BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.3.22 now rolling out through BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 2 May 2011 11:28 am EDT
BlackBerry Messenger
In what is likely the first of a few updates to come over the next few days, BlackBerry Messenger version is now available in BlackBerry App World -- of course, anyone in the BlackBerry Beta Zone has a higher version currently but if you're not really into dealing with beta bugs, go ahead and fire up BlackBerry App World as the update should be showing for most users. If not, just wait it out a little longer -- or refresh App World and it will show up. Thanks, to everyone who sent this in!

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BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.3.22 now rolling out through BlackBerry App World


Worked flawlessly with blackberry bridge and my PB. My friend has the beta BBM and it didn't work with his PB for some reason...he's deleting the beta and getting the official and giving it a try. Lets see how it works out.

I am also on the new bbm 6 beta and it works great with the PB. Did your friend upgrade his bridge app?

update now showing for you in app world? wasn't for me either at first... then i did an ALT+RST, app world reset, then i reopened it, signed in, and boom, update available

Open app world, when you get to the main screen, hold down left alt key then type r s t. App world will close a few seconds afterwards

every time i try to down load the update to my phone, it defaults back to the previous version. won't give me the new one. anybody else have this problem?

Yea. I had to do the ALT+RST twice and also 2 battery pulls before I got the update to show the right version and complete the install. I don't know why the download got hung up twice while it was downloading to my Curve.

Hey guys/gals try downloading the updated apps through appworld on your PC and connect your phone when it asks. Appworld via phone is taking abit to get the new apps. Even if it shows the old versions, click download and the updated ones should show once you login.

Good to see things at RIM hard at work during the month of MAY - I noticed many updates in App world even PB Bridge in App world a later version that ain't region locked as before