BlackBerry Messenger services degraded in the EMEA region, are you having issues?

By Bla1ze on 30 Jun 2012 11:47 am EDT

*UPDATE* - And now, service looks to of have been restored after 2 hours. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Looks as though BlackBerry Messenger services in the EMEA region are not running tip top at the moment. Many folks are now reporting slow message delivery or failure of messages being sent and recieved altogether. Still no official word from RIM as of yet but we'll be keeping an eye on the situation.

As of now, it doesn't appear to be affecting North American users but there is always the chance it could move across the network as we know from past events. Sound off if you're having any issues currently. In other news, Amazon Web Services are down as well as data centers throughout the EMEA due to storms so that leaves us to wonder if this is somehow related to those.

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BlackBerry Messenger services degraded in the EMEA region, are you having issues?


great! this won't give the media anything to shine more excellent light on.

all is well out here in British Columbia with BBM services.

not working here in Langley BC.....geeking out....very frustrating.....any hints to when it will be fixed???.....people wonder why people are going to iphones in droves

I'm not picking on you but iMessage on iPhone is not perfect either. Problems are also encountered on that service but people dismiss it and think Apple is perfect and never has any problems. Just go on iMore or do a Google search and you'll see for yourself. Furthermore, if you have a problem with BBM, you can always send a text, just like on iPhone when iMessage fails. Not sure why some people think that if there's any service outage (which I did not encounter in Toronto BTW), your entire BlackBerry becomes unusable and want to switch. Can you imagine if RIM manufactured a phone that would lose reception if you held it in a particular way? We all know how they were slaughtered for the power button on the PlayBook. I guess picking on RIM is just in style these days.

It makes it very hard to defend the indefensible. We are all trying to defend RIM but they make so hard or impossible on the users to do. They better sell, break up or merge with another company in a hurry. My first BB was the 7290 and I am a big fan of BB but I am about to throw the towel. No mas!

I'm in Lebanon, and it's been messed up for the past week really. My service provider said they were doing some maintenance on their side :/ I don't even get emails nor can I add new ones :|
I hope they fix it soon, RIM rly doesn't need this right now!

Seems like your region gets hit a lot lately... Sorry to hear that...Not good since support for rim/bb in your region is very high... Enough of these incidents would certainly change everyone's opinions...

So its acceptable?

Much that we go through here in Jamaica RE messed up blackberry service is not because of RIM but its because of our service providers. Not saying that RIM don't have problems from time to time but most of the times its our SP that have the issue.


BBM is not working fine for me in England. Long delays in message delivery. So far all messages have eventually got through but it can take hours!

Czech Republic has got problems. Some messages goes through some not, but I dont get any confirmation of delivering the message etc.

Still down here on Vodafone UK.... only getting the handset host registered message and nothing else.

Let's hope this is not days like last time.

I'm in Africa and all his fine.
there was a problem like this one week ago during two days and it was a carrier maintenance and not a RIM problem.

am in UK, havent had one issue, been chatting with people from spain, greece, uk, usa, canada and even thailand on BBM today.

i love the irony of discussing with people on BBM if they are having issues lmao

Seems like really slow delivery here in South Africa. Heard that Netflix and Instagram are also having/had issues.

Some slowness at the beginning of the afternoon but working well after 1-2 hours here in Switzerland.

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Not working at all on both my enterprise berry and my personal, I'm in Vancouver BC.

*update* now it's working extremely slow. Takes over 5min to send a BBM. I can receive instantly. Wtf?

Most of the users here in Bahrain have been having difficulty connecting with BBM for the past 5 hours.. Hope this gets fixed soon, it's very frustrating

My service is working fine, but I'm slow.... Oh, and I'm in California... (It's to sunny to look at or respond to any messages. I just want to relax....)

If I had any friends or family left on BlackBerry I would be able to test how the Seattle area is working but alas they have all gone to other devices.

Rimm could write a book on how to destroy a thriving multi-billion dollar company. The EMEA region is one of the last places where blackberrys are actually more popular than samsung and iphone and your gonna mess your last great market up with outages. Unacceptable. I would test the bbm service in vancouver but i only have 8 contacts left out of 100 who are still active. Another reason for me to get rid of my berry.

Has been working flawlessly for me here in Miami, Florida (maybe because we are also often labeled as a Third World Country Capital, he-he) and I have been chatting with China all morning without any troubles.

I'ts not like Apple hasn't ever had their data services go wonky. When you have 78 million users of the service, something is bound to happen.

There was a severe storm in Virginia today knocked out some major servers including Amazon's, Netflix, Pinterest. It's possible it affected RIM as well? This one might just be an act of God.

Hi! I'm in Pretoria, south Africa and the bbm was down, really frustrating, with the little white clock and red hands.. Was down for a few hours, but it appears to be back up again now, but that was around 15h00 this afternoon, it came on about 8PM tonight

France Vodafone SFR. Didn't noticed any major problem (had a limited use today) . Had my goups update and a few BBM w/ my daughter in Corsica (same operator). No PB with my office365 Exchange BB Enterprise services either.

Working fine here in the Mid Atlantic. Epic storm last night and no problems. Lost power, popped in fresh battery and still in touch with loved ones....BBM going strong while we were huddled in the basement.

Mine has been misbehaving for the past two days. Today was worse though but seems like it's now back to normal. Here in Malawi, Africa.

India (RIM's new emerging market) - troublesome... can't see DPs or see old ones... slow delivery... Just to confirm, RIM is NOT a government agency is it?

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Reporting ,, here in Indonesia I don't feel any trouble. As a normal user worldwide we shall have alternative/back up. I employ android phone and use two provider. But, BB is my lethal weapon.

I'm always the last one to find out these things, so I'm pretty sure nobody else wondered. But just in case somebody else didn't know either, here's what Wikipedia says:

"Europe, the Middle East and Africa, usually abbreviated to EMEA, is a regional designation used for government, marketing and business purposes. It is particularly common amongst North American companies."

As for me, here in southern California BBM has been cooking along as it's supposed to.


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Been slow for a while now, but yes it was down today (from Pakistan) for about 2 hrs., recovered but quiet slow, in downtime, even browsing etc. wasn't working!!

Reporting from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I saw sporadic slowness yesterday, but since this afternoon my outgoing BBM msgs took about 20 to get thru. The weird thing is that the wife's BB and other friends' are OK. I seem to be the only one I know of who's affected.

Anyway, email is taking 90+ minutes to reach my device. BBM seems better now.

Hope they fix this soon.

Jose L Bencosme

UPDATE: Sending a test EMAIL from wife's Curve took 5+ minutes to change from Sending ))) to Sent (check)

Not much to report here from Guelph, Ontario Canada. Seems to be running fine.....

Oh wait, that's right..... As of yesterday I'm not going down with the ship, I got a Samsung Galaxy S3.

BC, Canada... emails seem to be taking forever to get to my BB, to various email accounts (gmail and others). One was half an hour late, another one that I received on the computer 15 mins ago still hasn't shown up on the BB...

Many problems in Greece with my device. No BBM yesterday and still no mails two days now. My provider (vodafone) said is a rim problem not from provider. I can't access blackberry protect from device and the same with mail setup from device.

BB9900, PB32GB

Had an issue with getting emails last night through BIS. went to check email settings and was unable to access BIS setup through phone.

everything is fine this morning. emails are moving and access to the site was restored.

US, Boston,MA BB9850.

No email for hours last night (through BIS). What else will RIM screw up while they reorganize themselves.

it wasn't quite RIM's fault, even Foursquare and other companies got the issue...

it's about that one second added this weekend to allign the atomic clocks that messed up IT systems