BlackBerry Messenger stress test 2 conclusion and video highlights; Bold 9650 did better than 9000 but not all was :)

BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test Video
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jun 2010 11:55 am EDT

That's it. I'm done with BlackBerry Messenger stress tests. Well, at least I'm done with them for a little while. Maybe I'll give it another go once we have a new device rocking BlackBerry 6 and a 1GB of memory (Storm3 perhaps?!). While the Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 we conducted this BBM stress test on did run a LOT smoother throughout the process than the Bold 9000 we did our original stress test on, at the end of the day the flood of thousands of contact requests, maxed out BBM contact list and hundreds of open chats seemed to be just a little more than the 9650 and the BlackBerry Operating System could handle. 

Below you'll find the video highlight reel of the BlackBerry Messenger madness. I chopped it down to 10 minutes from about 90 minutes of recorded footage (apologies for some of the blurry bits - learning to use a new camera and apparently don't know how yet). You'll see how I approved two thousand contacts, the device bricked and then how I persevered to max out the contact list yet again and tested out a broadcast message (didn't go so well) and contact list backup. It was fun and stressful all at once.

End of the day, if you have thousands of people you need to communicate with, I'd stick with Twitter as the medium. Keep BBM to the people you know and need to / want to communicate with in that special way that only BlackBerry Messenger can deliver.

BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test 2 Video Highlights

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BlackBerry Messenger stress test 2 conclusion and video highlights; Bold 9650 did better than 9000 but not all was :)


Mine slows down when I have more than 6 open chats or when I get into the 20 to 30 rqange of contacts. This is also being a memeber of an active group.
Can't wait for a BB that can handle it either! I still got another year to go before that happens though.
Oh well, glad to have been added Kev! Tried the first time with the 9000 stress test. Think I got added after the initail melt down this time. :D

I watched this vid last night on youtube and during the part when you scrolled through all those contacts to send the broadcast message, you could've just hit menu > send. I just noticed you mentioned that you possibly didn't know how to use your BB.

What's really funny is I did the exact same thing in the first BBM Stress Test which is the last time I sent a Broadcast (never do it). It really is a UI fail IMO though on a screen like that though to see a Send Button but have no smooth way to actually get to it. One of those strange things how shortcuts like B work in some places and not others.

crash n burn - well it got a decent way through but
honestly its a new device 512 meg, it should have
had no problems

I was wondering the same thing about the 9000 in the first test. OS Reload of course, but did it suffer any permanent lag or after-effects?

i can't help but notice Kevins 'Storm3' name drop. why the Storm there something on the video-leak horizon in the next month or two???

or is this me being totally ridiculous

I think rim is going to keep trying until they perfect it .. I wouldn't be surprised


Thanks for helping me with my insomnia.... ;)

Seriously, thanks for the vid. Very intriguing!

I was on your contact list and never got the broadcast message.... there might have something gone wrong.... as you I never send broadcast messages AKA "spam"

are you Still not able to update your status after a 100 people .. jus like the on going problem with bbm 5.0 with everyone who has more than 100 contacts

are you Still not able to update your status after a 100 people .. jus like the on going problem with bbm 5.0 with everyone who has more than 100 contacts

It was interesting while it lasted. I had to resend 3 times before getting accepted. Well done Kevin. !

So is this what the world of RIM/BB has come to? Where it has forced RIM/BB-centric sites, bloggers to share such exposes as..."ohhhhh let's test the BBM threshold of xxxx device"?!?!

While other manufacturers are releasing devices with OS' on them that are spanking RIM and BBs around. I think this is a sign of the times for RIM and its products...everyone involved with them doesn't have much substance to work with in terms of sharing news pertaining to any sort of breakthrough innovation; yet..they share something like what this BLOG entry is about..'BBMs and seeing how many can come through before the archaic OS that the BBM feature runs on xxxx devices...crashes'.

P.S. This isn't Kevin's fault..nor anyone that willingly has associated their backing with RIM/BB. Not much can be truly shared and shed an IMMACULATE light on...when what RIM is giving people to work lagging far behind for all intents and purposes.

I never got the broadcast message. Did anyone receive it? It was not clear from the video if anybody received it.

Kevin, what version of BBM were you running? I am currently beta testing BBM

Compared to the 9000 this was way better; but why can't bbm handle a huge contact list in the first place? Isn't it just a big list of names to scroll through or is there something goofy with the code that prevents it from operating efficiently with that many contacts or does it have something to do with updating all the names, status', etc at the same time with that many people that it starts bugging out like that? I feel like RIM needs to work on the code to make bbm a bit more efficient. Someone correct me if anyone knows for sure why it starts to act like that, but this is me speculating.

Campari? Really Kevin? lol. For some reason I never found that stuff tasty. Must be an acquired taste I guess.

the interest in the BB/RIM is falling... it just shows from the lack of comments. use to see 100-300 comments in one day now it takes like 2-3days to get 100 comments. So its either that or crackberry is not as popular anymore.