BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.129 now available for download

By Bla1ze on 5 Aug 2011 05:39 pm EDT

If you've been expereincing some issues with the previous build of BlackBerry Messenger then we have some good news for you all. BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.129 is now rolling out through the freshly beta zoned BlackBerry App World 3.0. While most of the change log remains untouched, you will take note that the "Show what I'm listening to" feature is back.

Download BBM From BlackBerry App World



Great to have those features back! :D


it better be good (first comment)


I cared nothing for what anyone was listening to. What I hope is fixed is the sluggish scrolling and invisible messages in groups.


Ahhh second comment LOL and why hasn't anyway got a notification /:)



I didn't receive any update, im still w8ing ;)


Half the time i dont even have a notification for a new BBM. Hopefully this is resolved. Another Question. Does anyone know if the Bold 9900 has wifi hotspot capability?


Does it come off as worrisome to anyone else that RIM seems to constantly be retracing footsteps trying to sure-up issues that shouldn't even have been in updates to begin with?!


Could some of you seriously just SHUT UP and switch if you wanna ! who doesn't release software fixes and hot fixes etc !!! always complaining RIM THIS RIM THAT ! WE ALL want them to improve.


I can't install it. If I go to my Appworld, it says 125. If I go to, it's still 125.

When I click the link from this post using my blackberry brwoser, it says status waiting... Unsupported Operating System


Try to reset Appworld.

Open appworld
Hold ALT
then Press R S T

appworld will close and when you reopen it, it should look for the updates.


Just did, still 125 on both appworld AND


I maybe wrong but I think that currently only people using BlackBerry App World 3.0 (beta) are seeing the download.

I didn't see it but now with App World 3 (beta) I do, just a thought


Sweet, "show what I'm listening to" is back, now bbm seems complete again.


Great to have BBM back to normal, now fix the facebook and stop it from freezing.


last update made bbm groups slow as shit, hopefully this is fixed now


i'm looking to join a bbm group...where can i find one


Taking forever using the web plug in.


Installed the update and now my BlackBerry keeps crashing and rebooting itself.


me too here, checked the app world, this morning, still showing .125, but recently this afternoon i eventually got the update notification from my appworld for the .129 build and i've installed it.


Got the update, I'm using App World 3.0 and you just refresh the list and it popped right up. BUT..... WTF they didn't fix the picture sharing issue! Still can't send any pic over 60k. Come on!


1st and 2nd tries ended in an installation failures.

Reset and attempt #3 in progress...

edit: Looks like third time was the charm.


still doesn't allow me to send pictures


I am impressed at the new version.. Includes "Show what I am listening" once-again back and they have fixed the "STATUS UPDATE" finally I impressed RIM have sorted out the issue..


.129 installed from AppWorld 2.0.* on Bold 9780 on Telus just minutes after this was posted...


With any luck the masses will be happy now, there's a lot of tears and sniffles on the app world reviews. Personally I think it's only imortant to me what I'm listening to, not to anyone else. Nice to have the option I guess.


can we then expect that the restrictions RIM placed on attached pics and other changes to bbm will continue in OS7 with the new devices? if so, tbat would suck huge!


Show what i am listening to is back :D That made my day.


Is it just me or is the "PICTURE LIBRARY" folder missing when you try to change your display picture??? WTF


Is it just me or is the "PICTURE LIBRARY" folder missing when you try to change your display picture??? WTF


Try removing Ūя̲̅ battery and re-insert it cos A̶̲̥̅♏ using the updated bbm and don't av such problem


it happens from time to time... it get fixed after a reboot
i know.. annoying.


I just upgraded my bbm to and I av app world installed on my bb...
Now I can see wat peeps are listening to...
Nyc job RIM


Nobody in the entire world gives a shit if you manage to get a "first" comment. Seriously, your parents probably hate you.


Even tho some ppl don't care about it and some ppl do but its good to have the "show what I'm listening to" option back it make bbm what it is and with a whole lot of nee features.. Good to have it tho sometimes your friends might me listening to a song that you don't know and u can write it down and listen to it yourself.. Its almost like media sharing


Its only available on AppWorld 3.0. And if you have problems pasting the keycode just hold the trackpad down for 2secs & paste that way. The scrolling still isn't working properly when looking at messages, but other than that I haven't seen any issues w/ .129 . Enjoy ppls :)


Or at least for me it didn't update until I got App World 3.0


Sadly this update doesn't fix the disappearing BBM group bug that happens from sometimes updating to another version. Now I'm locked out of a group I created that no one can add me to since I'm the admin... Womp womp.


I've had that happen to me in the past and I just got an invite from one of the members for my group and it set me back to admin after I re-joined it. Hopefully you didn't set it so that only the admin can invite others to the group ;-)


Does anyone know why the comment field is chopped off when you are sending a picture? I ve tried to scroll up and down, but no luck. Can't see what I'm typing. Any help out there?


Updated my 9780 and people weren't receiving my messages, hence downgraded, anyone else having problems, funny thing is had no problems with previous...


Updated my tour and so far it's working great


Finally got it. My groups seem gone though X_X lol


No problems previously but this time it doesn't show that people have read the messages just d


updated app world and bbm today and everything is's true


Also I noticed, although I updated, I still have version 125 listed rather than 129. I tried uninstalling and re-installing too.