BlackBerry Messenger On Your Desktop?

BlackBerry Messenger On Your Desktop?
By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2009 11:00 am EDT

The applications pictured above all have one thing in common except one. They all have desktop applications available for install. So, I have to ask, how many of you all out there would like to see an application developed for your desktop that would allow you to use your BlackBerry Messenger on your desktop? Think about it. There have been a lot of times while sitting at my PC where I have spent more time talking on my BlackBerry Messenger then actually utilizing my PC, which is right there in front of me.

Now I know I am not the only one out there that would like to see this, I actually asked the question on Twitter and many responded that yes, they indeed would also love to see this happen. Implementation issues aside, I'm positive that it can be done. In fact I'm 100% percent certain it can be as there have been many rumblings in the past that the application already exists and is currently available to RIM insiders and has been for over a year now.

So I guess the real question is when will RIM release it -- or will they? So as users would you like to see this application released? What if it came at an additional cost? Would you pay a monthly fee to RIM for it or a one time fee to be abale to have that functionality? Let us know if the comments how you would feel about it, maybe we can let RIM know that this application is indeed wanted.

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BlackBerry Messenger On Your Desktop?


I'd like it....

But I'd also like this - For RIM to turn BlackBerry Messenger into an ALL IN ONE client. So within BBM, which is native on the BlackBerry, I could also sign into AOL, MSN Messenger, Skype (messenger - not necessarily for calls), Yahoo, Google Talk, etc. One kick-a$$ messenger client, native on BB, vs. many. Also include SMS in there. Palm's WEB OS sort of has this already with their unified messaging... but I think bumping BBM up to this level could be an even slicker implementation.

I would definitely like cross client threaded messaging, I think if anyone could do it right RIM would. Personally I like having separate clients because I get a feeling having one client supporting all those protocols would make it heavy and I like the option of uninstalling the ones I don't use.

I would kill for a desktop BBM. Hell I would settle for an interface in the desktop manager which simply sends messages through your BlackBerry when it's connected.

Well you can kinda get this functionality if you combine all your messages into one inbox....that way you can reply to a SMS, BBM, MSN, AIM, Google Talk etc. messages from one inbox. But i agree it would be awesome if there was one place where you could see all contacts online from all the different services.

Definitely would be very useful. I say yes 100% I don't know about paying monthly for it, being that most of the other IM clients are free,maybe a one time fee,but not monthly.

You don't have to pay for the other messenger clients, why would you pay for desktop BBM? If they want to make money from it, they can implement ads like the other clients do.

You know that's actually a good idea, I never thought too much about it, but that would be very handy. I agree with Kevin, It would need to be an AIO.

i would love to see a bbm desktop app that would be the day especially for people like me who dont get perfect service at home constantly moving around trying to get that little check mark

BBM has ONLY been for Blackberry users, I don't want RIM to make this desktop version and then allow everyone to register and create themselves a PIN. I just don't want BBM to turn into a AIM or YAHOO where everyone and their mother got one.

that app would not only help it would be invaluable i already use it 90% but at my office desk i wouldn't have to interopt charging or fumble with writing text or viewing past emails. that feature would be nice because im probably missing somthing else anyway i would live to see that app soon..

I wouldn't use it, but... it's not a bad idea in some form. I can see the value here.

I use BBM on my BB when I'm using a laptop. I do not use any of the other instant messaging desktop apps. That is probably why I would not use a BBM desktop app. It's just easy to use my Bold and Storm BBM app.

All of that being said, it may be a great app for a lot of people. If it is another benefit/tool for blackberry users that's a good thing. If it can drive more business creating new Blackberry users then it becomes a valuable tool for RIM.

I really would not want to see it.. Once they start moving to a Windows Platform we will be seeing alot more people try and hack the program... I like the security of BB and want to keep it that way..

The only way I would like having BBM on my laptop is if RIM updates BBM to where you can sign in and out on your BB. What would be the point of having a laptop application when you're automatically logged in and will be receiving messages in two places, unless your phone is turned off?

I would love this- even if I had to have my BB connected to my computer by bluetooth so it can send it over my carrier's network, I'd want it. I hate having to switch between BBM and MSN all the time- bring on the desktop client! (But only if there's a MAC version!!)

Put its as an additional I'm client with AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and others. It would be a lot more easy that way. Instead of a late-starter, have all the clients create a update patch with BBM as a new feature

I have searched and searched to see if anything existed that would do this. I would LOVE it. I would pay for it... probably not a monthly subscription but a one time fee to download it to my computer.

I would like to see it for the desktop, I would definitely like to see a widget where I can place it on my website, so people who don't have BBIM would still be able to chat with me. Maybe I'm just dreaming.

That would be great to have. Free or one time fee would be great, but I wouldn't pay more than what my SMS rate is. My wife is always sitting in front of or near the computer for a lot of our texting so this would be awsome.

I definitely agree that this would be a fantastic application. My thoughts on purchase options are this: I would absolutely NOT participate in a monthly fee to use the service as I already pay monthly to access the service on my BlackBerry. I would consider paying a one-time fee to use the software, to help cover the costs of development. I would definitely use the software for free. In any case, the software should (maybe MUST) require the user to enter their PIN from their device in order to use the desktop client. As others have said, I do not want BBM to become a free-for-all like other IM clients. The point of the desktop software should be to chat with existing BBM users (the same ones I have on my phone), not participate in a teenaged gossip group.

first reaction is, why ? honestly ...

isn't that the opposite of what cell phones are trying to achieve ?

I would not mind having it... but seems like a step backwards

In my opinion making BBM avail as a desktop messenger could affect BB sales by a good amount. Ive converted atleast 40 of my friends to BB users and one of the main reasons i was so successful was because of BBM being exclusive to BB owners and the ability to msg each other for free. I cant help but think how many would jus opt to stick it out with a reg cellie an jus get the desktop messenger version which i'm sure would also become available on other non-BB phones.

I would love to see this as an app on my computer. A mac version would be awesome, but I will settle using VMware if need be. Anyone think it will be released at any point? Would be amazing!

Its part of owning a blackberry so it should be free to blackberry owners or a VERY small fee like $0.99. Possibly charge more to have it on your desktop if your not a BB owner, if thats possible.

I'd like to see this as a desktop application. I'm sure it can be done. I wouldn't mind paying a 1 time fee whether it be $10-30 ($30 being the max). Free is also good too since AIM, Yahoo, etc are already free clients. I would also prefer an all in one client, simply because I don't like having a bunch of extra apps sitting on my desktop, when I can just have 1 simple icon.

As the person above me has mentioned, the user should require a PIN, so its not as accessible to other users who don't have a BB already. This would be used as a way to keep the BBM group exclusive to Blackberry Owners.

As for data usage, I think since most of us already have a BIS/BES plan. It would be nice if the desktop app could somehow be implemented into an existing data plan. Of course, that might not be possible, but why pay an extra fee, for something you already have?

I would love to see this desktop app be developed. I wouldn't pay for it though. none of the other messengers cost anything so why should bberry.

I was surprised that they didn't have something like this that was integrated with the BB. Everything else is so integrated that it didn't make any sense to me.

I'd love to have a desktop BBM that was integrated somehow to my BB PIN.

I'd so love an all-in-one which was all inclusive of the other IM's too. Skype is still out of the loop on these things and it sux. I like IM+ a lot and pay for a subscription, so I'm not "fee shy" for functional products which make my BB use more streamlined.

I would be happy to pay for a BBM that worked via my computer. And I'd be happy to pay for an all-in-one which was inclusive of both BBM and also Skype. That would really rock the casbah!!

i'd say i have to agree. there are tons of time at my office i wanna still message my bbm friends, i spend most of my day on my laptop.

I would love a desktop client!!!! I would even be willing to pay some small monthly fee for BBM on my desktop!!!! RIM PLEASE RELEASE THE PROGRAM!!

okay idea but there's already way too many desktop apps... msn, icq, aol, yahoo, google talk. a lot of people have to use apps that combine them just to stay connected.

No need to have a Dedicated desktop client, and no need to allow non BB users to use the service, think of it like an extra service from your BIS account, you have a pin and an imei assigned to an account, why would you remove those requirements?

plus, you could have a web client, cross platform.

That is pretty neat because I was just thinking this last week that I wished Adium would connect to the BB network. It would make life so much easier when I'm at my desk.

Oh HELL yes!! I use BBM all the time - I would definitely LOVE a desktop version for when I am stuck in fron of the Computer all day!

It's a good idea, but how do you keep it secure, once it goes to other platforms?

For BB users, you'd have to use your currently active PIN to use it, and tether either via the USB or BT to the computer you were using it.

For non BB owners, you'd have to purchase an ID (rather than a PIN, to in some way know who isn't a BB user) or use a Web Page that BB users setup to contact them, via their PIN/device.

But I really can't see most people using the app, other than current BB users or co-workers or family members of same, that do not own BBs.

I would love to see this. I also would hope we could have accounts with our phone numbers so when we get a new phone or replacement device, all of our BBM contacts would be saved and uploaded to the new device. Let's hope this comes out

Makes sense... but what about security, encription and all that in the non-secure wintel os enviroment. I would not pay... BB service is not cheap, not too expensive but it warrants a desktop bb messenger...

"Would you pay a monthly fee to RIM for it or a one time fee to be abale to have that functionality?"


Personally I use my Storm to tether my netbook. As most know (or not!), when this happens all data to my phone is cut off. Texts and calls still come through, but email, (name of twitter client here), and BBM all cease to function. On the netbook I have Outlook & Tweetdeck so 2 of the 3 are taken care of. The one thing I don't have any access to at all is BBM. I wouldn't pay more than $10USD for it (as a one-time fee ONLY) though.

I would love to see a BB messenger desktop client. I wouldn't pay for it thought.. it would need to be free like all other messengers. Please let there be a mac version also =oD

I definetly would like to have desktopo and webaccess to the BB Messenger, but no need to pay for it, free availabiltiy do have all messengers in common as well ^^

This is 100% a great idea. I wouldn't pay monthly, but I might pay a very small nominal one time fee if it was small. The idea of a payment for this though would greatly hinder the main benefit from RIM releasing this to the general public. Releasing this to the public would encourage the use of blackberries. Period. If I told friends they could use this to talk to me, anytime, and I'm essentially on 24/7 people would use it. I guarantee they would like it, and after that they would look to blackberry for their next phone.

I think it's in RIM's best interest.

I to have been sitting in front of my PC using my BBM, going back and forth. This would be a good addition to a great aplication.

I wish we had usernames instead of PIN's.

I hate that everytime I get a new phone I have to tell people my new pin.

This would be a huge step forward for Blackberry. I deal with a lot of people who us lotus note or similar software to communicate from office pc and have the ability to bbm to these individuals would make my world a who lot simplier.

I know so many people who haven't moved over to the iphone simply because they have too many contacts on BB messenger. If this is allowed, it could cause a decline in Blackberry phones demand.

I would love to have it on my computer...But I wouldnt pay a penny for it...why should I have to? AOL and MSN ect. are free!! and they come on the Blackberry...I paid a lot of money just to have a blackberry and I pay $30 a month just to go online, even though other phones let you use your providers internet services in their plans, so why should I have to pay for a messenger app for my computer??

NEVER!!! I like the fact that my BBM is spam free, I don't have to worry about people that don't have BB's being able to send me messages if I've shut down any other IM apps or stuff like that, remember, you can't STOP bbm from running or being connected on your BB, if anyone that downloads the app could put you on their list on there and send messages whenever, that'd potentially be a memory nightmare....

would it be a good idea to make a bbm app for the desktop?
it would be a great idea..
should you have to pay for it?
hell no. you already paid for a blackberry and have a blackberry data plan.

I would def use it on my desktop. Gets tiring typing on the storm to BB Contacts. I wouldn't pay a cent to use it though. I already pay 65+ a month towards my cell.

I would love to see this!
How much would I pay? Unclear. Being that I have 6gb of data that I don't really clear monthly, why pay more for additional?
While they are at it, I would love to see the ability to Manage profiles from Blackberry Desktop. This is such an easy feature to add, and as agreed by many fellow crackberry-ers, would be truly helpful.

Dear Rim,

Please make this happen bbm on the device and desktop will just enhance my Blackberry addiction!!! Everybody in the world needs and wants a Blackberry they just don't know it!!!!! Thank you in advance!!!!!

Blackberry Addict!!!!

I think it should be left as is. On the Blackberry, free and for communication with other Blackberry users. I don't need to be found by everyone at all times with all other client chat services.

I think it would be great to have the bb IM client as a desktop app. Would be amazing a super convenient. Especially while folks are at work all day...
RIM please make this happen!

It's useless IMO. BBM is meant for the Blackberry. You would have to change the name of it. I wouldn't pay 1 cent for it. IM applications should be free. ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc all free.

Surely because all the data for BBM is routed to your PIN not your mobile number this would also have to divert emails etc or am I missing something?

I look at it this way. BBM is made for BLACKBERRY and blackberry ONLY. Why should someone else experience the fun of this great talk application without a blackberry? it's like an exclusive club that only we blackberry lovers can enjoy...........why ruin that? Maybe making it so that you have to have a blackberry to use the desktop application that's an idea of maybe integrating it with SKYPE of AIM like others have said that would be OK too but don't open it up to the public.

one of the things that I love about Blackberry is the BBM im worried that if its brought to the desktop world it will lose its "exclusive" face-value. will it be something available to all or will it still be ONLY for BB users?

Why would or should anyone pay for BBM on their desktop???

I primary use AIM for chat, sometimes Yahoo, works just fine. Pay for BBM? Please.

I definitely think that with what we are paying every month for BB services, this is something that should be released and avaialble for free. I absolutely hate monthly subscription services, and never use them. I'd be willing to pay a one time fee for it's use of say $20 or less. But I believe this should be made available and free since we are already paying $30+ a month for BB Plans/Connection on top of our regular monthly cell plans.

I can't edit my previous post, but the more I think about it, you have to be crazy to even think that paying for BBM is even an option.

This shouldn't even be a discussion, or a big deal when they come out and say "hey, it's free", i'd think, of course, why NOT??


Definitely needs a desktop link for BB Messenger!

For "security" reasons, they can restrict the Desktop app to just be available only if the BB is plugged in.

That is even easier to implement! it's just a "remote keystroke" kinda thing.

Even have it echo on the BB itself, so if the user needs to take off from the keyboard, he/she will still have to chat log on the BB Messenger on the device!!

PLEASE release it!!!

I too like the fact that it is for Blackberry ONLY and made to be on the go. Its like its a special thing for blackberry owners only. Would not want or use.

i actually wrote a report for school about RIM vs. Apple for my business class and my number one suggestion for RIM to boost up sales tremendously was a desktop version of BBM for Windows & Mac using the Blackberry PIN. it should be free or charge a one time fee. i would love to see that happen any time soon because the same thing happens to me when i'm doing work on the computer and i spend more time on my BB instead of the computer.

pay? although I love blackberry and all, why do they always not include features that are standard in other average phones? For instance, ring and vibrate? I don't think RIM should make consumers pay for the ability to use BMM on a computer, that would be just plain wrong! All other instant messengers are free, and RIM should follow their example if they are to release a computer version of BBM.

I think that having bbm on the desktop would be nice but, I dont think it will ever happen. That would open up a new window of security issues and wouldnt be feasable.

Its a great idea, all they have to do is set up a login for people who have pins already, like log into an email that is connected to there blackberry. For people who dont have a blackberrry just have them pay a 10$ monthly charge like they have for windows mobile phones with the blackberry connect app.

I'm on my desktop...the BB is downstairs in the kitchen. I just ran up to wake up the PC so I could sync some music to my Zune. Possibly would be willing to pay....dh paid for Trillian Pro....though I don't used my PC much. So it would be his call.

GOOD LOOK on the OTA...the new BBM is FTW! But something tells me this isn't the complete version (thus the leak), because I was pretty sure that streamed SMS would come with it as well.. Guess it will be available when they come out with 5.0.

I would love a BBM desktop program. It could be integrated in the DM, so when you have your BB connected to the DM, it acts as a verification of user ID/PIN. That would also prevent messages being sent to both the desktop and BB at the same time.

Yes I would love this software...But it should only be available to Blackberry users i mean for example if you switch to another phone than you shouldn't be able to use it...that would keep it more exclusive than msn...would never pay for it, r u joking?

Absolutely. I've looked several times for the existence of this app across several years. I've always wanted it. In the same way that when I'm at my desktop I log in to Yahoo Messenger, because I can type 3 times as fast and multi task while doing it. I would go so far to say that it is a needed program.

I also echo your sentments and wish for an integrated, all in one, messenger that includes BB messenger on the desktop, and on our handheld BB devices. If anyone ever hears of any late-breaking news regarding this awesome innovation...please let us know here on this forum.

Thank You.
Pin# 30E01EF8

would be great if they made a BB Messenger for PC/MAC. Don't think they should charge for it, and if they didn't wanna loose money (as another poster stated), it should only be available to registered BB Users/Owners.

I would love to see a way to use BBM on the PC. I would love to see BB software that allows sending SMS, managing contacts and calendars and more....capabilities similar to Motorola Phone Tools.

on one side id like it to, but on the other side i'm SO used to msn messenger, I use it for like 10 years now..

I came on there hoping there was some way of downloading BBM on to my pc only to find its not available NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! some inconsiderate person knock my phone out of my hand and broke the screen, yes it can be repaired, and I can access everything either by a spare phone or pc apart from the ONE thing I need BBM, I can not believe there is not a version out there yet! it criminal. I am email BB right NOW!

For those looking to get BBM on your desktop, if you remote control your device using SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro (via WiFi or USB), then you pretty much have BBM on your desktop. With my Torch, it's pretty much like another application because it's touch screen, so I can use my mouse and keyboard.

YES i would loveeeeeeee to see BBM for PC or laptop ... still it has to be exclusive for Blackberry users, connecting the phone with usb cable seems like the best idea for now.

the point is ... we could use the big screen and big keyboard on our computer to chat on BBM.

me myself is now a pretty heavy user of BBM, because im in the retail business. So handling them one by one is pretty hectic via the device.


let me know if something came up ...

whats the point to pay for this application as we are paying the same to use it with our respecive telecom providers, but yes it could b a catch that people dont renew their service and use the free bbm application on the pc itself for free, its good that it comes to action, but i dont think it will!

Well, i do not meant to be negative but, do not forget that RIM is sleep at the wheel, they are so behind in everything, this is why the company is going to the dogs, I love my 9700, but it is a shame that the company is in the way it is, and as far as responding to any of our request, they do not have their ears to the harkening of our likes and dislikes, yes i know they listen some, but some is not enough. I do not think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out all i have said, i could go on and on, but what purpose would it accomplish?

But one of my pet peeves is when companies do not pay attention to those who made them what they are. as the saying goes, "The same people/customers you see going up, you see the same people/customers going down, and now look at your market share.

A good post for Business 101

I’m desperately asking RIM for a desktop application, the screen of my bb is not working, and therefore I cannot see anything. It would have been great if I could connect my bb to my computer, chat using BB messenger. RIM we are begging for the ability to access our data services on the phone via the computer, this is long overdue. Users have been asking for it since 2009.


Something like if we need to have our BB connected via USB to the computer and then running the computer program.

If we have BBM opened for everybody without the need of the phone we will see a lot of people moving out of the platform. I don't see iFans converting into BB users just because of BBM.