BlackBerry Messenger update brings support for BlackBerry Tag, new emoticons and more

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jan 2012 10:01 am EST

BlackBerry Messenger 6.1

The latest BlackBerry Messenger update is due out later today and will be bringing along some fun new features. Version 6.1 of BBM will offer support for BlackBerry Tag (coming in BlackBerry OS 7.1). This will allow users to invite contacts to BBM simply by tapping their device (which must support NFC). Users will also now be able to enter a status of up to 160 characters in their profile - more than double before. Animated avatars, new emoticons, the ability to add a profile picture from the BlackBerry Camera and colored chat bubbles will be included in this version as well. The release is expected today so stay tuned for more!

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BlackBerry Messenger update brings support for BlackBerry Tag, new emoticons and more


Had the beta for a while now and was waiting to see when they would release the version to everyone. About time!

If you can't wait and need BBM 6.1 now, get it from your browser at
It will update BBM to Enjoy fellow CrackBerry Addicts!

Am I blind? Why can I not see how to edit bubble colours? I can see the option in OPTIONS where i can reset reset them, but not change them...

It should be under the contact profile and is defined per contact. So highlight the contact, press menu, select View Contact Profile. It is the Bubble Color on the bottom.

Hi all! Is there anybody can extract .jad file and put them to filesonic (for exm). Thank you very much!!!

Nice incremental update. I especially like the expanded character field for status updates and looking forward to trying Blackberry tag. Going forward, future updates should include the following:

Video Chat (key feature that will probably not come until BB10 handsets are released)
Voice Chat (logical update for voice notes and another key feature that would work well in many markets)
FB/Twitter integration (ability to have BBM Status updates also send to FB/Twitter as status updates).

Keep improving RIM!

I do not know about anyone else but after the update my phone overheated killed the battery and died...after putting it on charger it wouldn't start for 5 mins....though the update killed my phone

The update killed my BB9900 as well.

Downloaded official update thru BB World and now my BB can't even start.

Getting all sorts of NullPointerException and other Java errors.


This might be what's making my phone act all weird. My bbm music is pausing in songs now and not starting other times when I'm trying to start after exiting. It also freezes at random other times too. Like when I get a text message or browse the internet. It's like it can't handle doing anything anymore.

Is BlackBerry Tag embedded in the app where we can't see it? I don't see anything in the app itself.