BlackBerry Messenger on your Desktop - Fixmo Web Messenger enters public beta!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 May 2011 12:10 pm EDT

Well here's a pleasant surprise I came across while browsing the CrackBerry Forums this morning... it seems the good folks at Fixmo have gone into public beta on a desktop client for BlackBerry Messenger! That's right, we're talking about using BlackBerry Messenger from your computer.

Note, this isn't a standalone client - you still need a BlackBerry Smartphone with BlackBerry Messenger on it to use Fixmo Web Messenger from your computer. You can almost think of it like BlackBerry Bridge from your PlayBook to Smartphone, but this is from your BlackBerry Smartphone to your computer. Jump on over to the forum thread at the link below for more details and keep it locked to CrackBerry for more info on this as it evolves through the beta process. Cool stuff!

More Info / Download Public Beta of Fixmo Web Messenger

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BlackBerry Messenger on your Desktop - Fixmo Web Messenger enters public beta!


this world, she is changing. i will sign up for the beta - thanks for the heads up! i sure hope RIM doesn't shut them down like when they kik'd the shhhhhhhhhhhhit out of the other BBM cross-platform app. memba them?

good luck,

piece out

Unlike Kik this doesn't seem to be stealing technology. Simply letting you use the technology you already have on a different platform. Which means that this app isn't cross platform since you still need BBM to use it..

interesting especially those who would benefit with using a full size keyboard.

This is something RIM should have provided as an option a long time ago. I know we can get it on a playbook but the playbook doesn't run windows :P

why do you need windows when you can use a physical BT keyboard with the PlayBook. But your right, RIM should have done this a long time ago

Um, why? I don't think you actually know what you're talking about. The fact of the matter is that RIM has provided the tools to make this happen. Probably a good idea to research before you say something like that.

Right your still essentially using a RIM product. You are only using a 3rd party app so that your BBM can be displayed and used on a desktop. I really don't see the legality issue here either.

Anything that touches BBM in this way is going to come under incredible scrutiny from RIM. This is completely different then adding a feature in a game that broadcasts your high score/achievements to members of your contact list.

Please think before you post.

I am, it sounds cool. So let me get this straight. Are you basically talking to a server that then talks to your Berry that then talks back to the server and then displays on your desktop. I guess I can see the insecurities there. But is it illegal? Isn't that what the updated Poynt app does with the playbook and BB device. It's basically do so at your own risk, right?

Thanks for the post Kevin.

For those looking to try the app, the correct url is

We were planning on a little bit smaller of a Beta test, but it looks like the cat is out of the bag! Bare with us while we add a small data center worth of server capacity. :)

Ryan & Fixmo Team

i just got it, so far so good as a beta app.
i hope it will be able to work outside the browser and less lag
but i like it

I never understood the need for BBM on your desktop. Also, what kind of security guarantees are there here considering that they're obviously connecting your BBM to their website and possibly have the abiliy to log all chats?

great app for a beta..lag is there..also the text gets garbled if its too long..then I have to erase and redo the garbled text..other than that its working very well..

Actually it works on bot Macs and PCs. (been using it on my Macbook pro).

There is no actual software to install on your computer, just an app to access from your web browser! :)

Nice concept... very laggy at the moment, but I'm assuming just because the servers are getting hammered. The one big problem I see is that the web app closes when you switch away from BBM on the phone. Other than that it's pretty sweet. Good work!

It aint working for me ... both BB and desktop shows connecting but even after one hour it is still showing connecting.


Are you going to make a Desktop Client for this, like AIM, MSM, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.? It would be nice if it was like the other messengers. Thanks.