BlackBerry 'Milan' scrapped due to hardware concerns?

By Bla1ze on 3 Jan 2012 07:24 pm EST

BlackBerry Milan

Back in December when we dropped the first, exclusive image of the BlackBerry 'Milan' it gave us all a glimpse of the direction RIM was heading for their next-generation BlackBerry devices. Now, new rumors are suggesting the device has been scrapped simply due to hardware concerns with not much else for information being relayed. When the Milan appeared, Kevin took the time to note in his write up:

There's still time for RIM to tweak things up before locking down final hardware design for manufacturing so I'll be curious to see if things change up from here at all by the time we get this phone in our hands.

In other words, the news of it being scrapped really isn't all the surprising if it turns out to be true. Reason being, it was never a device that was set in stone when it comes to hardware and design to begin with.

The idea of a slider BlackBerry, featuring a physical full qwerty keyboard running BB 10 are the key points for the Milan design and for RIM to go ahead and scrap that idea entirely would be rather foolish of them as there is a market for those devices among users. Aside from all of that, RIM has a history of scrapping one hardware design idea only to bring it back looking better then it did the first time around. Don't be surprised if you see a device similar in design arrive from RIM in 2012.

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BlackBerry 'Milan' scrapped due to hardware concerns?


You should have new hopes and dreams ... such as a similar design with the classic BB keyboard (curved keys), and a trackpad and phone/menu/back buttons.


That's how they get their great phones. They try a bunch of designs, play around with them to find the best parts of each design & then combine them to make a great phone ;)

. . . and a half-screen. Sorry, though I came from using the classic BB, after using the 9800 and 9810, I'm not going back to a small half-screen device. The 9800 and 9810 were/are perfect in that they gave me a FULL touchscreen and a BB keyboard at the same time. If RIM is bagging that design for BB10 and just relying on a "classic" (half-screen) design and a full-touch/no-keyboard design, they will have lost me.

they're probably just adding back the trackpad due to popular demand, which is good.

if that's not what they are doing, then I'm just pissed..but it's not like I would want this phone without a trackpad anyway.

wtf gord888, BlackBerry 10 is run on QNX (Playbook OS) and there is gestures instead of those buttons, so the whole point in BlackBerry 10 phones is so that we dont have those buttons?

wtdf JimJamSapan, BlackBerry is known for the keyboard and trackpad, so the whole point of using a BlackBerry is so that we have a trackpad?

It's a sad day when even dreams about RIM products are dashed. Speaks volumes of what RIM has come to. Oh well, another RIM product that fails to see the light of day. And I'm sure it wont be the last.

What are you talking about?
Obviously, I wouldn't buy this phone here. I was being semi sarcastic int he comment I posted.
I highly doubt you will be coming back here but think of it this way.

We haven't seen any live models, I'm hoping they never even made some so far.

I'm yearning for the 9900 lookalike.

Nooo! I liked that design. If RIM can do better that will be good or else they just failing.
I'm apart of #TeamTorch so I loved Blackberry 'Milan'.

I dont like the slider myself, but i dont think an entire new look for RIM is a great idea anyway. The Milan was more of a change than I think they needed..IMO

For some, it's never been about the 'look' of BlackBerry devices. Take for example the Bold 9900, it's a beautiful device -- it's the OS that holds it back for some. The BlackBerry OS is seen as old, arcane and pretty much useless these days for some folks and as such, they have no interest in BB devices.

I know plenty of people who have adored my BlackBerry Bold 9900, but would never go out and buy one simply because it ran BB7. Will that change with QNX? Not likely -- the PlayBook in a way has given BB10 a bad name already even before it's released on smartphones.

I think it is, because each blackberry family has it's own characteristics to suit a particular buyer e.g pearl in my opinion suits a woman as for a bold a man. of-course software is an essential element. The whole QNX thing I agree with but the playbook is a great device just wasn't marketed properly and sales like some blackberry devices.

I disagree. The major complaints against the Playbook are native email and BBM, not hardware and/or OS (itself). So, if OS2 is delivered and, answer all those questions, I think BB10 will get some favorable reviews.

I'm glad you disagree, lol. It was a bait comment anyway to see how many would argue the better points of BB10 with me ;)

Yeah, I wouldn't argue rumors, with someone whom writes for the same place I've read these rumors. Or, I've seen posting on other sites where I've read other rumors...

Good! haha I like the slider, but I'd like to see a landscape slider from Blackberry. From the looks of it, the device seems too tall to have a keyboard slide out the bottom. I have the Torch9850 and have gotten used to typing in landscape. I would love to continue this trend on a brand sparkling new BB10 device. Whatever you do, just have them ready before the iP5!

A landscape slider in my opinion would be huge lol in this day and age of slim and thin devices and totally agree with the iP5 thing if RIM wants to show off 2012 has to be the year!

Thin is in these days haha...if they could have a landscape slider and still manage to keep it competitively thin, I think they might have a winner. :)

and the ability to use the phone as a generic Bluetooth keyboard. That would be great for controlling the PC, tablet, PS3.

Typing onto a PB using a BB has already demo-ed. It would be daft not to extend it onto BB10 devices.
That said I am firmly a Torch user so RIM better be making the Milan form factor BETTER not shelving it entirely. I have a feeling parts of the hardware was not up to scratch.
It really is early days.

Glad they've come to their senses. Let's be real, at this point in time, RIM can't afford to experiment or dance around with a form factor that isn't stellar in regards to sales. They are on a clock this year, they need to hit a homerun and not just into the stands but out of the freakin' ballpark.

Out of all the form factors they have, their iconic and best selling is the style of the 9900, 9700, etc where you have the screen and then the keyboard below, exposed at all times. The slider thing is just too bothersome. When you whip out your Blackberry, you want to start typing right away.

They need to either make a 9900-esq device with a bigger screen horizontally or just make a device like the Torch 9850 with a 3.5 - 4.0 inch screen and no keyboard.

Had the same rumor emailed into me before Christmas.

Totally not a shock - with BlackBerry 10 phones delayed until late in the year it makes sense that things will change up. Also keep in mind that RIM often evolves their designs over time scrapping code names as new devices emerge... like how magnum was scrapped and dakota emerged, etc.

What is KNOWN is that Milan as we posted the image WAS real... there's no dismissing that fact. But yeah, with devices post-poned till later in the year nothing on the device names being scrapped/rebranded/changed should be a suprise.

They need to forget all this slider nonsense and go back to what they are good at. Curve, Bold, and MAYBE one all touch device if they can really guarantee it works competitively (hardware and softare wise). Their product line needs to be trimmed up, not expanded. Do what you do and do it better than everyone else instead of chasing the latest hot thing...

It should be two by two. Two devices: one with the keyboard and one without. Two levels: entry and professional. That would leave you with a Curve and Curve Touch (entry) and a Bold and a Torch Touch (pro).

I'm a big fan of the slider, but only a vertical one. A horizontal one does not appear to me at all hence why I love the Torch 9800/9810. And I was seriously put out when the Torch 9850 didn't have a slider (imho it should have been called the Storm 9850). So having something like the 'Milan' which looks that that is damn sexy to me!

The biggest reason to have a slider is to keep screen estate when a keyboard is required. Having a screen keyboard just doesn't cut it for me and I'm sure so many others.

I liked the look except for the vertical keyboard, hopefully they oust an new version ala MyTouch 4G Slide.

I hate to say it, but I'm almost past the point of caring what these screw-ups do any more. Whatever they come up with, we won't see it for a year or more anyway, so who gives a poop?

I think a four inch slider with a vertical keyboard is going to be hard to hold and difficult to balance. Landscape slider probably better....

Stop the doom and gloom. Enjoy what you have and quit bashing. What if people said that about google, htc and all the rest eh? It wouldn't look good. Some might start doing that... What would you do if they did? I guess rage or ignore it.

So I know these are the devices that will hopefully save RIM, but I'm really not that concerned. I looked good, but I'm sure whatever they are working on to replace the original design will likely be better. I personally dislike landscape sliders, but lots of people love them, so RIM needs to make one. Too much thumb travel for my taste. I don't see how RIM can improve on the 9900/9930 keyboard. I've seen so many other sites review the new Bolds and even if they don't have much to say about it, they love the keyboard. It's pretty uniform that it's currently one of, if not THE best real keyboard out there now on any device. So that said, if a new slider is going to have similar width as the 99XX line, then there's your best keyboard on a slider ever so long as they can get the weight distrobution right because if it's overly top heavy when open, then all is lost. (I'm keeping my 9930 till it's death due us part). :)

Boldly sent from my 9930

well I'm actually glad. No offense to those that liked the model but I didn't see a line forming ip for that form factor. Now just want to see what the Bold's successor might look like

At this rate of coming up with new idea and then scrapping them, I feel bad for ANYONE who is dumb enough to have faith in RIM. I love their hardware, but I will NEVER buy RIM stocks for sure.

RIM should sell their assets to Google or Samsung NOW so the co-CEOs can retire with some money instead of waiting on a sinking ship.

Note to self, NEVER EVER buy RIM shares. Soo stupid to publish new idea and then turn them down.... Look at how Apple Inc deal with iPad 3... they don't release much details before they are good to go for sure.

I love how I'm right about almost every prediction I make regarding RIM. Def standing by my statements of a qwerty BB10 at earliest mid 2013. But I'm even leaning towards the notion RIM as we currently know it won't be producing consumer devices at that point.

Still hope they sell their qwerty keyboard patent and we see a rad Android device w/it.

There are several factors affecting RIM's current situation and one big one is the rumour mill.

We see these proposed devices like the Milan (gorgeous looking, but did anyone else notice no trackpad) or the talk of BlackBerry 10 early in 2012. These all lead can be considered factors in the "poor" adoption of BB7 devices, after all, why buy a device with BB7 (essentially a refreshed BB6) when BB10 is out in less than a year to a year?

All that said I love the design of the proposed BB10 devices, they just need to put a cap on some of their leaks and poor promises. Wasn't it one of the CEOs who said the PlayBook will have native email, etc in 60 days (or something along those lines)? Almost a year later and its still not there.

I put very little faith in all these rumors. BB knows they need a slider, a bold and a touch. I'm sure all are on the way.

Back to the topic at hand. I've owned my 9780 for a year now. I personally like the Torch 9800/9810 series. I was considering upgrading to the 9810, but I saw this on crackberry and decided I can wait. I believe there is a market for people who like the horizontal slider form factor. So if anyone at RIM is reading this, scrap the initial design if you must but I really hope there will be a Torch like slider running BB10 by the time I'm ready to upgrade.

So I wonder if they can still deliver a BB10 phone in 2012? Waiting for unicorn chipsets, scrapping designs that are pretty far along due to "hardware concerns". Board better move fast to get the co-Clowns out of the picture. They seem to not be able to lead a company to do what other companies that started further back seem to do easily.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I just hope RIM would make this QNX on their new phone devices, more apps more BBM integrations. A conference video chat. A 1.5 dual core chip. 10 megapixels with autofocus camera. And name instead of milan, create a very catchy name " GODZILLA "

hopefully there will be BB 10 devices with keyboards -
vertical slider or hard like Bold 9900

I also hope that the Trackpad will come back to BB 10 devices

Trackpad and keyboard are the 2 most important things why I love BlackBerry compared with my iPhone or Galaxy nexus

fingers crossed that RIM will produce BB 10 smartphones different from others at market

Good riddence. All the BB10 phones have struck me as ugly. And no trackpad/call/end/menu/esckey is just wrong...

I have a torch 9800 and I was looking forward to this!
Hopefully they do modify it for the better!

Good riddance. It looks ugly, no  button, no call buttons and no trackpad. I use the trackpad all the time for the cursor in the browser for precise clicking. I don't like to zoom in loads just to get a small menu that I can't get at.

I do like the idea of a slide-out keyboard and the larger screen. The Milan is one I would have seriously been interested in getting. It would be really interesting if they went with a landscape slider instead, since that would be more in line with the look of the Playbook (might be easier to develop for if the base format was landscape).

Dell did the same design with the Venue Pro, an EXCELLENT phone which I currently own! It's possible! The slider doesn't wiggle or giggle and the phone feels like a million bux.

Bring it back with quad core, a gig of RAM, a trackpad and classic keyboard and you've got a KILLER product!

Even if they loose the CEO it will not get the new devices any sooner.
OS10 is just going to suck first year like every other OS did including Apple.
It is just that Apple was first and everything was brand new. Rim doesn't have this luxury and the only thing that Rim has at the moment on the devices are the physical keyboards.
Don't wait for the fall, make another refresh of the devices in the spring, make another Bold 9900 rev1. make it thicker with a bigger battery? so it lasts longer.
Open up your own Software store and work with other developers to port the most popular programs to os 7 and to the new os 10. Buying it is the only way out of this mess.

The difference with BB10 and other OSes is that it has already been out in a way with QNX on the Playbook. They have had a long time to work on BB10 and polish it. I have a feeling it won't be ready when released. They really should have purchased Palm when they had the chance. They probably should still purchase WEBOS and integrate it's features with BB10 with a point release next year or as BB11.

Im actually upset abt this. I really wanted that phone. I love my Torch and i wanted to keep the same form factor

This phone with a trackpad and other 4 buttons is my dream phone with the new OS and all the other great features of bb10! the bb10 slider will definitely be the one i am going to get!