BlackBerry Messenger Upgrade WANTS To Be Available?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2009 04:24 pm EDT
BlackBerry Messenger Prompting to be Updated?

* Update: OK... We're starting to get word from people in the know that RIM has updated the BBM servers to the newest version of BBM. It's likely this prompt some of us have seen was not intended/supposed to happen (just yet). So that *should* mean things are basically ready to go... RIM just has to decide to pull the trigger and the new BBM update will be pushed out. We're not sure when that will be exactly, but hopefully soon! Stay tuned... *

How's this for some Friday afternoon weirdness? I go to click on BlackBerry Messenger from the homescreen and look what pops up! I grabbed a screen cap immediately, but from there the prompt went away and hasn't come back yet for me to click on a link. Following up with Bla1ze and Adam though, both each got the same upgrade prompt but the link when clicked takes them to download the existing version of BlackBerry Messenger. 

So what's going on here?! Is RIM getting ready to push out an update to the BlackBerry Messenger or are we facing some gremlins in the system. Have you experienced this yourself yet? Sound off in the comments... and cross your fingers that NEW BBM (2.0 or 2.5 or whatever it's going to be called.. it's not called BBM 5.0) gets released soon.

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BlackBerry Messenger Upgrade WANTS To Be Available?!


I googled bbm 5.0 and i got the download and nothing is wrong with it and it is awesome. This could be a sign that it'll be released on the weekend wouldn't that be awesome?

I got it on my Tour this morning when recieving a BBM. I click get link. Tells me I need to have a operating 4.0 and 4.1. Then rolls to my phone is not compatible.

I got the popup and clicked "get link" and it says it only works for software version 4.0 and 4.1

im running for storm

I get the same thing, when i click on BBM on my 8900 i get open link, when i click on it just takes me to a download page for same BBM version

Tour 9630 Verizon V4.7.1.53 (before verizon took it down)... Mine wont go away... (i didnt get to DL it) I pulled my batt. and it has not came back) :::she shakes her BB as if it were a etch a sketch::: COME ON!

Will do a battery pull and report back. Blackberry Storm running .230

Nope no notification to upgrade. But I will be on hitting refresh every 5 mins.

bold running ver 4.6 nothing
bold on 5.0.190 wants to upgrade

this is only for version 5.0 i guess and bbm 4.7

what diff does it make anyway? the new BBM is so easy to find in it's unofficial form that i'm sure most ppl who care/want it have it already.

Because the "real" version you are running is as old as the day is long. RIM has updated way beyond what was leaked.

Running on Storm 4.7...148 (stock and boring I know) But BBM 5 is ten times better. Downloaded it 2 months ago and forgot what the old BBM was like, but I'll never go back!!

went to check for upgrade to BBM on my storm and it did say a updated version was available but the link takes me to download it for Software versions 4.0 and 4.1????????

happened to me, but then I got a message saying that its a wi-fi service and I need to be connected to wi-fi...although im connected with my data plan and 3G

With so many new OS's on the horizon, RIM has to do something special, else I'm off to Maemo.

FFS RIM release the C*nt

The same thing has shown up on my storm. The upgrade link is gone, but the icon of the circle and arrow are still there.

I get the message every time I try to access bbm via the shortcut key from the homescreen. Please let the update be soon! Telus Tour with

I had the same thing pop up and got all excited, clicked on the link and no dice. So of course I had to immediately come and check out crackberry and here it is.

so i delete the BBM i had to DL the "NEW" bbm ... it didnt work... I went to BBM to DL any BBM no luck! (ha ha ha thats what happens when i play with fire)... also the guy @ verizon told me to do this... ha ha so much for that... should I still be excited that he said they dropped 5.0 but they pulled it back due to issues?

Happened to me a bunch of times this afternoon. Only stopped happening when I pressed "cancel". I tried the link and even tried to download it but it told me that my OS wasn't compatible (OS

They should just release it and make everyone happy. I'm dying for something new and exciting on my Storm, and I'm not comfortable with the 5.0 leaks.. :(

I am new to the blackberry and really enjoy the options that the BBM offers. What are some of the changes that are expected with the new release?

I upgraded to and the leaked bbm5 didn't work. now i can't even download the new one ota(says my 8900 doesn't meet the requirements)

thats bc no ones is compatible with this one, if you read the above comments you would have already know that. Its a link to a very old version


I just got it for the first time this morning....i'm on an AT&T Bold running OS think we're very close to a looks like any day now.

i got it yesterday on both of my storms, both running 5.0.234, but when you click get link it says not avaliable for your platform.

i love bbm to death but almost every time i open up my bbm it comes up with that message, i wouldnt mind if the link worked but now its just annoying me. But i cant wait till the new bbm comes out :D

If I have the leaked version of BBM 5.0, will I still receive a message that a new BBM version is available?

actually, for me on my bold, it was quite an upgrade, it sped everything up, messages get delivered noticeably quicker, and navigating through conversations is snappier too

ya this has happend to me for half the day today but just recently it has not popped up for me so i dunno whats up, but if the new BBM 5.0 is coming out SOON then that would be awesome!!! new 5.0 for storm plus new BBm 5.0 sick

i got this message too when i went and clicked for to reach my bbm.. and in fact it is weird.. although when i clicked the link it took me to download the 4.0 version of it.

click on "Get Link"...some corporate jibber jabber follows, see the download button. Click it, my device doesnt have the right system credentials. i guess its for 5.0 users.....

oh well, i can wait

i did an update on my bold yesterday and found the same thing on my BBM. now it's getting annoying even. everytime i click on BBM it shows the same screen as u posted..

Just received the message for the first time on my 8900 running 5.0

Not tried downloading it yet as I'm in the middle of some convos.

I have been getting this multiple times today? The link sends me to some bbm from 2005. very interesting....

I've received the prompt for an up-date and I've lost contacts. I had no idea that RIM was up-dating the BBM until this post. So if anyone receives the prompt and loses your BBM contacts its probably due to this up-date.