BlackBerry Messenger updated to v6.1.0.68 in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BBM update
By DJ Reyes on 13 Feb 2012 10:21 am EST

BlackBerry Messenger has already been released to the masses through BlackBerry App World, however those who have a BlackBerry Beta Zone account can update to version This update is of a hotfix to address a few issues that users have been encountering. The two main issues this update fixes are: 

  • You couldn't open locations in BlackBerry Maps that you sent or received
  • The Group Updates section didn't show a red star on new items

The beta program for BBM 6.1 is still ongoing so if you do encounter any issues be sure to report them via BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you haven't already signed up to Beta Zone, sign up today at

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Messenger updated to v6.1.0.68 in BlackBerry Beta Zone


those are not enough fixes to be worthy of a release... how about they try to figure out the issue i have -- i keep losing contacts.

Slow scrolling in groups and overall laggy performance has kept me on the official release and I am ignoring this version until someone convinces me it is fixed.

Have downloaded it but I use Soti Pocket Controller Pro to operate my BB on my desktop computer and this update no longer works with Soti. I use the Pocket Controller far to much to be without this feature so I have downgraded. Just heading to the Beta zone to report it there.

On a 9700 OS v5.0.0.743. BBM new message dot (orange one) still doesn't display on new messages.. it's a stupid and annoying bug, this update still didn't fix it for me.

It seems that all apps that interact with BBM doesn't work:

- Smiley Packs and other similar apps
- Vlingo for dictation (to type in something in BBM chat)
- TinyController
- All utilities that shows a menu inside BBM (except for screen capture apps)