BlackBerry Messenger updated to version

BlackBerry Messenger
By Adam Zeis on 29 Mar 2011 08:53 am EDT

It's been quite a while since we've seen an update to good ol' BlackBerry Messenger, but today that is just what we have. BBM has been updated to version and is available to all for download. No reports of what's new or fixed in this version, so we'll leave that up to you to figure out. You can grab the new version from BlackBerry App World. If it's not showing for you, give the ALT + RST trick a go. Hit up the forums for more discussion.

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BlackBerry Messenger updated to version


I've got a BB, but none of my friends do. Isn't BB Messenger for BES mostly? Is it a null and void app for me?

Lol, bbm is pretty much the only feature that differentiates a blackberry from the competition and its definitely the best messaging app you'll ever use :d.

You can add if you want to pm if u wanna know my pin , it doesn't make sense if you have a blackberry but not use bbm

I hope BBM goes cross platform soon. I've signed up and started using LiveProfile which isn't quite as smooth and efficient as BBM at the moment, its support staff is very responsive about fixing user issues. The best thing about LiveProfile is that I can stay in touch with friends on other platforms in a BBM like environment.

Highlights of BBM v5.0.2 include:

Simplified sending of pictures and voice notes

More user-friendly wording and organization in menus

Support for a simpler, one line view of contact list

Support for both deleting an unsent chat message (Shift-Del) and escaping out of a chat while retaining an unsent chat message (Escape button)


just got the update, it fixes the cursor issue that most people seem to be having with OS6, so yes, the cursor is back. other than that, haven't noticed anything else. is the beta zone version which might be the next upgrade to BBM if we find ways to improve it, but from the reviews it seems this official update is similar to the one in Beta zone.

Like others have posted, couldn't find the update. However after doing the Alt+RST thing and waiting for it to reload...only getting white screen...I closed that window, went back to the link from my phone and hit the link. This time the update showed up.

Try ALT+RST if that doesnt work try a battery pull, I went to my apps clicked on BBM and it said update available. However I have had to wait a few hours after everyone else before I was able to upgrade other Apps.

OTA link?

Its just stupid that you can not use appworld when roaming and you have 3G data off, RIM really need to sort that out.

that worked for me since the update didn't show up in the App World even after the ALT R S T.

I found it by going into "My World" from the App World menu, then clicking on BBM in my list of apps. It then asked if I wanted to update. Loading now...

I have a Bold 9650 running BBOS 6 and that was running BBM v

I'm not sure there is a BBM6 yet. You may want to check your application manager and see what version you're actually running because just having OS6 doesn't mean you have BBM6

If the cursor you're talking about is when you're trying to edit by sliding that little window around and it jumps all over the place...

I can now move it smoothly one letter or space at a time and it stays where I put it. That seems to work better.

Sorry I think I'm missing something mine says I don't have an updated and the current update it And I'm to date.. Do I need to restart my phone?thanks

Is this available to all countries? I can't see it on my phone's App World, so as to the link given above, even on a laptop.

Hello fellow addicts :-) (i know im not the only person on here who refreshes crackberry homepage many times a day) I have a question. i have been reading about people having the BBM 6.0 on the phones but is this for real? cause i have not seen one single pic to support this. i have seen the post on bbleaks and the option to download but i cant cause i have the storm2. so where ae the pics?

I downloaded the upgrade and it told me to reboot, I did but it didn't work? I tried it again numerous times but it comes up with : an error has occurred while downloading. please try again later.
this has been coming up for about an hour, I've tried to it again and again and also turning the device off
help please!!! :)

Just downloaded on my 9100 with the Rogers network in Canada and it's working fine. I've noticed that the option to broadcast pics STILL hasn't been re-added.

I dont like this version for one simple thing. It does not allow you to enlarge the profile picture of you and your contacts. The profile pics are too small Im use to the bigger pics. I placed the same character in front of my display name but pictures did not change.. Please help

The update has actually made the dp small. Tried taking the inserted character out and replacing it, but it did not work.

Ok so the update does exactly what I really wanted! What it does is in the OS 6 it has the announcement like you get for an email or text and you get it in that area, you guys know what I mean, hopefully lol.

Just downloaded and installed new DTM It seems to work a bit faster during media sync! That's good, right?