BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.1.15 available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Michelle Haag on 30 Aug 2011 04:02 pm EDT

BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform

BlackBerry Beta Zone members have a new version of BlackBerry Messenger available today. If you are currently testing BBM Music, you are instructed to stay on BBM v6.0.0.129, but if you aren't involved in that program, you may feel free to install v6.0.1.15 and give it a whirl. This upgrade is said to have focused on fixing file and picture transfer bugs, as well as the addition of subscription payment support for platform-enabled apps. Be sure to do a back-up before installing, and leave feedback in the Beta Zone discussion forums.

If you're not already a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone and would like to sign up, head on over to and get registered.

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BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.1.15 available in BlackBerry Beta Zone


It's a big file size and its just sitting at the downloading's been there for the last 20 mins

Took me a while too. Not sue why but it seems to work just fine for me otherwise so no problems there...

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style

It seemed like the download dragged on for 3-4 minutes (my WiFi is working fine for surfing).

Other than that, the EULA did seem longer than normal, and I'm wondering if Copy/Paste bug is back? After copying the key code, I pushed the trackpad to get the "paste" menu option, and nothing happened. Had to push the "menu" button to get "paste" to appear. Everything worked fine after that.

Longest EULA ever. It looks and seems to work the same so far. Hopefully it'll work after a reboot without opening it first.

It was a bit long to download & install, but at least everything went well and no lost icon. I had to paste the activation code in via the menu key as it would not paste via the trackpad for me as well. It has the longest EULA I've seen from RIM even with super small font text. lol

I think people who type "downloading" are idiots.. What the hell else are you going to do? Anyway, any valuable feedback is great..

Just noticed I'm receiving texts in BBM chats from someone with an iPhone. This is sweet - it was always a PITA that I got notified in BBM but had to open Texts to see messages.

Have noticed the way messages are sent are slightly different. In the convo it come ups in a sliding way

Testing the file sending. I had a huge problem with that in the last build in beta. Seems to be working so far.

I had to go back to .129  would not give me a keycode, I tried sending 5 or 6 times. It never gave me one. And if you look on the beta site there is like 10 pages of people not getting keycodes.

I'm using this new version and using BBM Music. Both work fine.

How long has 'set contact alert' been there on the options for busy users?

I have dL this and have bbm music... I think the problem lies w/ the app now showing your music updates ... At first glance at least. Bbm music is functional for me w the new bbm.

hope this can help those who are having key code problem
in blackberry beta zone go to > my account >keycodes > get latest key code.
u should get ur code in no time.

I have installed this thing, but i can't integrated this bbm into foursquare
Is this only me or somebody having the same problem

In the old version, if you called up a .jpg in your browser and tried to send via. BBM, you were told the media object was invalid, and had to save it before sending. This has been fixed.

Longest EULA i've ever encountered .. LOL .. took time to sync my contacts and groups but everything is working fine afterwards ..

this version killed my battery like 3 times...did a few resets and a battery pull and all i well....took forever to download too