BlackBerry Messenger v6.1.0.71 now available for download from BlackBerry App World

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By Bla1ze on 24 Feb 2012 05:29 pm EST

If you're looking to ensure you have the latest release of BlackBerry Mesenger on your device then now would be a good time to go ahead and fire up BlackBerry App World. RIM has gone ahead and updated BlackBerry Messenger to v6.1.0.71 just a few short days after having updated it to v6.1.0.70. No change log was included for this release so for now we'll have to assume it's just bug fixes. Either way, go grab it.

Download BlackBerry Messenger v6.1.0.71

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BlackBerry Messenger v6.1.0.71 now available for download from BlackBerry App World


The last update kept hiding my contacts, so I couldn't send anything. Had to do battery pulls to fix it a few times. Hopefully this fixes that.

My App World it tells me upgrade is there but when I click on it it says nothing more about the upgrade n doesn't lemme do it

i want a green background for my 9360 with the CB logo just like the table with the shot of the 9900 on it. anyone got one or can make one for me?

I won't be downloading this update.I'm tramatized by the last one Mybbm icon dissappeared. Three days I was without bbm.

My BB CURVE 9300 is messed up after phone number contacts are gone and my phone keeps shutting down...eek!!
What to do to fix? Thanks.

The last update kept DRAINING MY MENORY ........ & so far all day this new version of BBM has been superb no more memory drain :-)

I notice there's absolutely no change log for this latest update! It's a lil worrying that BBM continues to get such tepid reviews in AppWorld! For a flagship app I expected better user experiences. Back-to-back updates in 1 week and d latter update with no change log! #shockin' beta was great on my 9780 for a few days and this is even better. works perfectly fine like beta version and being released in AppWorld with a higher version number means its gotta be good.

I upgraded this (I think) & now my BBM disappeared.

Had to reinstall it and all my contacts' bbm avatars are all gone & it showed an old conversation with somebody from last week.
Why has upgrading BB apps become so difficult of late?

Downloaded this not expecting any trouble. On reboot the phone goes to a white screen. Even Safe Mode does not work for reboot. RiM f'd up on this one. My 9650 is dead. I wish I could say this was the first time it happened, but a few months ago the same thing happened. Seems like the BBM Connected feature just will not cleanly install, because the last time this happened was after updating BBM. I seriously think RiM need to advise people on doing updates, especially with anything BBM Connected. I know some people have zero problems updating, but this is now the fifth time my 9650 has been killed by a BBM software update. Seriously annoying.

Link between BBM contacts and my main contact list is now missiing. Not sure if this update did it or not. Anyone else have this issue???