guess it didn't occur to anyone that adding any of the above and possibly a 4G modem coupled with wifi tethering would make these sell like hotcakes... Or maybe they figured it would keep most of their current userbase from buying the next harware revision (which is dumb... if the next PB will be relased with a typical Blackberry pricing and all the gapping OS issues aren't solved by then this userbase is already lost).

How would we enable typing in other languages with the keyboard? One of my favorite features of my phone and Playbook is the ease of switching input languages. Seems like kind of a large oversight as well. It would be nice if there was hope for a fix through a software update! Too bad those generally don't apply to keyboards :P I still use a Storm II because I'm a huge fan of the SurePress keyboard and I think they could bring that technology back perhaps in a future version of the mini keyboard for tablets. I picture being able to touch a key to bring up the option for a special symbol, and then getting to your selection using the "tab" button if there are a couple options, then using the space key for the final selection. My two cents =D

You can adjust the sensitivity in the settings keyboard options. I know it says for touchscreen keyboard but it works. I have mine turned down to about a 1/4.

Pre-ordered almost a month ago. RIM really thumbs their noses at their loyal users. Payed $500 as a first adopter of the playbook, have to wait forever for them for any information at all about upcoming apps or updates. Hard to stay loyal when RIM doesn't return the sentiment.

I have the keyboard and think it just great.

I really hope that in the latest OS 2.1 release that RIM incorporate the spell checking/predictive typing banner with use of the keyboard just like in the virtual one.

The whole advantage for using the mini-keyboard for me is the bigger screen availability and the tactile feedback physical keys give you (that's why I have the Torch). However, I don't want to give up the spell checking banner and predictive typing features I got with OS2.0. To me it would be easy to have the banner come up as a single line at the bottom of the screen that you can easily touch as you continue to type away on the keyboard.

That would be great!

We bought playbook for its compactness and simplicity, so why get this so called mini keyboard and make it bulky. I don't see the point.

Paul G
via Playbook
I had to scour all the Source stores in my area, but scored one yesterday. Had to drive an hour from town to get it, but worth it. Bought first one for my wife, waiting on online order for myself... Curious how they underestimated sales on these. Perhaps a good omen.. :).


The mini-keyboard is a nice add-on to the device, hope it makes editing documents on the device less cumbersome.

The one thing that is discouraging, revovles around the same issue i am having with the converter case.

You cannot use the kickstand wjile thet device is being charged or use the playbook with ac powered.

I guess the designers of thses cases assumed, you will only using the device on battery. When i charge the device i have to always lay it flat.

I just ordered one from ebay at Can$47 shipping included. No clue about the tax though. Let us wait and see.
Seems to me that the one being reviewed above may just be more stylish and better made.

Daniel, Toronto

Hey Daniel,
I bought one a few months ago off ebay, probably similar to the one you have ordered. It's great. The keys are actually staggered a little like a regular keyboard, which I think I would prefer over the actual BlackBerry keyboard. In the photos the keys appear to be lined up perfectly one above the other. Not sure I'd like that. The only problem with the ebay one that I have, is that the bezel is mostly covered, making some swiping gestures quite difficult.



Search playbook keyboard in (item #170777293579) There are quite a few available and I got that from a fellow in Branford. See if that is the one you have got.

I have had it for a week now. So far so good. Instant BT link. The keyboard screen is gone once I turned on the physical keyboard. And I need to type my lock in password on the mini keyboard.
The book-like package is heavy and I have to get used to the tight keyboard (a lot smaller than my 10" netbook). And no 'delete' key. But that is understandable.
Another unexpected hassle: I need to leave the book package open before I can charge up the PB (in the bottom). The charging inlet of the keyboard is on the right side though (well done).
It is a cool and inexpensive package overall.

Daniel , T O
p.s. May 24 I can put in the PB in upside down position so that it can be charged while the keyboard package is in closed position. Of course in that position, the back camera would have been covered up. Ideally PB should have all their inlet/outlet on left or right

i ordered 1 a week ago it says the source store were they will ship it to has 4 units and they have'nt called me yet

RIM really needs to make a Dock with HDMI out, SD card slot and USB slots as outputs. It looks unprofessional and ugly to have it laying down while you're doing a presentation and it'd be nice to output to the tv using the built in HDMI out to a giant tv. Also, it'd be cool to be able to transfer or post pics to facebook using either an external hard drive or an SD card slot (full size). The PlayBook has been out for almost 2 years now and still no dock with these features, not to mention RIM said USB hosting would be added.

hi i live in the uk if i order this now will it come before christmas and does it have citrix riciever thank :)