BlackBerry Messenger v6.2.0.24 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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By Bla1ze on 23 Mar 2012 11:01 am EDT

After a few weeks of nothing happening in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, RIM has now decided to go ahead and get things rolling full steam again. It wasn't all that long ago we saw BlackBerry Messenger v6.2.0.15 appear there and now we have BlackBerry Messenger v6.2.0.24 already available for download. Changes? Quite a bit actually:

Fixed Isses

  • User is returned to the contact list after sending a voice note via the convenience key if the chat is opened from the Messages application.
  • Virtual keyboard does not appear automatically when editing personal message
  • When trying to switch chat from switch chat menu within conversation, user information is partially cutoff
  • Send picture dialog is displayed as a vertical bar for device font size 14.

Known Issues

  • Highlighting a BBM contact displays a different contact's display picture.
  • Pressing the convenience key while the menu is open in a chat returns the user to the contact list if the chat is opened from the Messages application.
  • Scrolling quickly in the inline edit view allows the focus to move out on to the user's avatar.
  • Pressing the Enter key while the focus is on the user's avatar initiates the inline edit view.
  • Some smileys remained as text in a message sent to a multiperson chat for all participants.
  • Send voice note dialog buttons are cut off in landscape mode when the virtual keyboard is displayed. 

The update is available now for registered users, so get to downloading. Just remember, it's a beta. If something isn't working right and it's not already a known issue, send feedback so that it can be addressed in a later release update.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Messenger v6.2.0.24 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


I would like more space in the chat bubble. Make it look more like BBM when its on the PlayBook.

I love the Beta Zone, but maybe its me, or the Sprint network, or maybe I just have bad service in my house, but I always cringe when I have to go to my beta zone page from my phone because it always takes FOR-EV-VER for the pages to load. Could be the servers are getting jammed up with a million downloads, thus making the page sluggish, I don't know. Anyone else encounter this? Either way, its not enough to deter me from beta testing new apps., so I sit and tap tap tap away at the links until I'm finally to the download page haha Currently using Appworld beta, Facebook beta, and now the latest iteration of BBM beta. Liking it all so far.... Keep up the good work!

The beta zone pages load fast and the actual apps download fast on my sprint 9850s and my old 9650s, never had a problem