BlackBerry Messenger for the PlayBook screen shot appears on the AppWorld Page

BBM PlayBook
By Jared DiPane on 6 Sep 2011 02:55 pm EDT

While doing my daily poke around the forums this morning I notice a thread started about BBM on the PlayBook natively, so instantly my interest was sparked so I checked it out. Inside there was a link to the AppWorld page, which now showcases the photo that is shown above. Whether a photoshop mistake, or a sign of things to come, we are still unsure but we can definitely hope that this is part of the 2.0 overhaul that we have been waiting for!

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I, for one, am enlightened by his contribution. I feel as if my life has a new purpose.

My new life goal is to hawk eye these forums, day in and day out, waiting for a new post and quickly make a comment as to stop this ridiculous "1st" movement, once and for all!


If only I could be 1st, then my life shall be complete.


I was 1st once, and it was AWESOME.


awww! I thought I had it!!!!!
oh well, I guess I'll read the article now.
Thanks a lot RoseBud68!


I doubt it's a photoshop mistake, but rather a sign of good things to come!


Lol, should we hope for it to be a shop mistake? The review only gave it 3 stars according to the picture :)


3 stars is the BBM rating. If you look at the reviews it's mostly jerkoffs who don't know how to use BBM and leave a zero rating, or lonely people looking for dates posting their PIN numbers.


In other news, this is great, I think we're getting close to the end and finally seeing all the goodies for my beloved PB


Same I thought it ha. It. But BBM is a waste of time


I remember seeing Skype icon in such advertisements... even BBC iPlayer... but none of these things have been offered .. its hopeless :D


"even BBC iPlayer"

I think you will find good sir, a BBC iPlayer Launcher on all PlayBooks in the UK. Maybe you need to either get the device or research a bit more thoroughly....


I hate to be pessimistic but RIM has mislead us before with pictures like this on their site. That being said, I hope it is true.


we should start a thread:

"RIM's forgotten promises"

maybe they will try to keep the list from growing :D

for now we be waitng


They havent officially forgotten... now they just outright deny they ever said them.

Nevermind all the records to the contrary...


The App World picture doesn't show it now.


LOL, true, they were quick to change that picture... man RIM is monitoring CrackBerry more and more...


And then - like Kaiser Soze, poof he's gone.


I visited the site and there is a picture of the playbook showing Msn messenger, skype, bbm, tivo and some other apps and it says there is a bbm for the playbook....why are they lying to people like that...if you don't believe visit the site and the appworld page too


another photoshop picture.....)


I don't want native BBM or email on my PlayBook! If I wanted native I would have switched to Android 7 months ago when I switched carriers. I would have gotten the latest Android phone and tablet. But I like the security that the BlackBerry bridge connection gives me. I can give my friends my PlayBook to use and disable bridge so that they don't see my personal data.


you could have an option.. some people dont want two devices and can live with tablet alone.. i think ON/OFF switch in settings would be nice


So what makes you think you'll be forced to use it?


Because I'm not able to delete BBM off my phine without bricking it anymore.


So this will come out some "summer" right? As far as I'm concerned, this picture ranks up there with the other misleading/unethical pictures that imply that Skype and MSN are available for the Playbook.


I logged on and saw bbm.. skype.. msn .. etc.. in app world.. even a price for skype.. $2.99.. i don't mind paying for skype.. but based on what everyone on here is saying.. is that its all a lie.. and the pics are just there for promo purposes...
I would hate to know RIM would do that, I would like to think that those are planned apps.. to be pushed out in there next update.. Lets hope..
so as a fellow PlayBook owner lets hope this is something good.. if not.. I will def give up my Playbook and Bold...:)


logged on and saw bbm.. skype.. msn .. etc.. in app world.. even a price for skype.. $2.99..

got a link?


logged on and saw bbm.. skype.. msn .. etc.. in app world.. even a price for skype.. $2.99..

got a link?


Is it just me or that AppWorld that we can see in the PlayBook allows to ZOOM the app screenshots? That's a very nice feature I'm not sure if we already have it....


Looks like BB Tablet OS2 is going to be quite the upgrade! Many improvements coming along with the upgrade.


Yes, it'll be nice when it drops next Spring.


its gonna feel like a whole new tablet... i cant wait