BlackBerry Messenger v6.2.0.15 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 14 Mar 2012 02:52 pm EDT

With RIM having been rolling out a few other beta's recently, it's no suprise a new version of BlackBerry Messenger has now popped up as well. RIM seemingly hasn't sent out emails for it yet, but it's there. v6.2.0.15 is what it is listed at and RIM shared some release notes for it:

  • Animated display pictures - More animated display pictures are now built into BBM. Change your picture to suit your mood.
  • Change your name or message inline - You can quickly change your name or status message without leaving your contact list by clicking the text at the top of the screen. To exit inline editing, just scroll down. You can still access your profile screen by clicking your display picture.
  • Streamlined voice notes - When your convenience key set to open BlackBerry Messenger, if you highlight a contact in BBM and press the convenience key, you can start recording a voice note. Once you're done, pressing the convenience key again will send the voice note. Group chats. You can return to the default color at any time.
  • BlackBerry Tag enhancements - Adding contacts has never been easier. If your BlackBerry smartphone supports NFC technology, you can turn on the Allow Automatic Invitations by Tapping option. Then, as long as you or someone else has BBM open, you can add each other as contacts by aligning the backs of your smartphones. This feature requires that you both have the latest version of BBM installed on smartphones that support NFC technology.
  • Improved search - When typing the name of a contact or group, the search ignores special characters and emoticons to make it easier to find what you're looking for.
  • Resend a message  - If a message didn't send (for example, if your smartphone was outside of a wireless coverage area), you can highlight the message and select Resend from the menu.

If you're a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you should be able to login and find it listed under your eligible programs as it shows up as a new beta. Thanks, Alberto!

Visit the BlackBerry Beta Zone


the brother

Thank you Alberto.... :)

Some new stock avatars included.


Downloading as I type this!


Downloading now, can't wait to try it out !!!


Downloaded and checking it out!!
Thanks for the tip :D


this looks cool. Some noticeable changes im sure.


OMG yay!! LOL I just got an invitation signing up and downloading ready to feedback now :D #teamblackberry


Resend a message - If a message didn't send (for example, if your smartphone was outside of a wireless coverage area), you can highlight the message and select Resend from the menu.

It would of been better if BBM detected this and asks if you would like to resend instead of you having to highlight it...

Dave Hong

Totally agree - still, glad the feature is there.


That's what the beta zone is all about. If you think it should do something a certain way, or in a better way, give them feedback. They actually listen.


Completely disagree, well partly disagree. They listen but when (if) we ever see the suggestions implemented is another story.


Hi @beemir,

Alex from RIM here. We do listen, and we want to thank you for your support of BlackBerry Beta Zone. Beta Zone allows active BlackBerry users to provide us with feedback on the features they like and those they don’t before an app goes live. While we can’t implement every idea, we do work hard to implement user suggestions into the final release.

We’re open to feedback on social channels, too, so please share your thoughts with us at any time via Twitter (@BlackBerry) or on our Facebook page:


Alex, RIM Social Media Team


Got it! Not bad at all! :)

Quod me nutrit me destruit


Been out for a while now. Been in my beta zone for at least a week, as that was the last time i checked. Facebook and twitter too


NFC-enabled BBM!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa baybeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Now that's a stand out functionality! Downloaded and fired up!


can i get it on my playbook of course not rim left the biggest selling feature off the playbook


Not a pb user , but I guess u can , they will surely not leave out on the pb , lol... bbm is rim's bread and butter


Its good , fast
Minimal latency
Better than the previous on , enjoying !


Ugh been trying to dl for over 5 hours now.......keeps failing!!


Ugh been trying to dl for over 5 hours now.......keeps failing!!


Is anyone else having any issues sending pictures? Doesn't seem to be working for me.


Nope, they send fine for me | 9850 -


I just installded, very nice...


Found one bug.... BBM notifications in the drop down bar on the homescreen say there for certain contacts, even after reading their messages


I especially like how every build that goes through the beta zone has a request for an option to disable broadcasts

I especially like how its ignored every time as well!

Guess animated pictures are far more important than a highly requested feature!

(and before anyone says it yes i have already asked for it AGAIN!)


Great!!! Thanks Alberto <3


Mine keeps failing i will wait till im at a better location my office sucks for wireless and cell phone reception


Been trying all day on my 9700 ( - keeps failing - says invalid COD :(