BlackBerry Messenger Updated - v5.0.1.38 now available for download

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2010 08:23 pm EDT

Looks as though the latest BlackBerry Messenger has just gone live. Through BlackBerry Beta Zone, RIM had released v5.0.1.32 but, the live links to the update are showing v5.0.1.38. You can hit the BlackBerry Messenger link to download the latest version. BlackBerry App World however, is still not fully live as of yet although, it is showing so it'll only be a short while. Let us know if ya find anything new.

Download BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.1.38 Via OTA Today

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BlackBerry Messenger Updated - v5.0.1.38 now available for download



I had to go to to get it. The link showed the old version. Big size difference between the appworld version and the OTA. OTA is 2.8mb and the appworld one is 7.8mb. Probably the language files.

oh i'm downloading but i think it's hilarious that even blackberry doesn't directly load this into app world already for download. that all the app people use their notifications on their app than through app world.

Interesting. Contact photos now remain the same shape as the original (no more resizing into squares on the list). I'm not sure I like that very much. Fonts have increased in size and things look kind of crammed into the interface. The only plus I see is the larger smileys...finally don't have to squint to see the expression!!

Not when they have a custom status. Then their icon isn't visible in one line mode, instead replaced by the little red busy icon.

sounds like that's a theme problem. i'm running the stock them on my bold 9650 and it doesn't do that at all...

Can now add comments when sending an image
Can search through your contact list if you have a large list
New layout display (more difference in color between both identities)
I see Delete Backup file along with Backup & Restore? Not sure... Was this there before?

New feature to Automatically Record When Sending Voice Notes, rather than pop-up dialog saying to confirm

you could always search through your contact list. However, now when I hit the BACK button, it no longer deletes the text it just returns to the previous screen...

Is that positive or negative? I say negative, but I do see how some people will appreciate the update.

i'm downloading it and wow... it's taking too long!
anyway, there's a bug on the old one which i hate and i hope they sent away!

finally it receives a little refresh on its interface... don't get me wrong but i'm noticing that it has an option that says multi-person chat... it was already there? never seen it before

When you receive image, it shows as inline imag and you just click it to view full screen, but wow, the screen is so much clearer and the speed is fantastic

If you remove the check from the option to separate messages, everything will be white. That's what I did and it works well.

i downloaded it and now i cant find the icon. i see it in my applications but not on the home screen. what am i missing?

I like being able to seperate SMS and BBMs in the new version. Ive been using all of the betas too so its not new to me, but for people coming from the old version its a nice change.

There is nothing new that I see from .32 and .38. It was probably just small bug fixes. It is just a hair faster that .32, but nothing to write home to MoM about.

They havent fixed the major bug though for the touch screen Blackberry users!!!! We still can't select, copy and paste. Whats the point of Beta's and surverys if they are not going to listen!!!!!!

I've been running the beta ones since they came out and that's one thing I did not notice that is slow. I think it's better now.

WAOOO this is just what i was waiting for. like with the old one for your status to change you must have no more than 100 contact and it was anoying. but with this one it just DO IT! LOVEE IT THANKS CB ure the best!

downloaded it on my 9780 and my wifes 8330. mine already had i dont notice any changes as of yet. prob some minor tweaks behind the scenes.

Clicked on the link under this article on my phone and downloaded it. Showing as 2.9mb on my phone on the download screen.

Differences noticed so far:

1. In stripes style convos the convo background colours are different. When you open a fresh convo the background is greyed out, not white too.

2. You now have the option to show your timezone/location. Not automatic.

3. status "available" doesnt have green dot beside it. No symbol for it. busy status remains with its symbol.

Other small things too...

Like the new background. Makes it different than the messaging. You could update your "personal message" even in the old version and you dont have to have more than 100 contacts. Love the speed and a little tweaks here and there i noticed too :)

downloaded to my 8900 via the link, froze 2 times, finally installed, reboot and app is missing. App menu says I have it, try to download again and it says I have it already, but it is no where to be found

deleted from app list, rebooted and reinstalled old version from app world

The pics for my bbm contacts are bigger and clearer and the background for a conversation is grey in color now.

Haven't spoken to anyone yet through bbm so can't comment on that but so far it's more aesthetically pleasing.

love the new look only thing why status msg on the right of the contact name ... any help of fixing that ...or does anyone know how to get the msg under contact name like before ...

Feedback: Causing minor memory leak on my Bold 9000. 26.6MB now down to 22.2MB but slowly going back up idk what's up with that. Really wish the personal message limit could be longer. Other than that sweet update! :)

Has anybody else had problems with sending voice notes?,every time I have try it just got hung up and starting clocking had to reboot!!!!!:-(

Has anybody else had problems with sending voice notes?,every time I have try it just got hung up and starting clocking had to reboot!!!!!:-(

i like this!! this is a good step up from the previous bbm!! lol it looks refreshing! i wish i could change the color of the chat box though.. now that would be sick!!

I don't remember if it did this prior to update, but it now shows the time of each message on the right of the message, at least in bubble chat style.

Noticed that when having a conversation, you no longer see " is writing message" when person you are bbm'ing is in process of writing back.

Just updated on my 9550, and I've sent msgs to two different people, neither are going through.. just stuck on the "clock"...

So I sent 3 msgs, turned verizon on and off, then 2 of them went through, but one is still stuck on clock

I just downloaded now, my Storm is rebooting and its awesome that this didn't go to beta zone first!!!!!
Does anyone know whats new about this update?!
oh yeah I downloaded it directly from the web so it was only 2.7 mb!!!

I've checked app world and this upate is not showing for me. Version I see is Is the update for the 9650?

Version is the update. If you already have it, then you shouldn't have to update. If you don't have it, download it from app world.

yay for a bbm update but im trying to download it...i went onto and gave my email for the download link and on tht page it shows the new bbm and when i wanna see it to download it in app world it shows the other version before this can someone help me :)

Glad I could help. I'm about to broadcast it to the rest of my BBM contacts list in case there are others I sent this update to that wanna switch back.

Send location which has not worked for me since getting BBM 5.x finally works again!!! I also like how they grouped all of the send options together - this is a definite improvement!

This latest update is very, very high end. The groups now work flawlessly for the Storm 9550. It almost feels like a little bit of 6.0 on my phone now. The group pictures slide oh so smoothly now from image to image. I really like how the chats appear now too. Very, very impressive.

To make icons small change Contact List Style to "1 line"
the only way to get rid of the grey is to change the Chat Style to "No Borders" in options. Which will make the background white. but you don't get bubbles.

I just downloaded it and only see minor changes..the chat layout color sucks, would be nice if we could choose our own color scheme, multi person chat is cool, not far.

i heard that the police can track this version of bbm, apartently it was on the news .. can anyone confirm

they probably already noted that you wrote this comment down ;)

they've also tapped into your text message and phone calls

i wouldn't sleep tonight

Seems more 'os6' than os5
Oh and the smiley icon with the sunglasses doesn't come with B) anymore: you have to type B-). Weird.

That's because when you're typing outline points, it messes up; ie

So it doesn't enter *cool* on the second one

My 9700 has such an awesome battery life that I'm scared to upgrade. Can anyone comment on their battery experiences so far?

2 other changes I have spotted...

If you start typing a message and press the escape key, it doesnt delete what you have already put, it comes out of the conversation and then when you return, the text is still there.

Also, there is now the option to add a contact the home screen, not sure if that was there previously or not.

Wasn't there suppose to be an option on the new version that stops broadcast coming from contacts?

so i dl'd the new update from the app world, and after my phone rebooted there was no longer a bbm for me to use, and i tried to dl bbm again and it says that its already installed...any help on how to get it back?

Group chat icons are still messed up.

Can't believe they released it to the public like this...

Even though each of my groups have different icons, they just show as one icon in the homescreen...disappointing!

Any fix to this error? App world isn't showing the updated version either but is showing version :(

Tried downloading a few times -- keep getting "bad gateway error"...all other web access seems fine (wap, web, etc)...ideas?

I downloaded dm 6 last night & it told me my 9650 could be updated to .810 from .732. I did the update & realized it put me back to 5.0 for bbm.

I went to dl the new bbm this morning & it's telling me the gateway times out & app world doesn't show the new version.

I had the new bbm on my 9650 running .732 last night before the update. Did rim pull the update?

I think the whole world is downloading now :-) I managed to update mine but now I cannot update the bbm for my wife.

The previous BB betazone version ( is better and this version had too many problems in the bz forums thats why I never updated even after the beta offer.

I'm on Vodafone UK and every time I try to download this it comes up with the message HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway. But this only happens when I try download this everything else is fine.

I have the Bold 9700


I tested /messenger and I got gateway error myself. Those RIM homos are trying to force you to use valuable mobile data or something ? I was using the hotspot browser.

Good AM CB Family... Im getting a weird gateway error when going to link. Maybe everyone is trying to download the new messenger. Ill wait a few and try again later.

When I try either links, I get a page with a Proxy error:

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /devicesoftware/

Reason: Error reading from remote server

I guess I'll try again later.

Yeah so I've been trying to get my phone to dl this for like an hour now both through the site and the site... and it keeps saying bad gateway.

Anyone else?

P.S. I have the tour for Verizon.

Same here trying to download but I keep getting the message
HTTP Error : Bad Gateway. I wonder how long this is going to go on for?

I got Bold 9700 for Vodacom

I kinda had to get this version because I just downgraded my OS (don't ask, long story) anyway, things I've notivced are yeah, the chat screen is definitely different & while I'm usually a grey kinda guy, I'm not liking it all that much, would rather it be white again. 2nd, I like how the escape key clear what you were typing, now that it just exits the chat only to leave it there to when you come back, I'm not liking that so much. 3rd, the "my profile" section has definitely changed from before, it's really the first thing I noticed, if I could change back I think I would, I liked the old version better I think.

" wow Great Improved
Found Chat window like a Tweet on Ubertwitter new version
more fun, because it has Color scheme
Thanks RIM

The My profile section has good aesthetic improvements
"New Multi-person chat" is an exciting addition

The ridiculously large font size! I can't figure out how to change it

The background colors in a chat conversation: UGLY

Overall what i hate the most is that the text is SO LARGE!!

Cant download the file because my 8900 browser is giving me this: HTTP Error 500: Server Error

Also tried the BB App World and did not even see the upgrade option or an updated version.

Why RIM hasn't figured out that their customers don't like refreshing over and over, and searching the Internet to find the place to download updates is beyond me.

What's the point of AppWorld if RIM *doesn't* update the app links there for their own applications? Seriously... that makes no sense.

So... I'm doing the 'refresh' thing on my Storm2 every chance I get trying to hope I'm lucky and get the download to go. Frustrating. This is one of the areas RIM *needs* immediate improvement.

dead links...
My first attempt, It showed up in app world and I clicked to download, however the server location timed out or something! i rebooted and tried again, but this time it only showed version 5.0.57!

Nice now you can set your own name for a contact and it wont change when they update their names! great now to set names for all the @ss on my list that change their name ever hour!!

Does anyone know if the Set Alert feature that is available on BBM4.6 and was removed for all other versions of 5 is available on this new release?

dont you guys just update through appworld? If that doesn't show update delete BBM and re-install i'm sure it will re-install the new version

I'm using a 9700 on Rogers. I downloaded this from App World last night and it works fine. Download was 5.7 MB. I'm guessing the 7 MB file is for the touchscreen version?

Plenty of visual changes in my opinion. More options when you hit the BlackBerry button. It does seem like there is less room for text in the chat boxes. Not sure if the text size has increased, or there are just bigger gaps between messages.

Colours seem more dull, perhaps trying to look more "professional" I'm fine with it.

Overall haven't really noticed any difference in performance or battery drain.

Ok i tried downloading this new version and it wouldn't work. Even the website doesnt exist anymore, is this version real?

agreed, the link is okay. There are just too many people trying to get it right now and we are over loading the servers and they are crashing.

Man! The servers are getting HAMMERED.... Time out after time out.. Now the page is not avaialable.. I think we gonna see a crash..

A few tweeks here and there, but for the most part not much more since the 5.0 roll out. Good thing is that all the new stuff feels like it should have been there already. I am liking SMS integration feature (allows you to read SMS messages from linked contacts in the BBM application). Some of my colleagues don't like it, but I think there is enough difference between the SMS and BBM conversation boxes to know which one your'e reading.
The thumbnail of pictures being received is nice. Group Chat seems to be working alot faster, not sure if continued usage will slow it up, but I do notice that the chats are loaded in the conversation box and not before you actually get into the chat (this is cool).
Not sure how an "expand all" option is useful but still loving "collapse all".
All in all not a bad upgrade. Not too much not too little. Continuing to explore more features. But so far I'm giving it a thumbs up!!

Wow, I'm seeing all these comments that the links and updates aren't working. I was lucky enough to see this blog & update it last night and the new BBM works great. I hope they get the links to work again.

The link doesn't work now - just get a 503 service temporarily unavailable page. Anybody tried this morning?

i was expecting there to be many noticable changes and updates, but its just small lil things that dont really make that much of a difference one way or another. i like that it seems a tad bit faster and crisper look. other than that, nothing too special like more ppl have been saying.

Servers are probably been hammered, ive downloaded with no issues 5 mins ago, message delivery is faster, pictures preview is awesome, file transfer is MUCH faster without pauses, status update bug of 100 contacts is fixed, this is by far the best BBM yet.

Has anyone encountered this little glitch before where there's a black line that will appear occasionally in the chat window, I managed to grab a screenshot of it and I've been asking around if anyone has seen this but apparently so far I'm the only one who got this even before updating it to v5.0.1.38

I am gonna post the link to the image here and hopefully someone can tell me what's up...

BB Pin: 22193808


their servers cant handle ota requests for a update, FAIL but whatever. Why not at least update the App World?

I love my blackberry dont get me wrong but I am seriously considering making a move to another platform/device. Slips like this is why people laugh at RIM.

Wow, switch to another device because you can't get an update right away. This is probably why people laugh at you.

i got the email hours ago, they should at least provide a alternate installation, maybe a non-ota install. for the DM? Nah, they'd rather have everyone go nuts and take down their servers all morning/afternoon.

So I was able to upgrade from within App World to the new version this morning. After rebooting I cannot find the icon for BBM now. I even had a friend message me and it never came through but shows as sent on his side.

Go into App World - shows I have it installed
Go into Applications list - shows I have it installed
icon cannot be found anywhere!

Pulled the battery, changed where to be found and when friends message me I get no notification...

Any help is appreciated....


I'm having exactly the same problem... did u manage to solve it? I've been looking for a solution everywhere and can't find it... plz lemme know if u could fix it. Thanks

I've been on the beta test version but when i log in to App World the screen initially shows but then refreshes itself and then shows Is that actually a step up?

If you go to the website for App World and check out BBM it shows the new version. You fill out the email address and it sends you a link. You follow the link, and App World has the old version there.


Why is that RIM can't get their act together?

It's a bit ugly...seems to be faster though. It was worth an upgrade, but probably not worth all the hoops I had to jump through to get it...

It looks fun to use but a bit square. The one I downloaded was only 2.8MB and I know it's out of the question but It took me 3:30 to reboot my 9700. So again I'm not sure why the 9700 in the reboot shootout took more than 9minutes. Haha. Anyways looking forward to having a much better bbm experience. Thanks crackberry for the info!

They made the message thread look bland. It's just grey and sea green whatever. Not too enticing to see and use. Hope the color scheme could be changed though since chatting looks a bit boring because of the color scheme of the thread.

Call me nuts, but I've been hearing through the grape vine cops can track the conversations with this new update. I am skeptical if that is true, however, can someone please give some insight on these rumours....thank you.